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Brooklyn Arraignment Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

If you’re facing a drug charge, the first step in your defense is called an arraignment. The arraignment is your first opportunity to appear before a judge and begin your defense. There are important things that happen at your arraignment that can make a critical difference when it comes to preparing your case. Errors at your arraignment can make it harder to build your defenses and ultimately impact the result of your case.

Do I have the right to a Brooklyn arraignment lawyer?

Yes, you have the right to a Brooklyn arraignment lawyer. You have the right to have an attorney represent you at every stage in the proceedings. Your arraignment is no exception. Having an attorney represent you can give you the insight and the guidance that you need to make your arraignment proceeding successful.

What happens at an arraignment in Brooklyn?

Several things happen at an arraignment in Brooklyn. The purpose of an arraignment is to give you formal notice of what charges you’re facing and ensure that you receive due process under the law. At its core, the arraignment is your opportunity to have formal notice of the charges against you. The police may or may not tell you what charges you’re facing at your arrest. In addition, the state’s attorney might change the charges against you. If law enforcement makes an arrest for one type of charge, the state’s attorney might decide that it’s more appropriate to authorize different charges. Your arraignment is where you get to hear what the charges are against you.

There are other important things that happen at your arraignment. The judge may advise you of your legal rights. Your legal rights are important because they impact your ability to receive a fair proceeding and ultimately receive justice. You have the right to try your case in front of a jury. You aren’t guilty simply because law enforcement accuses you of a crime or the state’s attorney authorizes charges. You have the right to a jury trial to determine your guilt or innocence. The judge may inform you of this right at your arraignment. The judge may also tell you that you have the right to call witnesses and testify in your own defense. You also have the right not to testify in order to prevent self-incrimination.

Setting bond or bail at your Brooklyn arraignment

One of the most immediately pressing issues at any Brooklyn arraignment is setting bail. Bail or bond is a way that you can be released from jail while you await the disposition of your case. Sometimes it can take many months for a case to resolve, so it’s important to secure bond in order to maintain employment and prepare the defense in your case. The amount of bond needs to be appropriate. There are also conditions that may accompany your bond that you need to address so that you can follow your terms of bond when you’re released from jail and awaiting further proceedings.

The court sets bond based on the severity of the offense and based on the specific allegations in the case. The more serious the charges you face, the higher the bond amount you can expect. The purpose of bond is to ensure that you appear at future proceedings. Your Brooklyn arraignment attorney can help you make arguments for a lower bond amount. Factors like employment, a minimal prior criminal history and ties to the community can all lower your bond amount.

You may also need to address specific conditions of your bond. Your bond conditions may require you to refrain from contacting one or more individuals. You may need to avoid handling alcohol even though you’re a server or you need to handle alcohol for your work. If there are specific conditions of bond that may apply that you need to address, your Brooklyn arraignment lawyer may help you address the issues with the court.

Brooklyn arraignment lawyers can represent you

Any court appearance is crucial to your case. Your Brooklyn arraignment lawyer can accompany you to your arraignment and at every appearance in your case. They can help you begin to mount your defense from your very first court hearing. Beginning your defense at your arraignment can help you fight your case as quickly as possible and bring a strong defense to the charges against you.

Don’t deal with Brooklyn Arraignment Lawyers alone. Speak to the Spodek Law Group today.

Brooklyn Arraignment Lawyers

The court procedure of arraignment is the first step a court makes to officially charge someone with a crime. In a sense, it’s the court’s accusation against you, spelled out in your first day in court. Some very important things will happen during this court proceeding in regards to the crime you’re charged with and your own response to the court in reply to the charge or charges. If you’re facing an arraignment, it’s never a good idea to go alone. Before ever stepping foot in a courtroom, it’s to your benefit to have a lawyer by your side to explain what is happening to you and what will happen during the arraignment.

What Happens During The Arraignment?

You may already be aware that the court is charging you with a crime, but until you stand before a judge on the day of your arraignment, you haven’t been officially charged and there are still legal measures you can take to prevent arraignment. Some arraignments might never happen because a lawyer can settle with the court or in the case of less serious crimes, you might even have a misdemeanor reduced to something that could simply be paid as a fine. In most cases, the arraignment will go through. During your arraignment, these things will happen:

  • The judge will read your charges aloud
  • The judge will inquire about whether you want an attorney (If you don’t have one)
  • The judge will ask how you plead

If you plead guilty, the judge can sentence you right there. If you plead not-guilty, a whole different set of procedures will commence. You might have bail set or you might be released by the judge if your case isn’t that serious and would warrant the judge giving you a chance to go free without bail.

Pleading At Your Arraignment

The plead you make at your arraignment will be one of the most important things you ever do. It will determine the entire direction of your case. Pleading guilty can be a life-altering mistake, especially if you are pleading guilty to a felony. The consequences of this may haunt you for the rest of your life. Before the arraignment, you may ask yourself how to plead in response to your criminal charges.

ONLY A LAWYER CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION! A defendant is never a good judge of the strength of their not guilty plea, just as they are never a good judge of whether or not they have a strong case that screams, “Guilt!” If you don’t obtain a lawyer before you go to your arraignment, you may make a life-altering and catastrophic legal mistake. People who could have saved their time by pleading guilty may plead not guilty and waste valuable resources. People who could have received lesser charges will never be able to work that out with a judge because a defendant is never their own best advocate.

If you have a pending arraignment, call a lawyer today. This is especially important if you’re facing a felony charge. These charges can affect your employment, living arrangements, and entire future life if you fail to fight them off. Without a good lawyer by your side, you simply won’t know what the right plea is. Our Brooklyn arraignment lawyers are there to make sure that you have the best representation in the business when you step in front of a judge for your arraignment.

Your arraignment will determine the course of your life for the near future. Call our lawyers today.

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