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Disorderly Conduct

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Disorderly conduct accusations are among the most frequently seen charges in Los Angeles County. However, most people don’t know how California law defines disorderly conduct, nor do they understand the potential seriousness of these charges. If you or someone you love is facing disorderly conduct charges in California, then you need a competent criminal defense attorney on the case.

One Statute, Many Crimes

In California, charges of disorderly conduct can cover any number of crimes. A person may be charged with violating California Penal Code Section 647 if they are clearly intoxicated by drugs or alcohol in a public place. Begging for money may also fall under this law. Engaging in lewd or lascivious acts, soliciting prostitution and loitering are all considered a violation of this statute. Squatting, or living in someone else’s property without their permission, is also included here. Peeping, whether up close or with the use of electronic devices, can similarly be categorized as disorderly conduct.

Likewise, anyone who fights or uses offensive words in public may be accused of disorderly conduct if their behavior appears to be designed to provoke, annoy or anger others. A person behaving in a loud and unreasonably noisy manner could also be arrested on the strength of this law. Participating in a riot, disturbing the peace on a school campus and refusing to disperse when ordered to do so are also potential grounds for an accusation of disturbing the peace. In fact, so many crimes are included under the canopy of this law that it has led critics to suggest that it allows police to arrest anyone who is annoying them. If you feel that you have been unreasonably charged with disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, then you need the help of a capable Los Angeles disorderly conduct attorney.

Misdemeanors That Should Be Taken Seriously

All of the crimes that fall under the disorderly conduct canopy are charged as misdemeanors. Accordingly, people facing disturbing the peace charges may be tempted not to take them seriously. Some people even figure that simply pleading guilty is the quickest, easiest way to put the incident behind them. The reality is that a guilty plea, even for a misdemeanor, can have long-term consequences. It can increase the possible penalty for any subsequent misdemeanor charges. Even worse, it can affect the defendant’s ability to get a job. Many employers want to know that their workers have clean criminal histories. They sometimes don’t make a distinction between a felony conviction and a misdemeanor conviction. Frequently, they won’t even give applicants the opportunity to explain the nature of the misdemeanor conviction. This can make it difficult to work where you want. It can even make it impossible for you to pursue the profession you prefer. Clearly, you need the assistance of a Los Angeles disorderly conduct lawyer if you want to have the freedom to pursue the future you envision.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

People who are convicted of disorderly conduct in Los Angeles may face 180 days or longer in jail. Additionally, it’s not unusual for the court to order the defendant to pay as much as $1,000 in fines. The consequences only grow from here. Someone who receives a second conviction of disorderly conduct may be looking at a county jail term of one year in addition to about $2,000 in fines. Similarly, if a minor was the victim in a disorderly conduct case, then the defendant is facing the stricter level of penalties. Keep in mind that these are only the short term consequences of being convicted of disorderly conduct. A conviction may follow you for years, making it difficult to achieve the education and professional success that you desire. It truly is in your best interests to get the charges against you reduced or dropped.

A Skilled Legal Defense Makes the Difference

A seasoned Los Angeles disorderly conduct lawyer like the practitioners at this firm has handled a number of these cases in the past. Building a successful track record requires patience and persistence, and these are precisely the qualities that these attorneys demonstrate on a daily basis. It is impossible to guarantee the outcome of any court matter. However, the attorneys at this firm are dedicated to bringing their skill, knowledge and ability to every case they take on. They understand that even a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction in California can have an enormous negative impact on your future. That’s why they tirelessly work to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. If that is not possible, they provide a vigorous defense in court that will assure you of achieving the best possible outcome.

Personalized Legal Services

The Los Angeles disorderly conduct attorneys at this firm understand that you are in a fight for your life and your future. That’s why they give each client the personalized attention they deserve. They want to hear your side of the story, and they will do everything they can to ensure that you receive a vigorous defense. Don’t plead guilty to California disorderly conduct charges without fully understanding your rights and options. Most of these matters can be brought to a swift conclusion once a competent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer starts working on the case. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.