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NYC / Long Island Anabolic Steroids Drug Crimes Lawyers

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Last Updated on: 29th August 2023, 06:27 pm

The last ten years have shown an increase in intolerance for illegal drug use. Law enforcement and the government officials are making a stand. When you mention illegal drugs, most people think of cocaine, LSD, marijuana, and heroin. However, anabolic steroids and prescription drugs are just as much of a problem. In the state of New York, it is prohibited to use or distribute these controlled substances. Anyone who is found guilty of this crime can go to prison and be required to pay substantial fines. Breaking the NYC drug laws is a serious matter.

There are harsh consequences associated with drug crimes. Anyone who is arrested and charged with breaking the law needs to take the issue seriously. A drug offense comes with a lifetime criminal record, and it can cause a loss of assets. It may prohibit your ability to get or keep an excellent job. The life-changing consequences should be taken seriously. It is imperative that you discuss your drug case with an experienced attorney. When your career and livelihood are on the line, you need the protection of a lawyer.

Classifications of Drug Crimes

There are two basic categories that you can be charged with when it comes to drugs. Possession of a controlled substance is the first category. When you have drugs on your person, it can be anything from an ounce to pounds. Possession means that you have drugs. However, if you have massive quantities, then they can also add a charge of drugs with the intent to traffic. No single person would have massive amounts of steroids on them. The officials would see this as the intent to sell to another party. So depending on the amount found, it can be charged as possession alone or possession with the intent to traffic.

Many things fall under the classification of trafficking. Law enforcement automatically assumes that you will intend to sell them for a profit. However, they may surmise that you will transport or smuggle them too. This is especially true in cases where they find copious amounts. When a raid occurs, and the police find a manufacturing center, another charge is added to the mix. We often hear about meth labs being set up all over the city, but meth is not the only drug that is generated from home. Making any illegal drug for personal use or sale is considered running a manufacturing business. Lastly, cultivation is another charge that can be placed in drug crimes. Though it is often not associated with steroids, it is mostly linked to those that are growing illegal plants to manufacture drugs. An example would be cannabis.

Even possessing a small amount of an illegal substance can end with charges of a felony offense. There are harsh penalties associated with these crimes. You can go to prison and be required to pay a great deal of money. They are making punishments harder when it comes to drug-related crimes because they want to set a precedence. When it comes to such a serious matter, you need a trained professional helping. The experience of a criminal defense team can assist you through this challenging time. We will examine every aspect of your case to prepare a proper defense. In many cases, we can have the matter pled down to a lesser charge.

The Punishments of Drug Crimes

As an NYC drug crime lawyer, we know how seriously the law takes these matters. Negating the judicial systems can be difficult. If your charge includes sales to minors, then you may find yourself facing more severe punishments. It is hard to separate the state and federal laws due to much overlapping, which is why you need a strong legal team working with you. Think you do not need a lawyer because you are only facing misdemeanor charges? Even a minor misdemeanor can land you in jail for up to a year. If you are charged with a felony, you can go to prison for more than a year.

Any drug charge, even involving steroids, is a significant issue. Never give a statement to the police until you have spoken with a lawyer. If you or someone you love is facing charges related to illegal possession of steroids, then you need to call our team to help. Without a firm defense, you could end up in jail or worse yet, prison.