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NYC Federal Criminal Lawyers

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The Spodek Law Group is a premier and top rated law firm for handling tough, federal crimes. Virtually everyone knows that federal crimes shouldn’t be taken lightly. Federal crimes typically involve one or more federal agencies, all of whom are working in tandem to investigate you for a federal crime. There are a wide array of offenses that are actively investigated and prosecuted by the Eastern and Southern District of New York.

Federal rules of criminal procedures, and processes, are very different than state courts. We highly recommend you speak to a federal lawyer when you face criminal accusations.

Why you need a NYC federal criminal attorney

The federal government has immense resources to prosecute you. It’s critical you hire a law firm that understands how the government will try to come after you, and how to counteract this – and build a credible defense. Bottom line, at Spodek Law Group, we are federal criminal attorneys who have experience handling TOUGH situations. We conduct a thorough investigation to determine possible defenses, and in order to create possible reasonable doubt in the case against you. Our goal is to get THE BEST outcome for you and your family. It’s imperative that you contact an aggressive federal criminal attorney if you’re being charged with a crime.

Types of Federal Crimes

The U.S. penal code contains lots of information in it, about many different federal crimes. Many of the crimes have to do with allegations of wrongdoing done across state lines. This can cover a lot of different things, such as child pornography sent across state lines, wire fraud, and more.

Examples of offenses related to federal charges include, but are not limited to:

  • drugs
  • financial crimes
  • pornography
  • weapons
  • terrorism
  • kidnapping
  • financial crimes
  • and more

One of the most common federal charges is conspiracy. If you’re accused of acting in tandem with others to commit crimes illegal under federal law, you are likely to face conspiracy charges.

Agencies that might be investigating you

Federal crimes are complicated, and the agencies that are tasked with investigating them are tough. Below are the agencies that might be investigating you, as we speak:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • SEC
  • ICE
  • EPA
  • IRS
  • ATF

Each agency is tasked with enforcing certain laws. People charged with crimes face significant challenges navigating the nature of their alleged crime, and defending themselves. Many federal offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences which mean the accused, if convicted, will face minimum prison time – regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

There are options, if you act quickly. Hiring your own Federal lawyer is one step. The sooner you hire a NYC federal lawyer, the better chances of you getting a positive outcome.

A Federal Investigation: How to Know if You're Under Investigation

A federal investigation is a serious matter that can have significant implications for individuals and organizations. Being under investigation means that you are being closely examined by government agencies for potential wrongdoing. There are several ways to determine if you are the target of a federal investigation and understanding these indicators can help you navigate the situation effectively.

Direct Interaction

If someone from the government comes to your door and starts asking you questions about your behavior, it is a clear indication that you are under investigation. You have the right to ask the officials for more information and it is advisable to seek legal help to protect your rights.

A Search Warrant

Being served with a search warrant is another sign that you are under federal investigation. A search warrant gives authorities the legal right to investigate your home or place of business. If you receive a search warrant, it is important to start planning a legal defense.

The Subpoena

Receiving a subpoena is a specific legal notice that indicates you are under investigation. It is crucial to take this document seriously and seek legal advice to understand your obligations and rights.

The OIG Meeting

For individuals working with government agencies, an OIG meeting can be a clear indication of a federal investigation. The Office of the Inspector General investigates possible misuse of government funds and corruption. If you are requested to attend an OIG meeting, it is likely that you are being targeted by the federal government.

A Target Letter

A target letter is a formal notification from the government that you are under investigation. It typically includes information about the investigation and any potential charges you may face. It is important to respond to the letter appropriately and consider seeking legal representation.

Other Associates

Information about an investigation may also come through your network, such as co-workers or superiors. If you become aware of an investigation, it is crucial to consult with a lawyer to understand the situation and protect your interests.

How Do You Know You’re Under Federal Investigation?

One commonly asked question in the legal fraternity is how one can know that they are under federal investigation. In this article, we shall examine some indications that the feds might be looking into something you are associated with.

Home visit

One of the common ways of knowing that you are under federal investigation is by getting a visit by federal agents in your home. When you hear a knock on your door, and find people who identify as federal agents and would like to talk with you, you are under investigation. In most cases, federal agents will identify themselves before interrogating you. If the agents ask questions about something you could have done or are interested in your personal life, it indicates that they are after an offense that you could have committed.

Search Warrant

This is another standard method through which people can understand whether they are under investigation. If the police show up in your house or your premises with a search warrant, this indicates that they are investigating a matter you might be involved in. If a search warrant is conducted on your premises, you should automatically know that the federal government is following your movements.


For a business organization, a business owner is likely to know that the business is under investigation when a subpoena is presented by a federal agency, requiring the company to supply business records. Although a business owner might be a different entity from the company, in one way or another, you will be compelled to reply to the subpoena as the owner of that business.

OIG Meeting

For federal employees, a common way to know they are under federal investigation is by communication from the Office of Inspector General. In most cases, agents from the office of the inspector general represent themselves in the workplace of the federal employee and say that they are conducting an investigation and would like to hear from the accused. In some places, the agents will require you to accompany them to the office, where they will interrogate you.

Target Letter

When a federal prosecutor sends a letter little to a person informing them that they are a target for investigation, that letter is known as a target letter. In most cases, the letter will request the accused to see the prosecutor for interrogation. In such cases, it is prudent to consider whether you should present yourself alone or seek the services of a lawyer.

Word on the Street

It is common for people to know that they are under investigation by a federal agency through the word on the street. Sometimes you might come across information that you are under investigation by the federal agency and decide to inform you. Hearing an inquiry on your conduct is happening gives you an advantage of knowing in advance what is not yet revealed to you, and you can take necessary measures to avoid getting into anything considered illegal.

The Federal Investigation Process

The federal investigation marks the beginning of a federal criminal justice process. In this step, federal agents are piecing together information that could help them conclude whether there has been a violation of federal law. Federal investigations aim to come up with three conclusions: determining whether a federal crime was committed, identifying the responsible party, and gathering evidence to support the charges.

The main actors in federal investigations are the agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). They are responsible for gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Federal agents work closely with federal prosecutors to build a comprehensive case. Prosecutors guide the agents in obtaining subpoenas or search warrants when necessary and determine if there is enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.