Best Tampa Criminal Lawyers

It can happen with a stupid mistake or a momentary loss of control. A person’s actions result in them being arrested and put in jail. Most people in this situation feel trapped in an unfamiliar and confusing world. They may have no idea how to deal with what they are facing. This is the time they need to contact a criminal defense attorney. These legal professionals know the legal system. They also know how to help an incarcerated person obtain the best possible result for their situation.

A criminal defense lawyer will have extensive knowledge of the courts. Dealing with the stress of being arrested is not something someone should have to handle on their own. A criminal defense attorney will have experience and understanding of what an arrested person is facing. The judicial system is a world these attorneys deal with daily. A criminal defense lawyer will know how to guide a person through the process. They provide their clients with important insight into how the system works.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will have an established working relationship with prosecutors. This is an important part of succeeding in the legal process. This relationship makes it easier to have good communication between them. Having a sense of civility will result in being able to get more done. This relationship could result in a more affordable bond as well as a better plea deal and more.

Penalty Reduction
A person’s future could be severely changed by the charges made against them. Their job and family life could be in jeopardy. There could even be a real chance of them going to jail. It’s also possible the financial burden of an arrest could impact a person for many years. This is the reason people need to have a criminal defense attorney on their side to fight for them. These lawyers will fight to get a person’s charges lessened and penalties reduced. It may even be possible for them to get a person’s case dismissed.

Law Enforcement Conduct
The experience of a criminal defense attorney puts them in a good position to assess the conduct of law enforcement. Certain procedures must be followed when a person is arrested and processed. Should these procedures not be properly followed, it could impact a person’s case. A criminal defense attorney can carefully review what happened. They will know how to determine if any witnesses have been coerced, evidence tampered with, or if anything is out of place. The process to gather evidence must be followed by law enforcement. If this procedure is not properly followed, a person’s entire case may be able to be dismissed.

Case Outcomes
A criminal attorney will work to learn all the details of a person’s case. They can provide expert advice and warn about all possible consequences. A person will be informed of the charges and penalties they are facing. They can explain what a person can expect if they are convicted. A criminal defense attorney will know when it is in a person’s best interest to accept a plea deal. They will have experience with how certain judges punish criminal charges. Getting a person’s case dismissed will always be a goal.

It is important to have a criminal defense attorney representation during an arraignment as well as the rest of the process. An arraignment is when a person can enter a plea with the court. They will usually plead not guilty to the criminal charges against them. The court will then determine if a person gets bail. Should a person be given bail, they will be informed of the amount. Some minor criminal charges can be handled at an arraignment.

Court Appearances
The future court appearances will determine if a person’s case is dismissed, can be settled with a plea bargain, or will be scheduled for trial. A criminal defense attorney may try many things before a trial.

*Investigate and issue subpoenas to identify evidence that assists a person’s defense
*Get a person into a program that deals with their needs. This could help in getting a better plea bargain.
*Draft written motions for suppression of certain evidence, dismissal as well as discovery, and more.

Pretrial Hearing
Prior to the start of the trial, a court will have hearings to resolve issues in the case. These hearings will determine if there is sufficient evidence for a case to go to trial. This is when certain types of evidence can be suppressed. It could be physical evidence obtained by law enforcement, statements people make when they are in police custody, identification of a person by a witness provided by law enforcement. A court will decide if the method of obtaining evidence was legal. If not, it can’t be used at trial. Should a prosecutor not be able to prove charges without the evidence that has been excluded, the charges against a person could be dismissed. This would make a trial unnecessary.

This is when a person’s guilt or innocence will be determined by court proceedings. A trial is one of the main reasons a person will want to have a criminal defense attorney representing them. During a trial, a prosecutor will attempt to prove a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A person’s criminal defense lawyer will work hard to create reasonable doubt. Their goal is to undermine a prosecutor’s case and possibly prove a person’s innocence. Some trial verdicts are determined by a group of citizens. This is known as a jury trial. If a verdict in a trial is determined by a judge, it is called a bench trial. All trials end in one of three ways. The case is dismissed, a plea bargain is reached or a person is found guilty.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can make a big difference in a person’s case. It could be the difference between facing a minor offense or dealing with serious jail time. Even with a case that seems straightforward, there are many bad consequences a criminal defense lawyer will know how to avoid.