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Oakland Federal Criminal Lawyers

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Importance of Seeking Legal Assistance for Criminal Charges in Oakland

Are you facing criminal charges in the Oakland area? Whether white-collar criminal charges have already been filed against you or you are anticipating charges to be filed in areas that range from sex crimes to drug crimes and more, one thing is certain, your defense deserves your full attention.

More than that, you need to select a criminal defense attorney with great care. Regardless of the type of charges that you currently face or that will be brought against you soon, a conviction could undoubtedly result in years of imprisonment, burdensome financial penalties and more. At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience in criminal defense proceedings and a solid track record of producing superior outcomes as permitted under the law.

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Some people may delay contacting a criminal defense attorney until the last minute. However, there are several good reasons why you should start your search for a criminal defense lawyer today. The criminal process at the federal level is lengthy, and it starts well before the trial does. In fact, the law enforcement agency may spend several months or longer investigating the matter and building the case. Legal advice at this point could help you to avoid making a false, incriminating move and could ensure that your rights are protected.

This is usually followed by charges being filed and an initial hearing where bail will be set. Your attorney may argue on your behalf for bail to be set at a more reasonable level. From this point, the matter will progress through discovery, plea bargaining and pre-trial motions. Your criminal defense attorney will need as much time as possible to develop an effective defense strategy. In some cases, preliminary efforts could lead to charges being dropped or in a plea bargain.

Be aware that your attorney’s work on your case will extend after closing arguments in the trial are presented. For example, if you are convicted of a federal crime, your attorney may work to get a more lenient sentence. Your attorney may also be involved in the appeals process after a conviction.

You can see that a criminal defense lawyer does more than simply represent you at the trial. The right attorney will stand beside you throughout all steps of the process. He or she will actively protect your rights and provide valuable legal advice to you. With this in mind, the best time to hire a criminal defense lawyer is as soon as possible.

The Critical Need for an Experienced Lawyer

While it is clear that you need legal representation early in the process, it is crucial that you obtain representation from an experienced professional. The realm of federal crimes ranges from bank robbery and drug distribution to child pornography, fraud and more. Many lawyers in Oakland specialize in the area of criminal defense, but they may have no prior experience with a case like yours. After all, the last thing that you want to do is to hire a lawyer who specializes in internet sex crimes to represent you in a money laundering case.

In addition to focusing on the types of cases that the attorney has worked on, pay attention to their outcomes. Does the attorney have a noticeable trend of plea bargaining? Plea bargains are suitable outcomes for some situations, but they may not be the most desirable outcome available in all situations. Your attorney should be willing to do what it takes to ensure the best outcome offered to you under the law. Your case may not go to court, but you need to ensure that your attorney has ample courtroom experience upfront with a solid track record of success.

What to Expect from Your Initial Legal Consultation

Your experience with a criminal defense lawyer will begin during an initial consultation. This is a time when you and the attorney can learn about each other and discuss the case. You will both decide if the attorney is a good fit for the case. Some attorneys may pander by promising to get you off charges without realistically being able to achieve the results. Your attorney should be open and honest with you throughout the process. He or she should effectively communicate the severity of the situation, the next steps and what to avoid while keeping your best interests in mind. The best attorney may not be the one who sugarcoats the process and the potential outcome.

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Our legal team at Spodek Law Group is interested in learning more about your situation. We have extensive experience producing superior outcomes for charges related to child pornography, drug possession, distribution, fraud and many other niches. With our deep legal expertise and our passion for providing our valued clients with the attention they need throughout the case, we are the team that you want working in your corner. Contact our office by phone or online today to request a free legal consultation.