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Manhattan contested divorce lawyers

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Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 09:15 pm

Divorce is an unfortunately common outcome of approximately half of all marriages today. While it is often in the best interest of both parties to ultimately end the relationship and move on with their lives separately when a divorce is imminent, the act of separating their lives in every way can become complicated and stressful. Some divorcing parties are able to compromise and agree on all matters related to the divorce, but many divorces are hotly contested. After all, through a divorce, almost all aspects of your life are disrupted. Your current finances, your potential future finances, your physical assets, your personal property, the custody of your children and more are all affected by the divorce decree. It is understandable why one or both parties may feel intensely emotional and may be concerned about their legal rights. Because you have so much at stake when ending your marriage, you need the expertise of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Manhattan working for you.

During an initial consultation with a Manhattan divorce lawyer, the lawyer will spend time learning more about the circumstances surrounding your case and what you hope to gain through the divorce. A lawyer may advise you about what your legal rights are and what you could realistically expect to achieve through a contested divorce. However, there is a gray area with divorce law, and this means that your lawyer will need to negotiate with the other party and even create a solid case to present in the courtroom in front of the judge. Negotiations may take place in a meeting with both parties and their lawyers present, or they may take place only via the attorneys. When you select a divorce attorney in Manhattan, ensure that the lawyer has exceptional negotiating skills as well as significant time in a courtroom. In addition, ask about the attorney’s track record and about his or her ability to produce desired results for the client.

In a no-fault divorce, the general outcome is that both parties divide marital assets that were accumulated during the divorce, but there are some nuances to this. In addition, there are rules regarding who can file for divorce. The matter of child custody, child support payments and alimony payments also come into question. It can be disheartening to see your assets that you once shared with your ex being divided in half, seeing your family home being sold off and more. However, the factors of child custody and support payments can have a huge impact on your life going forward for years to come. In an at-fault divorce, you may stand to lose or gain much more than half. The matters of support payments, custody and more may also become even more of a concern.

You may initially be inclined to simply stand in front of a judge and let the judge make a ruling based on the letter of the law. However, a divorcing couple may be able to negotiate a more favorable outcome that is in both of their best interests than what a judge may rule. Legal representation and assistance with negotiations could help you in this area. When negotiations fail and the matter does reach the judge, you understandably want a divorce lawyer to build and present a solid case that represents your side in the most favorable light. Without the legal expertise and experience of a skilled Manhattan divorce lawyer, the outcome of your contested divorce case may not be as favorable as you may like it to be.

A contested divorce can become heated, and the emotional stress that you may feel can be compounded by financial stress, concerns about your children’s well-being and more. You understandably need all of the legal assistance that you can get in this type of situation. While it can be intimidating to reach out to an attorney, this may be one of the most important steps that you can take at this stage in your life. Remember that legal representation may also be advisable in an uncontested divorce. After all, you need to understand what your legal rights are, and it can be beneficial to have a skilled lawyer looking after your best interests when you are going through a major life change such as a divorce.