What Penalties Do I Face If Caught With Brass Knuckles in NYC?

What Penalties Do I Face If Caught With Brass Knuckles in NYC?

So you got caught with some brass knuckles in your pocket in New York City. Not cool. Those things are illegal to carry in NYC and you could be facing some pretty serious penalties. I feel you though – NYC’s weapons laws can be confusing. Like, what even are “brass knuckles” technically? And why are they illegal when so much other stuff isn’t?Let me break it down for you real quick.

Brass Knuckles are No Joke in NYC

  • Brass knuckles, sometimes called knuckles, knucks, paperweights or fistloads, are basically a metal weapon that you wear on your fingers to pack an extra punch when you hit someone.
  • They’ve been around for centuries and used by soldiers, police, gangsters – you name it.
  • These days they’re totally illegal to possess or carry in NYC under the NYC Administrative Code.

So if you get caught with them on you, even if you weren’t actually using them to hurt anyone, you could be looking at some fines or jail time.

Fines and Jail Time for Brass Knuckles

Here’s a quick rundown of the kind of penalties you could face:

  • Misdemeanor Charge – Just possessing brass knuckles is a misdemeanor under NY law. That’s still a criminal charge, not just a ticket.
  • Up to 1 Year in Jail – The max jail sentence is up to 1 year if convicted.
  • Fines Up to $1000 – Plus fines of up to $1000.

So we’re talking handcuffs, jail time, a criminal record, and a big ol’ fine. Not fun.But in reality, for a first offense with no injuries they probably won’t throw the book at you if it’s just simple possession.

What Will Actually Happen?

If it’s your first offense, they’ll probably go easy on you, especially if you get a good lawyer. Here’s probably what you can expect:

  • Desk Appearance Ticket – The police might just give you a ticket to show up to court later.
  • Violation Charge – The DA could reduce it to a simple violation instead of a misdemeanor.
  • No Jail – You likely won’t get any actual jail time since no one was hurt.
  • $200 – $500 Fine – But expect to pay a few hundred bucks in fines when all is said and done.

So while it’s still illegal and you don’t wanna mess around, for a first simple possession offense you probably won’t actually end up behind bars.

Getting a Lawyer Helps Big Time

  • Having a good lawyer makes a huge difference in getting a good outcome in NYC weapons cases.
  • They can often get charges reduced or even dismissed.
  • violation charge instead of misdemeanor means no jail time and smaller fines.
  • Lawyers know the system and the DAs. They can work magic.
  • Legal fees will probably cost you $1000-$2000 but it’s worth it.
  • Public defenders are free but super overworked. Go with paid lawyer.

So if you got popped with some brass knuckles in NYC, don’t panic but do call a lawyer ASAP. Getting the charges dropped or reduced is probably gonna be your best move to avoid serious penalties. Stay outta trouble!