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How to Minimize Jail Time for Philadelphia Federal Crimes

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How to Minimize Jail Time for Philadelphia Federal Crimes

Getting charged with a federal crime in Philadelphia can be scary. The potential prison sentences are no joke — we’re talking years, even decades behind bars. As a Philly defense lawyer, I’ve seen good people make bad choices and end up facing serious federal charges. The good news? There are ways to reduce potential jail time, even for federal convictions. This article shares insider tips so you can get the best possible outcome.

Assess the Charges

The first thing your Philly federal defense lawyer will do is take a hard look at the charges. Different federal crimes carry different sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums. For example, federal drug crimes or gun charges often mean years behind bars, while non-violent white collar crimes may allow probation. Understanding the potential sentences allows us to craft the right strategy.

Leverage Mitigating Factors

Our goal is highlighting mitigating factors – reasons why you deserve less jail time. Were drugs/guns not actually yours? Is this your first offense? Did you play a minor role? Do you have addiction/mental health issues? A clean background and showing remorse also help. We’ll compile life details into a memo arguing why you deserve leniency.

Challenge the Evidence

If the feds have a weak case, we can get charges dropped or reduced. Does evidence violate your rights? Are witnesses unreliable? We’ll scrutinize everything through motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges. If we knock out key evidence, it prevents convictions or gives us leverage to negotiate better plea deals.

Negotiate Plea Deals

Over 90% of federal cases end in guilty pleas through plea bargains. If conviction looks likely, we’ll negotiate for dismissed charges and sentencing recommendations. The feds must convince us the deal is better than the outcome at trial. This is where experienced federal defense lawyers earn their keep.

Present Sentencing Mitigation Arguments

If pleading guilty, a major factor is the sentencing memo where we present every mitigating detail to the judge. We’ll also have you undergo a psych evaluation assessing addiction/mental health issues. Family, friends, employers, etc can write letters of support. This shows the judge you’re more than your crime and deserve less prison time.

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Request a Variance at Sentencing

Federal judges use Sentencing Guidelines to calculate prison terms. But they aren’t mandatory. At sentencing we’ll passionately argue all the mitigating factors justify a “variance” below the guidelines. This is the final opportunity to convince the judge you deserve less jail time. An effective lawyer can make a huge impact.

The bottom line? An experienced federal defense lawyer adept at using these strategies can help minimize jail time – sometimes dramatically. The stakes are high, so choose counsel wisely if facing federal charges in Philadelphia. Need a free case evaluation? Reach out today.