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Federal Crime FAQs

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Federal Crime FAQs

Facing a federal criminal allegation means having a lot of questions. As a potential defendant, you want to know the charges you are up against, who is investigating you, what tactics they will use, and what you can do to fight back, along with what penalties you are facing, and how your case will proceed. Our experienced federal defense attorneys understand federal crimes and are knowledgeable towards strategic approaches that work in both misdemeanor and felony cases. We know how to battle and win because we have direct and extensive experience working in tough criminal cases. Moreover, our skilled team has helped numerous clients statewide achieve incredibly impressive results. Whether you are facing charges involving fraud, conspiracy, sex, drugs, or any other illegal activity, our exceptionally capable lawyers are equipped to begin protecting you. Call our toll free hotline now or contact us online to learn more.

Our firm has been recognized statewide for our ability to get clients exceptional case results, keeping their best interests at the forefront throughout every stage of a criminal battle. We have gained a reputation as one of the most outstanding firms for state criminal defense, and our licensed federal defense attorneys are equally recognized for their capability to get clients the results they deserve in federal cases. As soon as you get in touch with us, a member of our top-tier team will help you determine what kind of charges you are facing, and how to best fight back against investigators and the prosecution.

Have your questions answered truthfully and right away. Don’t wait too long; it is best to contact our team for any inquiry you may have. We have also outlined a few answers to FAQs below. To know more about our proven strategies or if you want answers concerning your specific case, call our hotline number as soon as possible or send us a message online. We will provide you with a free initial case analysis and make sure you are taking the right steps to defend your freedom. Don’t let your independence be at stake. Work with our team of attorneys and avoid potential jail time and fines.

What Is a Federal Crime?

A federal crime is a criminal offense that violates a federal law, rather than a state law. A crime can violate both state and federal laws. As a result, you could be facing simultaneous investigations at each level. However, federal crimes are investigated by federal agencies, such as the FBI or DEA. Furthermore, in order to protect you in a federal case, your defense lawyer must be licensed to practice in a federal court.

How Do I Know If I Am Under a Federal Investigation?

Similar to a state investigation, it is possible that you will be interrogated or searched, or that others around you will be interviewed regarding your case. With federal investigation, the main difference is that it is conducted by federal agents, instead of police. Moreover, you may receive a target letter from a U.S. attorney notifying you that you are the subject of an investigation.

No matter what the reason, if you suspect that you are being investigated for a criminal offense, you should contact an experienced defense attorney straightaway. Our lawyers are always available to begin working with you or your loved one and provide the best legal service possible.

What Are the Penalties for a Federal Crime?

Governed by federal sentencing guidelines, the penalties for federal crimes are similar to those for state offenses. To find out what penalties you could face for the specific offense you have been accused of, get in touch with an attorney right away.

How Do I Defend Against Federal Criminal Charges?

The most important thing you need to do to protect your rights and fight for your freedom is reach out to a knowledgeable defense lawyer right away. The defense strategy that works in your case will be contingent greatly on the specifics of your situation. Hence, we recommend that you should always consult an attorney before taking any action.

Our Approach to Federal Criminal Defense

Our team of skilled lawyers knows how serious federal allegations are. This is why we are willing to put in the work needed to protect you from the serious harm that a conviction may cause. If you are challenged with an investigation or charge, let our experienced attorneys advise you on what your rights are and how to use those rights to your advantage. Get in touch with us now and let’s plan the most strategic approach.

Contact Us for Answers to Federal Crime Questions

Call our toll free number or contact us online for answers to any other questions you may have about your case and our federal defense services. We are available 24/6 and are always ready to serve our clients.

new york federal criminal defense lawyer Scales of JusticeActs which are illegal under the laws of the United States federal government are known as federal crimes or federal offenses. Federal crimes are different from acts considered illegal by individual states (state crimes or offenses). In New York, as in other states, federal crimes are prosecuted by the United States Attorney under the local federal district’s prosecution guidelines and under guidelines set by federal law. Those accused of such crimes are defended by New York Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers , in the United States District Court.

If an accused individual is ultimately convicted of a federal crime, sentencing depends on federal guidelines that consider, among other things:

  • The specific offense(s) and damages in question.
  • Whether the defendant has a criminal record and, if so, the extent of that criminal record.

Types of Federal Crimes

Federal crimes can include any criminal act that takes place on U.S. federal property and/or on Indian reservations. Some crimes are listed in Title 18 of the United States Code (the federal criminal and penal code), but others fall under other titles (for instance, tax evasion and possession of weapons banned by the National Firearms Act and criminalized in Title 26 of the United States Code).

Some examples of federal crimes addressed by New York criminal defense lawyers include:

  • Kidnapping
  • Bank robbery, art theft, the destruction of public mail boxes and other property crimes
  • Immigration offenses
  • Hijacking airplanes
  • Possessing weapons specifically banned by the National Firearms Act
  • Some drug crimes, such as drug trafficking across the U.S. border or U.S. state lines
  • Some sex crimes, such as distribution of child pornography
  • Some so-called “white collar” crimes, like mail fraud, tax evasion and counterfeiting U.S. currency