Finding the Best Tax Fraud Defense Attorney in Queens

Finding the Best Tax Fraud Defense Attorney in Queens

Dealing with a tax fraud investigation or charges can be an incredibly stressful and confusing time. You likely have a lot of questions about your rights, potential penalties, and how to find the best legal representation to protect your interests. This article provides an overview of tax fraud issues in Queens, tips on finding an experienced tax fraud defense attorney, and top firms to consider for strong legal advocacy.

Understanding Tax Fraud Investigations and Charges

Tax fraud essentially involves intentionally deceiving tax authorities to avoid paying owed taxes. Some examples include:

  • Claiming false deductions or exemptions on your tax return
  • Hiding income
  • Lying about business expenses
  • Using a fake Social Security number

If audited or investigated by the IRS or state tax agency, they may accuse you of civil or criminal tax fraud depending on the specifics of your case. This can lead to substantial fines and penalties, asset seizure, and even potential jail time in criminal cases.Having an experienced tax fraud defense attorney on your side from the beginning of an investigation can make all the difference in resolving matters favorably. An attorney understands how these complex cases work and the intricacies of tax law. They can build the strongest defense by finding errors in how the investigation was conducted or issues with evidence collection.For those ultimately charged, the stakes are high. An experienced tax fraud defense lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or penalties. They also know how to present a convincing case to judges and juries during the trial process. Their intricate knowledge of tax codes further enables them to find technicalities and loopholes that could lead to dismissals or acquittals.

Tips for Finding the Best Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

If you are being audited or investigated for tax fraud in Queens, or have already been criminally charged, finding the right legal representation is crucial. Here are important tips on identifying top tax fraud defense lawyers:

Specialized Experience with Tax Cases

It’s essential to find an attorney with an established track record specifically handling local tax fraud investigations, audits and trials in Queens. Verify they have represented many tax fraud clients over their career with proven results. Those with prior experience as prosecutors also offer helpful insights.General experience with white collar crime may not translate to the intricate knowledge needed to mount the strongest tax fraud defense under complex IRS, New York State and Queens tax codes.

Strong Litigation Skills

In case negotiations fail and your tax fraud case goes to trial, your defense attorney must have exceptional litigation skills. Look for an attorney and firm listing considerable success in the courtroom defending tax fraud trials. Examine client testimonials and online reviews to gauge the quality of their trial advocacy in tax fraud and related financial cases.

Resources for Thorough Investigation

Building a convincing defense requires thoroughly scrutinizing the details of the prosecution’s case against you. This involves deeply investigating the evidence, financial records, witness accounts and police investigative procedures.Choose a tax fraud defense firm with sufficient resources and connections to conduct detailed independent investigations. They should have funds available to bring in accounting experts to analyze records and the ability to hire experienced investigators to critically assess prosecution evidence.

Strong Negotiation Skills

Before deciding to take a tax fraud case to trial, an attorney will first attempt negotiating with IRS and Justice Department prosecutors. The goal is having charges dismissed completely or at least significantly reduced.Look for a seasoned tax defense lawyer adept at negotiating with Queens prosecutors and getting tax penalties and interest rates lowered. They know what evidence will sway prosecutors during negotiations. They can also negotiate payment structuring if fines cannot be avoided completely.

Top Tax Fraud Defense Firms in Queens

If you are facing tax fraud charges in Queens, some firms to consider reaching out to include:

1. The Law Offices of M.L. Cohen, P.C.

With over 25 years of experience, attorney M.L. Cohen has established himself as one of the top tax fraud defense lawyers in Queens. He specializes in representing individuals and businesses accused of civil and criminal tax violations including fraud, failure to file and tax shelter schemes.Previous clients praise his strong litigation skills and the resources he dedicates to uncovering issues with the prosecution’s case. If negotiations with IRS and Justice Department attorneys fail, he has a proven ability to convince judges and juries of reasonable doubt regarding allegations.

2. The Law Office of Patrick T. Burke, Esq.

Former Senior Tax Attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel Patrick T. Burke leverages his prosecutor experience to provide clients an inside perspective on how these cases are constructed. He uses his extensive knowledge of tax codes to uncover technicalities and legal errors which have helped clients avoid convictions and severe penalties.Attorney Burke is detail-oriented and leaves no stone unturned when scrutinizing the opposition’s evidence and arguments. He has successfully defended everything from improper home office deductions issues to offshore tax shelter schemes.

3. Mark I. Levy, P.C.

Mark Levy is a highly-regarded Queens tax attorney with over 35 years of legal experience including 20 years working for the IRS. This inside understanding of IRS procedures, audits, and prosecutions provides great insight for constructing strong defense strategies.He is known for his aggressive negotiation style which has resulted in many dismissed charges and significantly reduced penalties over his career. If unable to negotiate resolutions, he has an exceptional track record convincing juries that clients were simply unaware versus purposefully deceitful on tax returns.

Final Thoughts

Facing tax fraud allegations can be overwhelming. The financial penalties along with harm to your reputation and even potential jail time require the strongest legal advocacy on your side. Take the time to carefully research and retain an experienced tax fraud defense attorney in Queens. The right legal representation can make all the difference in resolving your case favorably.