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Best Bucks County Criminal Lawyers

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Anyone who is facing criminal charges is dealing with a situation that could impact the remainder of their life. Regardless of the validity of the charge, the remnants left on record could even present a problem unless all documentation is expunged after the fact. And of course, when the state does have a reasonable case, that does not mean the extent of the charges is accurate. Individuals are charged regularly for elevated crimes that do not actually represent the true nature of the case. Overzealous prosecutors are common in the legal system, and having an attorney who will fight for the rights of their clients is vital for an equitable case outcome. This happens in Pennsylvania just like all other states across the U.S., and having an experienced attorney like Bucks County criminal defense lawyer Todd Spodek representing your case is essential for judicial fairness.

 System is Stacked Against the Defendant – You Want a Bucks County

The System is Stacked Against the Defendant – You Want a Bucks County Criminal Attorney

The legal system in the United States is heavily stacked against all criminal defendants. Even in seemingly minor criminal cases, making bail can be difficult and all of the advantages are with the court. This is so much so that those who are arrested are typically assumed as guilty. This can be evidenced by the conviction rates that prosecutors love to use when it is time to get reelected. There are many politicians who came out of the prosecutor ranks. And even when the state appoints an attorney for those who qualify based on personal assets and income, the public defender commonly works daily with the prosecutor in representing cases against people they do not necessarily defend, especially when it comes to going to trial.

What a Bucks County Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do

Private attorneys have the same access to court records as public defenders and prosecutors, and they will always use their access to investigate a case for the benefit of the client because their priorities are not necessarily compromised. Their reputation and business viability hinges on results for those they represent. Even when the state has a solid case, many times a Bucks county criminal defense attorney can negotiate a plea agreement for a lesser charge and ultimate lighter sentence in avoiding a trial that all prosecutors hate to see. Prosecutors actually have to work for a conviction in a trial, where in a plea agreement they must only agree to the proposal from the defendant legal counsel. An experienced Bucks County criminal defense lawyer can inspect all articles of evidence being used in prosecution, including questioning investigation officers, and move for suppression when the evidence is immaterial or obtained outside of mandated protocol.

Going to Trial

Cases that cannot be resolved in a plea bargaining agreement will typically go to trial when you have a Bucks county criminal defense attorney. Public defenders do not want a trial just like the prosecutor doesn’t because their caseloads tend to be overwhelming. And even when they do take the case to trial, it often does not bode well for the defendant. Harsher penalties could easily be the result with substandard representation. Many material case facts can be brought out in a trial, which often are facts the prosecution would just as soon keep covered. And, not only would the prosecutor lose a conviction, they could possibly face an acquittal at the same time. Acquittals are clear indicators the case should never have been filed in many instances, which can be detrimental to the local court reputation. Your criminal defense attorney can present all problems with evidence and question any witnesses in the process of building reasonable doubt, many times resulting in the acquittal prosecutors do not want.

Contact a Bucks County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Never accept the concept that a criminal charge cannot be successfully defended. Not only is your freedom at stake, but your future as well. Pennsylvania residents who are facing a criminal issue should always contact the Spodek Law Group for comprehensive and aggressive professional legal representation. Always fight for your freedom and future.

Why you need a Bucks County Criminal Attorney

Why you need a Bucks County Criminal Attorney

Few things can be more terrifying than the prospect of facing criminal charges. Government officials often have broad powers. These powers enable government officials to make decisions about people’s lives in ways that have the possibility of changing their lives forever. Even those who have been involved in the legal system in some way or have legal experience may be unsure where to begin. These are some of the many, many reasons why people facing criminal charges are best served by having a Bucks county criminal lawyer with them. The Bucks county criminal lawyer offers the protection that people need in order to make sure that every single right they have is protected to the fullest extent of the law.

Many Varied Types of Penalties

A criminal case can take many varied forms. The prosecutor has wide discretion when determining what to charge people with and why. The Bucks county criminal lawyer can help people realize what’s going on, what evidence the prosecutor has and why they are going to court. A Bucks county criminal lawyer can help the defendant figure out what it all means and how it applies to them personally. For example, a defendant may be facing criminal charges in the first degree, second degree or third degree for certain cases. The Bucks county criminal lawyer can indicate why they’re being charged with one degree rather than the next.

Lowered Fines

Fines are a very common form of punishment in many criminal cases. People can fined for all sorts of activities. They can be held liable for actions they might have done as an individual as well as actions done while working for a larger organization such as not for profit or for a commercial corporation. Such fines can be exceedingly large. This is where working closely with a criminal defense lawyer is ideal. Paying for a Bucks county criminal lawyer means paying for someone who can help any defendant ultimately see that any fines they are given are reduced as much as possible. This means that the money used to pay for the Bucks county criminal lawyer can actually pay for itself with lower or even no criminal court fines.

Keeping People Out of Jail and Prison

The American criminal justice system has two forms of imprisonment. Jail can serve as both temporary lodgings and a place for people to serve out low level sentences of short duration. Prison is generally where people go when they’ve been sentenced to higher level crimes. People can sentenced to prison time for many years. This is where hiring a lawyer can also help with this process.

Even a short stay in either jail or prison can have massive consequences. Someone who spends a few days, a week or a month in jail is at risk of being unable to meet their personal obligations. A person may be unable to provide childcare or care for an elderly relative who depends on them. A longer stay in either place can lead to problems such as the loss of the person’s home and their job. A Bucks county criminal defense lawyer can help people avoid jail in the first place. They can also help people get out of jail and return home until the case is begun. If the person is sentenced to a jail or prison stay, the Bucks county criminal lawyer can act on their behalf to get the sentence reduced.

Speaking With Others For You

In many cases, when you’re facing criminal charges, you are not being charged alone. You’ll often be charged as part of a larger group of defendants who may be facing similar charges or more serious charges. In that case, it’s best to have someone who can speak with other parties for you. You and the other party may have vastly differing interests that are ultimately truly at odds. They might be willing to make a deal that is not beneficial to you personally. Communicating with them directly can actually be detrimental to your case. They might even lie about what you said or record your conversation without your knowing about it. The Bucks county criminal lawyer is the person you can trust to speak with anyone and make sure that your full rights are always at the forefront of any case. 

Bucks County Criminal Attorneys

Criminal charges in Philadelphia can impact the life of a defendant dramatically, and many times their families as well. Even seemingly minor charges can require posting a significant bond for release from jail in some instances, and those who have had trouble with the law before will be scrutinized intently from the very beginning following an arrest. Most defendants are actually treated as though they are automatically guilty throughout the procedure. And those who are charged with very serious crimes will face even stronger treatment from state court officials depending on the nature of the evidence being used to prosecute. It is times like these for all accused when it is vital to have an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney representing your case to ensure that all legal rights to a defense are observed by the court system.

What Your Bucks County criminal Attorney Can Do

Defendants are very limited in what they can do for themselves when facing criminal prosecution. They cannot investigate the case on any level, and many times their associates are either wanting to avoid the legal troubles or have been charged themselves. The court system is well-known for using co-defendants against each other. Your criminal defense attorney can investigate the case personally as an officer of the court and evaluate all evidence being used in the case for admissibility. In addition, your attorney can question any witnesses supplying testimony for the state or any officers involved in the case.

Evidence Evaluation

Many criminal cases are prosecuted using borderline or even inadmissible evidence even when the state knows their case is weak. Prosecutors often bully their way to a conviction when the defendant has a public defender or an inexperienced attorney who does not understand what criminal defense entails. An attorney who focuses their practice on criminal defense will understand the criteria for evidence admission, and they can inspect are articles for legal acquisition and application in building a case for maximum reasonable doubt on the behalf of their client. This can be very important when charges are serious, as flimsy evidence could generate significant reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. Evidence must be solid, and it must be obtained according to 4th Amendment criminal defense guarantees. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can move for evidence suppression when they find any type of problem.

Taking a Case to Trial

Another reason it is necessary to have an aggressive Bucks criminal defense lawyer is willingness to see a case through to a complete trial. It is still incumbent on the prosecutor to prove their claims in court, and many attorneys or public defenders will work only for a plea bargain agreement to appease the prosecutor. In this respect, a public defender can become the state official’s assistant in eliminating the potential for a trial, which all prosecutors want to avoid. The only way a plea bargain is successful is when the state has a valid case and the charges can be significantly amended. Even when a prosecutor threatens to request maximum punishment, going to trial is still the best option because mitigating evidence can matter that the court officials will not want to consider in negotiating a plea agreement. Experienced Bucks county criminal defense lawyers understand this issue, and they can use it as leverage when a plea agreement can result in a significantly reduced penalty. No prosecutor wants to risk an acquittal, and an acquittal can be won in a trial when the state is using weak evidence to prosecute.

Never accept the notion that your criminal case in Philadelphia cannot be defended. Not only is your freedom at stake, but your future as well, and the state is not entitled to a conviction just because they have made an arrest.

Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a crime in Philadelphia, there is no time to wait. Acting fast to secure an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense attorney is your only chance of contesting the charges. Philadelphia is a very difficult jurisdiction for self-representing pro se litigants to defend themselves. This is because the Philadelphia courts are flooded with pro se filings from prisoners and create lots of hypertechnical procedural barriers to reduce their case-loads.

For example, you can have a critical filing deemed late or invalid if you fail to use a special cover sheet and other requirements. And if you are relying on a court-appointed attorney to represent you, you have to consider how overworked they are and the massive caseloads that they bear. Do you really think that you have a good shot at a positive outcome when the odds are stacked against you from the door?

Hiring a private Philadelphia criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a life sentence and probation. It can mean the difference between spending years in prison for no reason and having the charges dismissed. Let’s look at some of the common types of criminal charges that Philadelphians face below.

DUI and Traffic Violations | Criminal Lawyers Bucks County

Although Bucks County is considered to be one of the more lenient counties when it comes to first-time offenders, you can still be sentenced to five years in prison for drunk driving one time. You can also be forced to attend alcohol rehab classes and to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Philadelphia is only 0.08 percent. This BAC can be reached with just one drink. Since everyone is different and will metabolize alcohol at different rates, it can be difficult to determine what your BAC may be even if you use the “one drink per hour” rule.

Nevertheless, you can be charged with drunk driving even if your BAC is less than 0.08 percent if the arresting officer testifies that you displayed other signs of intoxication. Furthermore, you don’t even have to be driving the vehicle in order to be convicted of drunk driving. Simply having your keys in the ignition is enough for police to speculate that you were ready to drive drunk.

DUI charges are often accompanied by traffic violations, such as illegal passing, failure to yield, failure to stop, speeding, or reckless driving. When these charges are added, they have the potential to enhance the penalty for drunk driving. For these reasons, you always should carry your own breathalyzer and record timestamped video of you passing the test to offer as evidence that you lacked intent to drive drunk.

If you have already been charged with DUI and additional traffic violations, it is important to consult with an experienced Philadelphia DUI defense attorney. A DUI defense attorney can help to dismiss charges or mitigate the penalties. You don’t hear a lot about all the cases that are dismissed before trial. A good Bucks county criminal lawyer doesn’t have to take your case before the jury and risk losing.

Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in Philadelphia

If you are charged with misdemeanor or felonious charges in Philadelphia, your worst enemy is the county jails. Doing time in these cramped prisons can be very hard time. A lot of mentally ill, homeless, and violent criminals frequent these jails. They are not respectful towards others and can snap in a moment’s notice because they are struggling with severe life problems or connected to gangs.

And the sentences for misdemeanors and felonies in Philadelphia are among the most Draconian in the world. Where else do you face five years for a misdemeanor, such as simple assault, petty theft, or terroristic threats? A Felony 1 charge can have a baseline range of 10 to 20 years or more for even the first offense.

The point system that Philadelphia uses to calculate sentencing guidelines is also complicated. Hiring an experienced Philadelphia defense attorney is the only hope you have a positive outcome.

Find a Criminal Attorney 

If you have been indicted for a white collar crime or a federal drug charge, you will need to find the right attorney for your case. A conviction of a federal crime can carry heavy fines or prison time. Federal mandatory sentences are severe and will cost your freedom. Once an indictment has been issued, you need to find an attorney for your case.

There are many choices for a criminal lawyer. You need to find the right one who is qualified to handle your case. An experienced attorney means the difference between a conviction or an acquittal. You need an attorney with a proven track record.

Find a Federal Criminal Law Specialist

There are many states that have designated attorneys as specialists in their field. You want to find a lawyer who has obtained this distinction in their particular state. For example, if you’re accused of committing fraud to get a small business loan, you’ll want an attorney who has experience handling these types of cases. For a lawyer to receive this certification, the individual must have significant experience with jury trials. The attorney must also have positive reviews by judges and fellow lawyers in the state. In addition to these requirements, the attorney must also pass an exam in their specialized field. Each state’s bar association can point you in the right direction. You can look up the attorney’s name to verify if they specialize in federal law. On the other hand, you can also see if the attorney received any disciplinary actions from the state bar as well.

Criminal Attorneys Bucks County

U.S. based attorneys are ranked on their skill levels and ethical standards. The Martindale-Hubbell website offers their own rankings for attorneys. These ratings are based on surveys from attorneys and judges. Each survey is designed to form an opinion for that particular attorney. The highest rating is “AV.” Five percent of attorneys have achieved this rating. The next tier is “BV.” Many in the legal field consider this rating to be a great achievement. “CV” is the third tier. Many attorneys with less than five years of experience will receive this rating. There are many attorneys who have no rating from the website. This doesn’t mean they lack the experience or skills. These lawyers simply have not been rated by the survey.

Research Your criminal lawyers in Bucks County

One website is quickly growing with attorneys. rates lawyers from a scale of 0 to 10. An attorney that receives a 10 rating is considered to be highly qualified. Some attorneys will have a “no concern” rating as well. If the attorney has been disciplined by the state bar, you will see a warning next to their name. Former clients can leave reviews. These reviews are posted for each attorney. You can see all the positive and negative notes on this site. Attorneys are also encouraged to post their resumes as well.

Interview Potential  Criminal Attorneys in Bucks County

The decision to choose a federal criminal defense attorney is very important. You need to find the most experienced one for your particular case. It is recommended to ask questions about your attorney before you make a decision. You should never be afraid to ask hard questions about their experience. Your attorney will be happy to answer all questions about their past results and background. Most attorneys are former federal prosecutors. They know how the process works for a federal case.

The internet has made it easier than ever to find the right  criminal attorney for you. With a little research, you can find the right fit for your situation. You want a qualified federal defense attorney on your case. This decision can have a huge impact on your life. It is a very serious matter when a federal charge is brought against you. You need to find the best lawyer that will work towards an acquittal in your trial. If you or a loved one is facing an investigation or indictment, you need to hire an attorney today.