Collateral Consequences of a Queens Federal Conviction

Collateral Consequences of a Queens Federal Conviction

A federal conviction in Queens can have serious consequences that go beyond any direct punishment like jail time or fines. These additional punishments are called “collateral consequences” and they can affect many aspects of a person’s life long after their sentence ends. Understanding these potential consequences is important when considering legal options and plea deals.

Employment and Licensing

One major collateral consequence is reduced employment and licensing opportunities. Many employers are reluctant to hire someone with a federal conviction. Certain fields also require occupational licenses, which can be revoked or denied due to a conviction. This includes jobs like security guardsnursesreal estate brokers, and more. Losing your career can be devastating.


Finding housing is also tougher with a Queens federal conviction. The NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) bans people with certain convictions from public housing for 3-6 years (source). Many private landlords also avoid renting to people with criminal records. This housing insecurity causes major stress for those rebuilding their lives after prison.

Immigration Issues

A federal conviction can also lead to immigration consequences like deportation or denial of citizenship. Any non-citizen charged with a federal crime in Queens needs expert legal advice on these risks. Certain minor convictions seem harmless but can still get you deported.

Loss of Rights

Losing basic rights is another potential Queens federal conviction consequence. For example, felony convictions mean you lose voting rights while on parole. You also can’t serve on a jury or run for local office in NYC if convicted of a felony. Misdemeanors only cause a jury ban during probation/parole.

Getting Relief

Some collateral consequences only last for a certain period of time. For example, the NYCHA housing ban after conviction is usually 3 or 6 years (source). After serving your sentence and finishing parole, you can also apply to restore voting rights in New York.However other consequences remain permanent, like felony jury and public office bans. Consulting an attorney about relief options is important if facing long-term penalties. Organizations like the Legal Aid Society also help people navigate collateral consequences of convictions.The bottom line is a federal conviction brings punishments beyond just the court sentence. These consequences can negatively impact Queens residents for years, making re-entry incredibly difficult. Anyone facing federal charges needs expert advice on potential outcomes from experienced NYC defense attorneys.I’ve included references to several helpful legal sites: