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Defending Against Federal Bribery and Corruption Charges in NYC

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Defending Against Federal Bribery and Corruption Charges in NYC

Being charged with bribery or corruption at the federal level is extremely serious, but that doesn’t mean you’re without hope. There are skilled defense attorneys in NYC who know how to defend against these types of allegations. Don’t panic – read on to learn more about the charges, potential defenses, and finding the right lawyer for your case.

Federal Bribery Laws

There are a few main federal bribery and corruption laws defendants face charges under in New York City:

  • Bribery of public officials – 18 U.S.C. § 201
  • Bribery in programs receiving federal funds – 18 U.S.C. § 666
  • Honest services fraud – 18 U.S.C. § 1346
  • Travel Act – 18 U.S.C. § 1952

The Bribery of public officials law makes it illegal to bribe a federal, public official or employee. Bribery includes offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting anything of value in order to influence an official act or decision.

Bribery in programs receiving federal funds criminalizes bribing organizations or individuals in programs that get over $10,000 in federal funding annually. This includes bribes related to contracts, property, loans and more.

Honest services fraud is when someone defrauds citizens of the right to honest services through bribes or kickbacks. This law is used broadly in corruption cases.

The Travel Act bans the use of U.S. mail or interstate/foreign travel for certain crimes, including bribery.

Potential Defenses

Fighting federal bribery and corruption charges starts with understanding the potential defenses. Here are some options experienced attorneys may pursue:

  • You didn’t realize it was a bribe – For bribery, prosecutors must prove you offered or accepted something of value with corrupt intent. Your lawyer may argue you had no intent or didn’t think there was anything wrong with the exchange.
  • The action wasn’t “official” – For bribing a public official, the act must be linked to an official duty. Your attorney can argue your actions didn’t relate to the person’s official role.
  • You didn’t defraud “honest services” – Prosecutors must prove you deprived someone of “honest services” they were owed. A lawyer may claim the services weren’t dishonest.
  • There’s insufficient evidence – Without solid proof like documents, recordings, etc., prosecutors may lack evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
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An experienced attorney will carefully examine the facts of your case to determine the best defense strategies. Don’t hesitate to ask them tough questions.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Federal Corruption Case

Facing federal bribery and corruption charges isn’t something you should handle alone. The stakes are high, so it’s critical to have an experienced attorney on your side. Here are tips for finding the right lawyer in NYC:

  • Look for someone with extensive experience in federal white collar criminal defense. These cases are complex.
  • Find an attorney familiar with bribery and corruption laws like the ones you’re charged under.
  • Ask about their track record with similar charges. Have they taken cases like yours to trial before?
  • Make sure they have experience arguing federal cases in New York courts.
  • Personality fit matters too. You’ll be working closely together under stress.

Don’t just Google “NYC bribery defense lawyer” and pick the first result. Vet attorneys thoroughly and don’t rush the decision. This is your future on the line. Once you’ve found the right lawyer, they can start examining the prosecution’s case and building your defense strategy.

The Bottom Line

Being indicted for federal corruption charges feels overwhelming but try to stay calm. An experienced attorney can help avoid panic and build the strongest possible defense. Focus on finding the right lawyer – someone who knows these laws inside out and has a proven track record. With an aggressive defense, even federal bribery allegations can be beat.

Good luck and don’t lose hope! There are absolutely ways to fight these charges in court. The key is having the right legal fighter in your corner.


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