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Federal Aggravated Sexual Abuse Attorney

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If you or someone you love is involved in a federal aggravated sexual abuse matter, you’ll need a seasoned federal sex crimes lawyer to do battle for you. Aggravated sexual abuse charges are rater serious.  Such charges have the potential to result in harsh punishments that could hinder your future. If you’re already under investigation, get in touch with a skilled aggravated sexual abuse attorney as quickly as possible. The earlier you get top notch legal counsel involved, the better your chances are of getting your desired outcome. Don’t settle for second-rate defense when your future is at stake. 

Federal Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges: A Deeper Understanding 

Sexual assault spekas of forcing sexual intercourse, sodomy, or any other form of sexual conduct without the consent of the victim. If you did not receive their consent because the person was incapable or considered a minor, then the sexual conduct is almost always classified as criminal. Sexual assault is classified as “aggravated” when a person employs force against another person or threatens them with kidnapping, serious injury, or death. What particularly qualifies as aggravated sexual abuse differs slightly from state to state, but the following circumstances are commonly agreed to raise a sexual assault charge to one of aggravated sexual abuse.

  • The offender inflicts severe injury on the victim.
  • The offender threatens the victim by showing a deadly weapon.
  • The offender attempts to kill the victim.
  • The victim is physically helpless  or unable to provide his or her consent because he or she is mentally incapacitated, disabled, elderly, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise vulnerable.
  • The offender holds a position of power or influence over the victim.
  • The offender is a relative of the victim.

Penalties for a Federal Aggravated Sexual Abuse Conviction

There is a wide array of penalties for a federal aggravated sexual abuse conviction. You could potentially face big fines, prison terms for any number of years or, in some cases, for life, or a combination of jail time and fines. Being embroiled in an aggravated sexual abuse matter could also negatively impact your reputation, making it tough t to move on with life even after your case is closed. If you wish to protect your future and uphold your good name, then you’ll need a well informed defense attorney who is committed to your case. He or she should have a great deal of experience defending clients in cases similar to your own and be willing to devote as much time and attention to reviewing every detail as you require. 

Sexual Abuse of a Minor Attorney

The federal charge related to sexual abuse of a minor is a sensitive topic. The penalty for federal sex crimes are harsh.  They can include large fines, time behind bars, and registration as a sex offender for the rest of your life. To evade these life-altering circumstances, you should have an aggressive federal sex crimes attorney. It’s important that you find a lawyer with extensive experience combating criminal sexual charges. He or she must have a firm grasp on the legislation that surrounds your matter and be dedicated to fighting for you. It’s never too early to contact an attorney and start constructing a winning defense.

Help for Those Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Minor or Ward

If you’ve already been charged with the crime of sexual abuse of a minor or ward, it’s critical that you have an attorney that specializes in combating criminal sexual conduct charges on your team. These types of cases are tricky and necessitate a well informed approach if you want to receive a favorable result. 

The legal definition of sexual abuse of a minor is engaging in sexual conduct with a child over the age of 12 years, but younger than 16 years of age. Pursuant to the statute, the offender has to be four years older than the victim for the act to fit the criteria for sexual abuse of a minor. This crime is punishable by big fines, incarceration for as much as 15 years, or both. The crime of sexual abuse of a ward is a unique crime which entails anyone in a prison, institution, or facility in which individuals knowingly engaging in sexual conduct with an individual in official detention who is under the offender’s custodial, supervisory, or disciplinary authority. The penalties for this crime may also include big fines, incarceration of up to 15 years, or both. Getting convicted of sexual abuse of a minor or ward could also damage your reputation and make it hard to secure employment in the future. If you wish to have a chance at protecting your freedom, you’ll need an attorney that is dedicated to your matter. Your lawyer needs to have a firm grasp on the sex crime legislation at both state and federal levels, plus experience defending clients in criminal sexual matters that in which the victims were minors or wards.

Defending Against Sexual Abuse Charges

If your attorney can find evidence, for example, that you had good reason to believe that the defendant was older than 16 years of age or that you were legally married to the defendant at the time of the reported sexual conduct, they may be able to get your sentence drastically reduced or clear your good name completely. It’s critical for your attorney to be focused on your case, because seemingly minimal details could mean the difference between a clean record and 15 years behind bars with lifetime registration. You need to get a lawyer that you can trust. He or she should be well aware of what’s at stake in your matter and be committed to your well being above all else. Before you decide on your legal representation, request the opportunity to have a look at their proven track record and meet with them face to face to decide if they’re a good fit for you.