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California Physician Assistant Board License Defense Lawyers

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California Physician Assistant Board License Defense Lawyers

Physician assistants are so important in healthcare today, working with doctors to provide critical medical services. But in California, PAs can face discipline from the Physician Assistant Board if accused of misconduct. Having your license investigated or restricted is scary – it could totally derail your career and livelihood. So if you’re dealing with the California PA Board, it’s really important to get an experienced lawyer on your side.There’s a bunch of reasons the Board might come after your license. Some common accusations are negligence, inappropriate prescribing, substance abuse, unprofessional behavior, criminal convictions, and more. The consequences range from probation and extra training to losing your license completely. That’s intense! With so much at risk, you definitely want a lawyer who understands the complicated disciplinary process and can build a strong defense.

The Disciplinary Process

If the California Physician Assistant Board gets a complaint about you, they’ll start investigating. The Board can force you to hand over medical records, talk to witnesses, give evidence, etc. If they think the complaint justifies discipline, here’s what happens:

  • They file formal charges against you in a document called an Accusation
  • They might immediately suspend your license if they think it’s a public safety issue
  • There’s an Administrative Hearing where your case goes to trial
  • The Board issues a Decision on whether/what discipline they’ll impose

This whole legal process is super complex, with high stakes. A good lawyer can have your back each step and protect your rights. They’ll look at any settlement offers, build defenses, question witnesses, show evidence, and negotiate for the best outcome possible.

Common Defenses in License Cases

There are several smart legal defenses that can fight Physician Assistant discipline. A knowledgeable attorney will use every strategy to get charges reduced or dropped. Some options are:

  • You met the standard of care – you acted reasonably
  • There are mitigating circumstances explaining the allegations
  • The Board lacks solid proof of the charges
  • You were supervised by a doctor who shares responsibility
  • It was just a judgment call, not negligence
  • The discipline sought is too harsh for similar cases

There also may be issues with the investigation or procedures that could invalidate the charges altogether. A smart lawyer will analyze the Board’s case to find any weakness. The goal is to avoid probation, suspension or losing your license if possible.

Why Hire an Experienced License Defense Lawyer

Facing the Board without a lawyer is really unwise. The laws, rules, procedures and politics involved are so complex. An experienced attorney will protect your interests every step of the way. Here are key benefits of legal counsel:

  • They’ve successfully handled many PA license cases before
  • They know how to communicate with the Board
  • They can fully investigate the allegations
  • They understand medical standards and PA scope of practice
  • They can find and exploit weaknesses in the Board’s case
  • They have resources like investigators, experts, researchers, witnesses
  • They know how to negotiate settlements and plea deals
  • They understand disciplinary outcomes and precedents
  • They can make strong arguments defending you at the hearing
  • They know when and how to appeal unfavorable rulings

With a great lawyer on your side, you can hopefully avoid terrible outcomes like revocation. They’ll fight hard to protect your license, reputation and career.

Choosing the Best License Defense Attorney

It’s important to do your homework when picking a license defense lawyer. Look for these key qualities:

  • Extensive experience with California PA license cases
  • Deep knowledge of PA regulations and disciplinary process
  • Good track record getting charges reduced or dismissed
  • Strong relationships and reputation with the Board
  • Reasonable fees and payment options
  • Responsive communication and caring support
  • Resources to build the strongest possible case
  • Commitment to aggressively defending your license

Also, make sure to understand the lawyer’s strategy for fighting your case. Do they seem knowledgeable? What defenses will they use? How will they communicate with the Board? Ask lots of questions so you understand how they’ll protect your license.

Reputation Management During Investigations

Having your reputation damaged can be one of the worst parts of facing discipline. Even if no formal action happens, just being investigated can still impact how patients, colleagues, employers and the public see you. A good lawyer will advise you on managing any reputation issues.Some strategies are:

  • Carefully drafting any public statements
  • Challenging false online reviews
  • Requesting content removal from websites
  • Pushing down negative info with positive content
  • Proactively telling your side of the story
  • Monitoring your online presence
  • Consulting reputation management pros if needed

While you can’t control everything online, taking proactive steps can help minimize reputation damage. An experienced attorney can guide you through any public relations challenges.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Case

So in summary, if your PA license is being investigated in California, it’s critical to have a knowledgeable license defense attorney on your side. They can help avoid catastrophic outcomes and protect your career. Do your research to find someone experienced specifically in PA cases before the California Board. Together you can build the strongest defense.