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Facing Federal Fraud Charges? Here’s What You Need to Know in NYC

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Last Updated on: 15th December 2023, 06:52 pm

Facing Federal Fraud Charges? Here’s What You Need to Know in NYC

Getting charged with fraud can be scary. Believe me, I know. I’ve helped a lot of good people who made some mistakes and got caught up in the system. This article will walk you through what to expect if you’re facing federal fraud charges in New York City.

The Charges

There’s a wide range of potential fraud-related charges – from identity theft to check scams to securities fraud (think Sam Bankman-Fried). The feds don’t mess around. They’ll hit you with multiple serious felony charges all at once.

Expect charges like wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy – the list goes on. And the potential prison time is no joke…I’ve seen people facing up to 25 years. It’s intense.

The Evidence

The feds have crazy resources to investigate financial crimes these days. They dig deep and get very technical. Expect them to have phone records, financial statements, witness testimony – anything that could point to fraud.

And they don’t need a smoking gun to charge you. Even if you think you covered your tracks, they can piece together circumstantial evidence to build a case. It’s tricky.

The Defenses

There are defenses that can work, even when the evidence looks bad. For example, you may be able to argue you had a good faith belief that what you were doing was legal. Or attack the reliability of a key witness. It takes some creativity and guts!

In some cases, you may be able to get the charges thrown out pre-trial if there are legal issues with how the case came together. But you need an experienced federal fraud lawyer to identify those issues.

The Plea Deal Option

Even if you have a strong defense, the feds will almost always offer a plea deal too. This involves pleading guilty in exchange for reduced charges or a lighter sentence. Not what you want to hear, I know…but sometimes it’s the pragmatic move.

Over 90% of federal cases end in plea deals. The risks of losing at trial are high, and the sentences are longer. It’s just reality. But don’t panic – make sure you understand all your options first.

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The Trial

If you do decide to take your case to trial, buckle up. Federal prosecutors have insane conviction rates. In New York’s Southern District, it’s over 95% – yes, 95%!

But even then, the case isn’t hopeless. OJ and other high-profile defendants have beat the feds. It comes down to the strength of your defense…and a little luck doesn’t hurt either 😉

The Sentence

If convicted, federal fraud sentences are defined by something called the Sentencing Guidelines. This complex formula determines your “offense level” and sentence range.

The dollar amount in your fraud case is a huge factor. Over $1M? You’re looking at around 8-25 years if convicted. Even “smaller” frauds still bring years in federal prison and massive fines. It’s life-changing stuff.

The Prison

Federal prison is no walk in the park, but not as violent as state prisons. There’s lots of rules, roommates, bad food – you know, normal prison stuff. The good news is they have education programs and opportunities to shave time off for good behavior.

Some minimum security federal camps even let you go home on weekends! But first you’ve gotta get through at least 85% of your sentence. Time moves slower on the inside, take my word for it.

How My Firm Can Help

I know this sounds scary and serious. It is. But having an experienced federal fraud defense lawyer by your side makes a huge difference.

My firm knows all the prosecutors and judges. We’ve handled 100’s of complex fraud cases over the past 20 years. We know how to analyze the evidence, identify technical loopholes, negotiate with the feds, and craft a narrative that resonates with juries.

If you or a loved one is under investigation or already charged, reach out today. The first consultation is free and confidential. There’s no obligation. Let’s just talk and start building your defense strategy.

You have rights. And there just may be hope. Don’t go through this alone.