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Cash Money Seized by DEA & Police

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DEA or Police Seized Your Cash? Don’t Let Them Keep It. Here’s How to Get an Excellent Lawyer to Fight Back and Reclaim What’s Rightfully Yours

Imagine you’ve saved up a large amount of cash from your job, a gift, or the sale of property. Then suddenly DEA agents or local police seize it during a traffic stop, airport screening, or raid on your home or business. They say it’s somehow illegal – drug money, proceeds of a crime, or intended for laundering. But you’ve done nothing wrong. Do you just kiss that money goodbye?

Absolutely not! Federal and state laws allow you to fight back against civil asset forfeiture and get your wrongfully seized cash returned. But you must act fast and get experienced legal help.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how police and DEA cash seizures work, why you desperately need a lawyer when this happens, where to find excellent counsel, and what to look for in the right attorney to fight for your rights. Let’s get started!

How Police and DEA Agents Seize Cash

Law enforcement can’t just take cash from you without a legal basis. But various state and federal statutes give them broad power to seize currency in situations like these:

At airports, bus/train stations if cash seems connected to drugs, money laundering, or terrorism.
During a traffic stop if police allege the money stems from illegal activity.
At your home or business if cash is spotted during a raid or search connected to an investigation.
Literally right out of your hands if police say you appear involved in a drug or money laundering offense.

To justify seizing cash, law enforcement only needs probable cause linking it to criminal activity. This is a very low threshold with minimal evidence required. And the burden flips – it’s up to you to prove the cash is totally clean, not them.

Getting seized cash back is an uphill battle. That’s why calling an asset forfeiture lawyer immediately is so crucial. Don’t let them keep your hard-earned money without a fight.

Why You Desperately Need a Lawyer’s Help

Here are some key reasons why trying to handle a cash seizure without an attorney is extremely unwise:

Complex web of laws – Asset forfeiture is governed by state and federal statutes plus Constitutional principles that only lawyers fully understand. Maneuvering the process alone is nearly impossible.
Burden of proof on you – Unlike a criminal case, you must conclusively prove the cash is untainted – not just poke holes in law enforcement’s basis for seizure. You need strong legal arguments.
Strict procedural deadlines – After receiving a notice of seizure, you only have a short window (as little as 20 days) to file a claim contesting it. Miss the deadline and the cash is permanently gone.
Powerful opposition – Prosecutors who handle asset forfeiture are a formidable foe. They fight every case aggressively. Without a lawyer, you’re severely overmatched.
Cases often hinge on technicalities – Seizure cases frequently come down to arguing complex legal nuances, standards of proof, or procedural missteps by police. Only lawyers can capitalize on these.
Negotiation skills needed – Even if you have strong evidence the cash is clean, savvy negotiation is required to persuade prosecutors to settle and cut deals. Lawyers know how to negotiate best outcomes in forfeiture cases.

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The bottom line is that you need an experienced asset forfeiture attorney fighting aggressively in your corner if you any hope of getting seized cash returned. The legal deck is stacked against you – so you need great lawyers to level the playing field.

Where to Find Excellent Cash Seizure Lawyers

If DEA agents or police seized your cash, where should you look for great lawyers that handle asset forfeiture cases? Here are some smart tactics:

Search state bar association directories and filter by practice area. Vet any disciplinary records.
Ask criminal defense lawyers for referrals to forfeiture attorneys they work with and trust.
Search online legal directories like Avvo,, and FindLaw that allow screening by location and practice area.
Check sites like NORML that maintain lists of lawyers experienced with asset forfeiture marijuana cases.
Search tags like #assetforfeiturelawyer on social media to find lawyers who post about forfeiture cases.
Look for law firms with practice groups dedicated to fighting civil asset forfeiture and getting seized property back.
Search terms like “lawyer asset forfeiture [your state]” to find attorneys located near you.
If low income, contact legal aid organizations which sometimes assist with forfeiture cases pro bono.

Cast a wide net and spend time vetting credentials. Getting a lawyer with extensive forfeiture case experience significantly improves your odds of getting seized cash back.

Choosing the Best Asset Forfeiture Attorney

Once you identify prospective lawyers, how do you pick the very best one to fight for return of your seized cash? Here are key factors to weigh:

Years specialized in forfeiture cases – Ask the number of cash seizure cases they’ve worked in their career and over how many years. Longtime specialization is vital.
Case win rate – A proven track record of favorable case results shows the attorney has the skills to effectively fight seizures. Ask for examples of past wins.
Knowledge of laws and procedures – Look for mastery of the complex web of state/federal forfeiture laws and procedures. It’s a tricky legal area so choose someone well-versed in it.
Litigation skills – Since many seizures end up in court, the lawyer must be an aggressive litigator able to argue before judges convincingly. Courtroom strength is key.
Negotiation ability – Even strong cases often settle via negotiation with prosecutors before trial. Choose a lawyer who excels at plea bargaining and settlement talks.
Files petitions urgently – Time is not your friend, so the lawyer must act fast to file petitions contesting the seizure before deadlines expire. Responsiveness matters.
Affordability – Costs can quickly skyrocket paying lawyer fees, filing costs, etc. Discuss payment plans and possibilities of contingency arrangements where fees come from money recovered.
Client reviews – Online reviews indicate how previous clients view the lawyer’s commitment, compassion, and case outcomes. Insight from others who’ve been in your shoes is invaluable.

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Fighting to get seized money returned is a long shot without great legal representation. So be extremely selective when choosing who to hire. Vet credentials rigorously before entrusting your case.

Why Spodek Law Firm Stands Out for Cash Seizure Defense

One asset forfeiture law firm I strongly recommend considering is Spodek Law Firm based in New York City. Headed by accomplished attorney Spodek, they specialize in fighting cash seizures by DEA and police.

Here is what distinguishes Spodek Law Firm for forfeiture cases:

Creative legal strategies – Spodek Law finds innovative and unique legal angles to argue against forfeiture that other lawyers miss. Thinking outside the box gives clients an edge.
Rapid response team – The firm prides itself on urgent response upon retention to file petitions contesting seizures before deadlines run out. They move swiftly.
Litigation tenacity – If settlement talks fail, Spodek Law has the courtroom skills and experience to keep fighting all the way through trial if necessary. They are fierce litigators.
Compassion for clients – Online reviews praise Attorney Spodek for treating clients compassionately and keeping them informed during the difficult legal process. Communication excels.

If you’re looking for tenacious attorneys skilled at getting seized cash returned, I highly recommend contacting Spodek Law Firm. Their expertise and impressive track record provide clients with the very best chance of success. Don’t let law enforcement keep your rightful property without a fight. The time to call is now!