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Philadelphia Misdemeanor Lawyers

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Misdemeanor criminal charges aren’t as serious as a felony charge, but don’t assume this means that a conviction doesn’t include harsh consequences that impact your life for a long time ahead. So many people go to court without an attorney, unconcerned with the minor charge they face. They often regret this decision, since a misdemeanor criminal conviction may result in consequences such as up to 11 months, 29 days in jail, fines, probation, classes, and other penalties that turn life as you know it upside down. Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers provide legal guidance and representation in your time of need, reducing worry and risk of a conviction.

Most Common Misdemeanor Criminal Charges in Philadelphia

Hundreds of potential misdemeanor charges may be bestowed on you at any unfortunate moment in time, although some are more common than others. Among the most common reasons for misdemeanor arrest in Philadelphia include:

Assault: Misdemeanor assault charges are quite common among Philly residents. Sometimes it happens after a fight; other times nothing more than an exchange of words/threats lands you in jail. Many people lose their temper, but shouldn’t go to jail as a result. Hire a competent criminal lawyer to keep you out of trouble.
Public Intoxication: You can drink alcohol at home or you can drink it at a bar or a nightclub or when visiting a friend. But, you can’t drink and make your way into public. In the event that you do and police get involved, you’re looking at a public intoxication charge.
Drug Possession: Drug possession in Philadelphia is a serious criminal charge. It may turn into a felony if you intend to sell the drugs or if you have a large quantity in your possession. Misdemeanor charges may cause you to spend a year in jail or be forced into rehab, not to mention tarnish your record for the remainder of your life.
Petty Theft: Theft under $500 is known as petty theft. You may be charged with this offense if you take merchandise that doesn’t belong to you, whether from an individual or a person.

This isn’t a complete list of criminal misdemeanor charges that may impact your life but is among the most common. Call Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Our legal experts will provide you with the confidence you need to sleep well at night, despite the pending legal charges placed upon your shoulders.

A Trusted Philadelphia Lawyer

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer helps you fight any misdemeanor criminal charges you face. With our legal experts on the case, rest assured you’ll have a voice when it’s time to go to court. We offer aggressive fighting when necessary, always going the extra mile to protect our clients best interests. Although prison is off the table, the many potential consequences included with a misdemeanor conviction are still enough to turn life upside down.

Fake ID Lawyers

There is no shortage of places that will allow you to purchase a fake ID in Pennsylvania. Although it may seem like a harmless action, buying and using a fake ID can land you in serious trouble.

This is especially true if you use a fake ID to purchase alcohol, get into a casino or buy cigarettes from a convenience store. When actors use fake identification in movies, it can be funny. In reality, using a fake ID is no laughing matter.

Why You Should Never Use a Fake ID
Not only can you be charged with a crime, there are other consequences associated with using false identification. This includes fines, revocation of your driver’s license and jail time. Here are a few other reasons you should think twice before you use or carry a fake ID.

1. Getting caught with a fake ID could end up costing you a lot of money. From lawyer’s fees to fines, you could end up spending thousands of dollars trying to stay out of jail.

2. Losing your driver’s license can be inconvenient. Being issued a driver’s license is a privilege – not a right. Once you lose your driving privileges, you’ll have to rely on public transportation, ride share services or friends/family members.

3. Some fake ID providers are scammers in disguise. Fake ID providers are unregulated by government entities. It’s not uncommon for online fake ID providers to steal your credit card information or identity and use it to get loans in your name.

4. Your parents will be notified. Just imagine how your parents will react if you get arrested for carrying or using a fake ID. Chances are they won’t be too happy about the situation. If you’re underage and short on cash, it’s likely that they will have to pay for your legal expenses.

Consequences of Misrepresenting Your Identity in Pennsylvania
The only thing you should know about misrepresenting your identity in Pennsylvania is it is illegal. This means you cannot:

  • Buy (or attempt to buy) alcohol with a fake ID.
  • Carry a fake ID.
  • Misrepresent your age in order to purchase alcohol from any establishment.

In Pennsylvania, a fake ID is any identification that contains false information such as your name, birth date or age. You can also be charged for using a fake ID if you carry or use another person’s ID that is at least 21 years old.

Steps to Take If You’re Facing Fake ID Charges
Criminal charges can affect the rest of your life. Fake ID charges may impact your future employment prospects and college admissions. If you’re facing fake ID charges, don’t gamble with your future by representing yourself or getting a public defender.

The first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania. At Todd Spodek Law Offices, our attorneys will work diligently to protect your future and freedom.

Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome for their situations. Criminal attorneys at our office understand the Fake ID laws in Pennsylvania. We will use that knowledge to represent you in the Pennsylvania court system.

After you contact our offices, you should provide us with all the information that we request in a timely manner. After all, we’re partnering with you to protect your interests.

The Pennsylvania court system is serious about cracking down on juveniles who use fake identification to misrepresent their identities. If you’re facing criminal charges, you must take swift action. Schedule a consultation with our criminal attorney office today.