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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer: Choosing the Right Attorney to Fight Your Case

When you are charged with a federal crime or under investigation, the choice of your attorney can impact your future. The penalties of being convicted in a federal court are harsh, including serving time in prison, paying fines, and losing many privileges such as voting rights and professional licenses even after serving time. Therefore, it is crucial to do everything possible to avoid conviction of a federal crime. If the evidence against you is overwhelming, having a lawyer who knows how to work the federal court system can help to minimize your punishment.

Defending yourself against federal charges requires an experienced attorney who knows how to fight federal cases. Just like you wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for knee problems, choosing a federal criminal defense lawyer who specializes in your specific charge is important. At Spodek Law Group, our criminal attorneys have vast experience defending clients against various types of charges in Federal Court.

Types of Federal Crimes Defended by Spodek Law Group

Before hiring an attorney to defend you in a federal court, ensure that they have experience fighting the charge you face. At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys have demonstrated success defending clients against various federal crimes like those discussed below:

Federal Drug Crimes

One distinction between state-level drug charges and Federal drug charges is that transportation or sale of drugs across state lines characterizes Federal drug charges. Such crimes carry stiff sentences and may come with mandatory minimums of long-term imprisonment or life sentences. Typically based on somewhat arbitrary drug quantity thresholds, these convictions could lead to consequences that affect the rest of your life from social interactions to professional licenses.

At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys know how to fight and win a Federal drug case if there’s overwhelming incriminating evidence.

Federal Sex Crime Charges

A conviction for sex crimes at any level can ruin your life beyond serving a prison sentence and paying fines. It restricts where you live, occupational opportunities, and your ability to interact with children around you. While they share similarities with state-level sex crimes, Federal sex crimes result from the transportation of minors across state lines for sexual purposes or other related usage of technology.

If the federal authorities investigate you for or charge you with such crimes, engaging a criminal lawyer from Spodek Law Group may help preserve your reputation and freedom.

Tax Evasion

Anyone can end up in trouble by willfully evading federal taxes, immediately attracting the attention of federal authorities. Fortunately, it is never too early to consult an attorney about your case, even when investigations are ongoing, with no formal charges yet filed. A tax evasion charge can be disputed by an experienced attorney from Spodek Law Group, guaranteeing favorable settling terms between you and the IRS.

Identity Theft Charges

Federal courts define identity theft broadly, extending beyond just the illegal assumption of a person’s identity for financial gain. Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act in 1998 to make identity theft a Federal crime. Consequently, such charges necessitate scrutiny by attorneys well-versed in identity theft cases to guide them towards the best possible outcome.

At Spodek Law Group, we know how to defend against Identity Theft charges prevalent in Federal Court while protecting your rights.

White Collar Crimes

Racketeering, insider trading, and money laundering are examples of white-collar crimes that could lead to federal offenses once classified into a particular grouping within the frameworks of specific guidelines. A conviction for any crime belonging to this category can harm or ruin careers beyond repairing the damage done — talking to an experienced lawyer like those at Spodek Law Group becomes imperative to defend yourself appropriately.

Hiring a Federal Criminal Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer to fight federal charges is a decision vital enough to influence the rest of your life. As shown above, criminal charges often come with unfavorable consequences regarding social and occupational interactions continuing long after serving sentences or paying hefty fines.

Tips on Selecting the Best Attorney for Your Case

The following tips will help you make an informed choice when selecting a litigator for your Federal case:

  • Thoroughly Screen Potential Litigators: It’s essential always to pose tough questions to attorneys during consultations. An attorney who gets flustered does not bode well for potential trial performance. Consultations should help them clarify how they can defend you.
  • Hire Early: Federal investigations take time and may not result in formal charges immediately making earlier engagements with attorneys imperative for investigating claims sustainability.
  • Fully Entrust Your Litigator With Your Case: It’s easier to be tempted to exert control on your case once litigation begins, but trust that your chosen attorney has what it takes to defend you adequately.

If you are facing Federal charges or are under investigation, get in touch with Spodek Law Group today to schedule consultations where any questions regarding your case will be answered.