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Brooklyn Federal Criminal Lawyers

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Federal Criminal Prosecutions

Not all criminal prosecutions are carried out by local authorities. You may have been arrested and charged with breaking state and federal law. If you are swept up into a case involving federal authorities, you count on being prosecuted by the United States government.

Defense Strategies Against Federal Convictions

Fighting off a federal conviction requires an entirely different kind of defense team and strategy. Although you may be perfectly innocent of the crime that you have been charged with, the fact that your name is on an arrest warrant puts you at serious risk of losing your freedom. It is therefore important for you to hire a criminal lawyer who specializes in federal cases. If you are convicted, you might want to consider appealing the crime and speaking to a federal criminal appeals lawyer.

Federal vs Local Prosecutors

There is certainly no shortage of law firms that have lawyers who have deep knowledge of New York State criminal code, lawyers who are well-connected to the police and prosecutorial offices of New York city, lawyers with an excellent rate and record of acquittal. This means very little if you are in the cross-hairs of federal prosecutors. The latter work outside of the local system and tend to associate, network, and coordinate with their colleagues throughout the country.

The volume and quality of resources that federal prosecutors can bring to bear on a case outstrips what the locals can do. They have the money, technology, and expertise of the government of the United States at their disposal. The case they mount against you is likely to be solid and formidable.

Right to Defense and Self Incrimination

But you cannot buckle under the fear and pressure. The fact that you are being prosecuted under federal laws makes no difference to your right to defend yourself. You should not allow yourself to be intimidated by sharper suits and perhaps more subtle and nuanced way of interrogating you. The right not to turn in evidence against yourself remains, and you should refuse to answer all questions until your lawyer is present.

Federal Criminal Codes and Hiring the Right Defense

There is an entire range of federal criminal code that your lawyer will need to understand in order to keep you out of federal prison. The person you hire must also know how to do battle with federal prosecutors as you go through the judicial process. Without this insight and competence the government is likely to prevail, and you might be sent away for quite some time.

The simple fact is that despite the substantially increased resources of federal prosecutors the case against you must still be proven. The burden remains on them to prove your guilt; they must still come up with evidence that makes you culpable for the crime you are accused of committing. Without this evidence and connection they have no case, no matter how tough they appear.

Working with the Feds

If it is the case that federal prosecutors can link you to a case they have spent years putting together and are now ready to pursue, you should still get yourself a federal criminal attorney. The federal government is willing to cut all kinds of deals to get the really big fish, to put the top people in the organization they suspect of criminality away.

Your part may have been small, unsubstantial and indistinct. Yet, you may have information that they want. Don’t throw your best chance at getting a deal by giving them all they want voluntarily. A criminal defense lawyer who knows how to work with the feds and has experience and expertise in negotiating immunity and other types of deals can help you put together such a package.

The bottom line is that you should not allow yourself to be bullied or intimidated by federal prosecutors. Working with a defense lawyer who specializes in such cases will help you get a judicial outcome that is in your favor.

Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in legal trouble, a lot of questions will be running through your mind. Among them is if you should hire a criminal defense attorney or not. In this case, the answer to your question is yes.

Some defendants will opt to do away with the idea, claiming that it is an avoidable expense. What they fail to understand is that hiring the right Brooklyn federal criminal attorney can significantly impact the case outcome and change it for the better.

Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

There are tons of reasons why you should consider getting a criminal defense attorney and among those reasons are;

Lawyers are Experienced

They have been trained, they have handled similar cases before and therefore, they are versed with all the skills needed to defend you. This is unlike when you decide to handle the issue by yourself. The little you know about criminal law will not be enough to get you through it.

The Attorney Takes Care of the Paperwork

Keeping track of paperwork is not an easy thing. It requires certainty of what you are doing. There are no chances of guesswork here and with an attorney, you can relax, prepare for the hearings and let him/her handle the issue for you.

Lawyer’s Commitment to Defending You

That is his/her work. You have paid him/her to represent you, and this can only mean that he will use all his time and resources to see that you get a fair judgment. Lawyers are morally bound to defend their clients, regardless of whether you are guilty or innocent.

You Get Protection

With an attorney beside you, you can be sure that nobody will take advantage of you. Lawyers understand the law better, they know the terms, and they can tell when someone is trying to trick you into a deal.

The Case Will Move Fast

An attorney will have a whole team working day and night to see things run fast and smooth.

It Will Save Your Money

You probably think that self-representation will help you avoid the attorney fee, but that is only because you have not looked at the bigger picture.

Collection and Verification of Evidence

When a trial has lots of evidence to verify and arrange before the hearing date, making any errors become a considerable factor.

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