Best New Orleans Criminal Lawyers

When police and prosecutors have charged you with any crime, it is a situation you should take seriously. Despite what you may have seen on television shows or in movies, things don’t always take a turn at the very end that allows a defendant to walk away with their freedom. Therefore, if you sit back and simply assume all will be fine, you should probably start making your reservations for a jail or prison cell. Rather than let your life be forever changed by a criminal conviction, you should immediately hire a criminal defense attorney to not only protect your legal rights, but also make sure the outcome of your case is as favorable as possible.

Advice During Questioning
Once police charge you with a crime, they are always more than eager to get you talking without the presence of an attorney. When you are read your Miranda rights upon being arrested, always pay close attention to the part that states you are allowed to have an attorney present during any questioning. While many people don’t pay attention to what is included in their Miranda rights, that is a mistake you should never make in this situation. By having your attorney present during questioning, they can advise you as to which questions should or should not be answered, how to answer certain questions, and ensure police or prosecutors do not coerce you into saying something that will be used against you and severely damage your case.

Making a Deal
Initially after your arrest, do not be surprised if police and others try to intimidate you into making a confession by threatening you with long prison sentences and other severe penalties. However, you should always remember that in many criminal cases, it is very possible to get charges reduced or even dropped, depending upon the evidence police and prosecutors have regarding the alleged crime. But to get such a deal made, you won’t do this on your own. Instead, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney who not only knows how cases such as yours typically play out in court, but also knows the local police and prosecutors and how willing they are to negotiate deals in criminal cases. If you hire a criminal attorney who has a well-established reputation for fighting hard for their clients, police and prosecutors are typically much more willing to strike a deal rather than risk letting the case go to trial.

Objective Legal Advice
When you are charged with a crime and facing the possibility of serving many years in prison, you may not be thinking clearly due to all the stress associated with your situation. Because of this, it will be hard for you to think clearly and know the best way to move forward in the legal process. By having a skilled criminal attorney handling your case, they can not only listen to your concerns about what may happen, but also provide you with objective legal advice as to the various possibilities that may result along the way. In being able to explain your case in easy-to-understand terms, your attorney can give you peace of mind and assurance that your case can be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

Examining the Evidence
When charges are initially brought against you by prosecutors, they will always claim to have overwhelming evidence to put you in prison for many years. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many situations have prosecutors in possession of evidence that is often circumstantial at best, and in no way is enough to guarantee a conviction. However, by letting you think otherwise, prosecutors can be successful in getting you to confess and say whatever you think will help you stay out of prison. Yet when you hire a knowledgeable criminal attorney, they can begin examining the evidence pertaining to your case and point out various discrepancies that can weaken the prosecution’s case against you. In addition, they can use expert witnesses on your case who can examine the evidence, report their findings, and even testify in court on your behalf if necessary.

Building a Solid Case
If you make the mistake of hiring an attorney who does not regularly handle criminal cases, chances are the legal strategy they use for your case will be not strong enough to keep you from being convicted by the court. Therefore, you should always hire a criminal attorney who understands what it takes to build a solid case to use against the prosecution. Since your attorney is likely very familiar with the prosecutors who will be arguing for your conviction, they will know the prosecution’s weaknesses and be able to exploit them as much as possible to help you win your case.

Their Reputation is at Stake
Unfortunately, many people who are arrested on criminal charges simply allow the court to appoint a public defender to handle their case. Since these attorneys are often overwhelmed with large caseloads, you will just be another face in the crowd to them. As a result, their only advice to you will probably be to plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court. However, an experienced criminal attorney won’t do this. Instead, they will know their reputation is at stake with each client they serve, and thus will be far more motivated to fight for and protect your rights from start to finish.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, always make sure you hire a criminal attorney as quickly as possible to handle your case. By doing so, you’ll be given expert legal advice from the very beginning of your legal ordeal, which will give you the peace of mind you deserve.