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NYC / Brooklyn / Queens / Manhattan / Bronx Desk Appearance Lawyers

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Desk appearance tickets are certainly less egregious than major criminal citations. They are issued because the courts believe that a defendant can be trusted to come into court on their own and do not need to be arrested. In many cases, defendants believe that the relative laxity of these charges means that they do not need to hire a private attorney. Defendants may believe that a disorderly conduct charge which only carries a fine and probation may be so clear that a lawyer would only be a waste of money. If defendants do decide to contact a lawyer, many will view Legal Aid or court-appointed attorneys as economical bets to provide the best representation at the lowest price.

These strategies all have serious problems, however. Failure in such a case can lead to jail time or reputation problems that can follow a person for years. A private attorney should be the approach for Desk appearance ticket cases. Private attorneys have the time, skill, and placement needed to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

The assumption that one does not need an attorney for Desk appearance tickets (or DATs) is fundamentally wrong. DATs can be just as complicated or problematic as any other, more serious case. The effects can be severe and wide-ranging. One example of a DAT case is disorderly conduct. This charge may seem relatively benign and may even lead to a non-criminal set of charges. As a result, most defendants choose not to find a lawyer. But a disorderly conduct charge can cause numerous problems for a defendant beyond fines and probation. Disorderly conduct could show up on a background check, preventing a person from receiving a loan or a new job. Most people do not even know what problems can emerge from a background check. Other defendants can cause problems for themselves in the courtroom setting. In many situations, a defendant could be forced to make statements under oath, and a mistake or lie can lead to a felony perjury charge. Even without perjury, false or misleading testimony can lead to more serious charges.

Even if a person goes to an attorney who is court-appointed or from Legal Aid, the legal representation may be inadequate. Legal Aid and court-appointed attorneys are attorneys who will provide legal representation for very little or no money in many cases. However, they often do not meet with their clients until the day of the court date. This delay means that representation has a limited amount of time to review the facts and circumstances of your case. Public attorneys and Legal Aid counsel also cannot devote the same level of attention to your case that private attorneys can. In many instances, these attorneys handle many times more cases than private attorneys. There are simply not enough hours in the day and not enough funds in their coffers to pursue evidence and question witnesses in the ways that private DAT attorneys can. This lack of time and resources means that the vast majority of DAT attorneys will press for a plea deal that is quick and simple but that does not represent the most that the justice system can do for a client.

DAT private attorneys help the defendant avoid all of the problems and pitfalls associated with inadequate representation. Private attorneys do not always ensure that a defendant will be acquitted, but they can prove invaluable throughout the DAT process. They can aid with testimony, building a case, and negotiating plea agreements with judges and prosecutors. DAT private attorneys also have the time and resources to pursue shreds of evidence and procedural missteps. A Legal Aid or court-appointed attorney may not have the time or funds to bring in an expert who will call evidence into question or testify about different aspects of a person’s case. That extra effort could mean the difference between a small fine, a jail sentence, or a total acquittal.

DAT attorneys may seem more expensive than other options. However, they will provide a level of peace-of-mind and an avoidance of charges that will be considerably more expensive than any DAT attorney fees. If you are facing one of these tickets, make sure to call a DAT attorney today. They will often provide free initial consultations and will negotiate their rates based on different charges and work levels. Make the right choice and avoid inadequate representation; choose a DAT private attorney.