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Bronx LSD Possession Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

New York’s LSD Possession Laws

New York categorizes LSD as a Schedule I controlled substance, which means possession of any amount is a crime. The severity of the charge and potential punishments depend on how much LSD you had in your possession. To defend yourself against possession of LSD charges and get the best possible result, it’s smart to find a Bronx LSD possession lawyer who can represent you.

Understanding the Degrees of LSD Possession

Under the New York penal code, criminal possession of a controlled substance covers LSD possession, along with possession of many other types of illegal drugs.

Criminal Possession in the Seventh Degree

The minimum possession charge with LSD is criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, and this would apply for anything under 1 milligram of LSD. As a class A misdemeanor, the maximum penalty is one year in jail, but this can often be negotiated down to only a couple years of probation.

Criminal Possession in the Fourth Degree

The next step up with LSD charges is criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fourth degree, which applies when you have at least 1 milligram of LSD but under 5 milligrams. As a class C felony, there’s a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Criminal Possession in the Third Degree

Criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree applies when you’re caught with at least 5 milligrams of LSD but under 25 milligrams. As a class B felony, the maximum penalty increases to 25 years in prison.

Criminal Possession in the Second Degree

All LSD possession charges involving amounts over 25 milligrams are considered criminal possession of a controlled substance in the second degree, making this the most severe charge you can have for LSD possession. As a class A-II felony, this charge has a maximum penalty of a life sentence in prison.

Separate charges cover selling LSD. Keep in mind that if you are caught with a large amount of LSD that seems to be too much for personal use, you can also be charged with intent to sell.

Additional Penalties for LSD Possession

The maximum jailtime and prison sentences for LSD possession are mentioned above, but there can be other penalties. Fines are common, as is probation.

Your penalties will depend on the circumstances of your case and your history, as first-time offenders tend to get less severe penalties than repeat offenders. If you’re dealing with an addiction, you may be able to go to a court-mandated substance abuse program. If you complete that, the judge can take it into account and give you a lighter sentence.

Strategies for Defending Against LSD Possession Charges

With the potential for years in prison because of LSD possession, it’s a very serious offense, and it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced lawyer.

The right defense strategy for you will depend on the circumstances of your case and the evidence against you. If the evidence is weak, it may be possible to get the charges dropped. In other situations where the prosecution has solid evidence implicating you in LSD possession, the right strategy may involve minimizing the damage and negotiating a plea deal that keeps you out of prison and avoids any intent to sell charges.

A qualified lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Our firm has Bronx LSD possession lawyers who know all the complexities of these charges and can represent you from the beginning of your case until the very end.

The Changing Landscape of New York’s Drug Laws

Historically, New York has had some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. In recent years, drug case defendants have increasingly received alternative sentences including being ordered to attend a drug treatment program, probation, and other more flexible options that do not automatically include a prison sentence. This change in the severity of sentencing for certain drug offenses has occurred as a result of the state legislature’s more lenient approach to curbing drug crimes the state deems less severe. Sentencing for the drug known as LSD or acid may vary depending on the amount of the drug the defendant possessed at the time he or she committed the crime. Regardless, anyone who has been accused of possessing or selling LSD in the Bronx should contact a Bronx LSD defense attorney.

Importance of Legal Representation

Defendants who are accused of possessing LSD in the Bronx do not have to face the criminal court system alone. For those who are concerned about the expense of hiring an attorney, a public defender may seem like the best option. However, every defendant in an LSD possession case should contact a private practice Bronx LSD defense lawyer to receive a case evaluation. LSD defense lawyers are available to provide case evaluations free of charge to those who wish to learn more about their legal options and potential defenses that may help them overcome the criminal charges they face. Private practice attorneys have the available professional resources, time, and energy to dedicate to their clients in the interest of helping the client obtain the most favorable outcome possible. While public defenders are often very experienced, they are also typically very overworked and are more likely to advise a client to take a plea deal in a case a private practice attorney may be better equipped to defend the accused at trial.

Reaching Out to a Bronx LSD Possession Defense Attorney

The process of contacting a private practice Bronx LSD possession defense lawyer is relatively straightforward. Therefore, individuals who require assistance with an LSD possession case should not feel intimidated about calling. Upon contacting the law office, a member of the staff will conduct a case evaluation interview free of charge. Next, the attorney will follow up and provide preliminary advice to help the individual understand the charges he or she is facing and make a more informed decision about defending his or her case. People who are accused of LSD possession may contact an attorney at any time during the investigation and criminal court proceedings. However, it is always best to contact an attorney early in the process and prior to discussing the case with law enforcement if possible.

Don’t deal with Bronx LSD Possession Lawyers alone. Speak to the Spodek Law Group today.

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