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Drug Crimes

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California’s drug laws are complex and punitive. Some of the harshest penalties meted out by the courts are connected to the possession, manufacture, sale and use of various illegal and controlled substances. If you have been accused of a drug offense in the Los Angeles area, you need a competent and zealous drug crimes attorney representing your interests before the court.

The California drug crimes defense lawyers at this firm have extensive experience with these cases. They understand that mistakes are often made by police and prosecutors, and that these mistakes can be the key to getting the charges against their client reduced or dropped. When you hire the practitioners at this firm, you are also hiring the arsenal of experts that they work with to help defend their clients against drug charges. These experts can include forensic technicians, lab specialists and private investigators. With their assistance it is possible to examine the procedures followed by the police and the District Attorney in minute detail. They can expose problems associated with the evidence or the way it was collected. Perhaps search warrants were not appropriately obtained or executed. Maybe the police didn’t use acceptable interrogation techniques or did not give you an opportunity to contact your attorney when you asked for it. Your Los Angeles drug crimes defense attorney has many ways to approach fighting the charges against you.

Clarifying California Drug Laws

A number of things are taken into consideration when it comes to charging someone with a drug crime in California. Police and prosecutors may look at the amount of the substances involved and whether the drugs were intended for personal use or for sale to others. The prior criminal record of the accused will also be weighed. A record that includes previous drug-related convictions is of particular interest to the District Attorney.

All of these factors may be reviewed when it comes to deciding how to charge a defendant with a Los Angeles drug crime. Based on these factors, the prosecutor will decide whether to pursue misdemeanor or felony charges and will also consider various potential penalties. They will also review the case to see if the defendant may qualify for a sentencing alternative like Drug Court or Deferred Entry of Judgment.

Which Substances Are Covered by California Drug Laws?

California drug laws cover both illegal substances and controlled substances. Illegal drugs may include:

-Crack cocaine
-Crystal meth

The list of controlled substances or prescription drugs includes:


Possession or use of any of these substances may result in being charged with a drug crime in California. If you have been charged with using or possessing one of these or any other illegal or controlled substances, then you need to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Zealous Prosecutors Should Be Met With an Aggressive Defense

When it comes to prosecuting drug crimes, California leads the nation. Various law enforcement agencies and the District Attorneys view drug crimes as being among the most serious that they pursue. This means that they will continue to press forward with a case even when they have little evidence. The sheer number and variety of the state’s anti-drug laws makes their job somewhat easier.

Some of the most common drug crimes in California are violations of various state Health and Safety Codes. The state has codes regarding the:

-Transportation of a controlled substance
-Transportation for sale of a controlled substance
-Sale of a controlled substance to a minor
-Possession of drug paraphernalia
-Sale of a substance in lieu of a controlled substance
-Possession of a narcotic

This is just a small sampling of California’s many anti-drug laws. Because there are so many drug laws it stands to reason that there is also a broad range of possible penalties.

Possible Penalties for Breaking California’s Drug Laws

A period of incarceration in a county jail or state prison is all but inevitable when a defendant is convicted of drug crimes in Los Angeles. It’s also typical for the defendant to be sentenced to pay substantial fines connected with the investigation and prosecution of their case. Most defendants must serve a term of probation or parole upon being released from custody. Many are ordered to attend mandatory drug counseling, and a significant number of people convicted of drug crimes in Los Angeles are required to register this fact with local law enforcement. Driver’s license revocation is another very real potential consequence.

Hiring an Aggressive Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

Being convicted of a drug crime in California has serious and far-reaching consequences. People who are convicted drug offenders often have to surrender their freedom and any financial security they may possess. Additionally, their ability to make a living in the future may be seriously impaired thanks to a drug conviction. These are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to have a skilled Los Angeles drug crimes attorney working for you.

The California court system takes drug crimes particularly seriously. This means that defendants need to have an equally serious attorney working for them. The Los Angeles drug crimes attorneys at this firm are experienced, dedicated and hard-working. When it comes to drug offenses in California, these attorneys are particularly knowledgeable and skilled. They may be able to get the charges against you reduced or dropped.