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Covered by New York Times, and other outlets. Fake heiress accused of conning the city’s wealthy, and has an HBO special being made about her.

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People Vs. Genevieve Sabourin

Accused of stalking Alec Baldwin. The case garnered nationwide attention, with USAToday, NYPost, and other media outlets following it closely.

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Juror who prompted calls for new Ghislaine Maxwell trial turns to lawyer who defended Anna Sorokin.

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In 2022, Netflix released a series about one of Todd’s clients: Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin.

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Best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

By Spodek Law Group | August 6, 2023
(Last Updated On: August 6, 2023)

We are different from other family law firms. Our attorneys make sure that they oversee all of the aspects of your case. You won’t have to worry about inexperienced staff members handling your case. We aim to make sure that everyone has the best representation possible.

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

The Spodek Law Group is a premier, divorce law firm, with an emphasis on positive outcomes for their clients. Todd Spodek has a reputation for handling tough cases, and getting the best possible outcome. His cases have captured the media spotlight. His experience handling tough and difficult to win cases has distinguished him from his peers all over the country. Our goal as your divorce law firm is to help you get through this difficult time in your life – with as much customer service, honesty, and efficiency as possible. We constantly share our experience and expertise with you – so you can make the best possible decision for your family.

What are grounds for divorce in California?

California has drastically simplified the divorce process by establishing two legal grounds for divorce:

Irreconcilable differences, which have caused a breakdown in the marriage
Permanent incapacity to make decisions

Bottom line, these are two general and vague concepts which divorce lawyers in Los Angeles can use as basis for a divorce. This is sometimes called a no-fault divorce. Whether we’re talking about contested, or uncontested divorces, these are grounds which can be used to grant an order of divorce. In some states, adultery and other grounds still exist for divorce. California has decided that its best that the reason for divorce is not in contest — and that the state simply accept that the divorce is happening, and instead the state should focus on more important matters like property, assets, and children. In California/Los Angeles, fault is not considered in property division and alimony. Some states award a greater amount of alimony to a spouse who has been wronged as a result of adultery. As your Los Angeles divorce lawyer will tell you, this approach is not followed in California. The only factors that weigh into alimony and property division are financial issues. Spouses don’t get punished by the court for adultery.

In California, a divorce can be offered for irreconcilable differences. It essentially means, circumstances that a judge determines have ended the marriage. It can be virtually anything from a disagreement that spouses cannot resolve, to adultery, or abuse.

In some instances, California laws will let your Los Angeles divorce lawyer offer a divorce if there’s a permanent legal incapacity to make decisions. It means the doctor has determined that your spouse is incapable of making decisions. This can be the result of illness, psychological disorder, or injury.

Are there rules that my spouse and I must follow during the divorce process?

Even though divorce is common in the USA, the process will vary. Short term marriages without children or property, can result in a less complex and time consuming divorce than marriages which are long term marriage. For example, divorce couples who have child custody, property division, debt, and spousal support, will have a less stressful divorce than couples who agree/refuse to work together on the divorce proceedings.

The first step is filing the divorce petition. Regardless of whether both spouses agree to it or not, one spouse can file a legal petition to ask the court to terminate the marriage. The spouse who files the petition has to include some preliminary information, such as:

statement which tells the court that at least one of the spouses meets the state’s residency requirements for divorce
legal reason for the divorce
any other statutory info that the state requires

Residency requirement vary, depending on where you live. States require that at least one spouse live in the state anywhere from 3 months to 12 months. Divorcing spouses have to meet the state’s residency requirements before the court is allowed to legally accept the divorce case. Bottom line, your divorce attorney can help you.

Grounds for divorce will vary from one state to the next. Many states offer a no-fault divorce.

Can I get a legal separation or an annulment instead of a divorce?

If you’re unhappy about being married, but don’t want to get divorced, whether for legal reasons, or religious reasons, there might be alternative methods. Depending on your situation, an annulment or separation could be better.

Annulment: This is different from a divorce. While both end a marriage, the two do not accomplish the dissolution of the marriage in quite the same way. Divorce legally ends the marriage, but it recognizes the existence of the marriage. An annulment has the effect of erasing the marriage. An annulment can only be granted on legal or religious grounds. Generally, states only grant an annulment in certain situations. One reason, is to prevent couples from going around the divorce laws – because these laws were meant to protect spouses. There are grounds for annulment. In an annulment, there generally has to be someone whose at fault. For example, a reason for annulment can be fraud or misrepresentation. You cannot get one, just because your husband/wife has a drinking problem and goes to the liquor store too often, and needs a hangover cure. In oder to get an annulment on this basis, one of the parties has to have lied about something material, such as whether they were married to someone else already. The lie has to be significant. Fo example, it must be something you should have known about – and if you had known this information, you would not have agreed to marry the spouse.

Another basis for annulment can be concealment. This involves hiding material information, instead of lying about it. Concealment is when someone discloses to fail something about themselves that is major. One example is having a criminal record.

How do I file for divorce?

There are a few ways to handle divorce in Los Angeles. If you’re representing yourself in a divorce, you’ll need to complete standard forms to begin the process. You can find these forms on the California Courts website online. The Courts website provides instructions on every single form. Typically, it’s a good idea to review the free information provided as you work your way through the divorce process in Los Angeles. Each of the courts use the same basic divorce forms, but some people might have to complete other forms depending on where they live. California has a lot of self-help centers throughout the state. If you have questions on which form to use, you can visit one of the self-help centers, or talk with a court clerk. The Los Angeles superior court website is a is a great website where you can find info.

How can I get information from my spouse about our property and finances?

It’s unfortunate, but often spouses attempt to hide assets before, or during, a divorce, in order to avoid splitting them with their spouse. However, spouses in all states have legal tools available, to help them “discover” hidden income and assets. For example, if a Phoenix personal injury lawyer helped your spouse get a personal injury settlement, this could be part of your joint finances. The first step in dividing assets during a divorce is painting a financial picture of all the assets owned by each spouse. You should have an idea of what assets you have, and categorize them as marital assets and separate assets, and tell your  divorce attorney about it. Using the “discovery,” legal process, you can discover assets that the other spouse has. If your spouse handled all the bookkeeping of the assets during the marriage, and you played no part in finances, then you are an “out-spouse.” It means you have no access to, or knowledge of, your financial information – but your spouse does. If you’re the “out-spouse,” then your first course of action is to ask your spouse for copies of all the financial records. If your spouse is willing to produce and gather documents, then this process won’t be too painful. This is rarely the case. With online access to everything nowadays, it’s easy to get accounting records. Many spouses refuse to provide info because they’re hiding assets. Finding hidden assets can be challenging. The process of finding assets, when your spouse isn’t voluntarily disclosing them, is known as the discovery process. This provides you with methods to get information.

Document Demands: Your attorney can ask your spouse to produce information and documents, like tax returns, financial statements, etc.

Interrogatories: Your spouse must answer questions in writing, or admit specific remarks.

Inspection demands: You can ask to inspect property.

Testimony under oath: You, and your spouse, and lawyers, will appear before a court reporter. Your spouse is sworn, under oath, and must tell the truth, and is asked questions by your attorney.

Bottom line, the discovery process is an invaluable way of getting information from your uncooperative spouse, because the court has the power to compel the spouse. If your spouse fails to produce documents, the judge can order your spouse to do so. If your spouse disobeys this order, then the judge will punish the spouse by imposing a sanction, such as a fine, or judgement.

Breaking Down the Brick Walls: Dividing Property in a Divorce

So you’re getting divorced. There are plenty of hurdles ahead, my friend, not least dividing all your joint stuff. With the Spodek Law Group at your side, you’re in good hands but let’s dive deeper. All your possessions and debt – doesn’t matter who bought that quirky toaster or ran up the credit card bill – have to be split between you two before you can say, “Arrivederci, darling”.

Now, you’ve got two choices to make. Either you hammer out who gets what (including that toaster, sorry folks…) together like mature adults or let the court – aka the impartial aunt in your family spats – do it for ya. And if you hang your hat in a community property state (such as California), the court’s gonna split everything right down the middle. Have something special that’s yours? Then let’s request the court to give it back to you, just like asking for your favorite record back from that ex.

Your Fast Track Passport to Divorce: Making it Quicker and Cheaper

I get it, you want to finalize your divorce pronto, with minimal damage to your bank balance. There are a few hurdles, such as picking the wrong divorce attorney in Los Angeles. Mick Jagger aptly sang, “You can’t always get what you want.” But, my friend, with the right support, you can try and circumvent most delays. Here’s how:

Don’t Go Overboard with Child Custody: See, outrageous custody demands are just like adding fuel to an already raging fire. Be sensible and spare yourself the headaches. Inflaming your soon-to-be ex could open Pandora’s box, and trust me, you don’t want that.

Bid Adieu to Waiting Periods: In some places, like the good ol’USA, (you can check here the details for each state) couples can ask the court nicely to skip the waiting period, especially if your divorce is uncontested.

Move Swiftly: When you see the signs of a breakup, act fast. Get your docs sorted, line them up neatly and have a chit-chat with a lawyer ahead of time to figure out what you need.

Play Nice: Cooperating with your partner speeds things up. Don’t worry, cooperation doesn’t make you a sacrificial lamb. It just means ticking off the right checkboxes, Furnishing required information and being proactive.

Consider Mediation: Divorce isn’t a battlefield. If there might be issues, why not try divorce mediation? Court battles can stretch on for what feels like eternity. An attorney switched onto mediation, like Todd Spodek, can smooth out the bumps in the road early on, saving you precious time. Historical data (here’s some, check it out) highlights that this could prune your legal bills.

Spousal Support and Alimony: Are They Different?

Getting divorced, my friend, throws a lot at you almost simultaneously. It’s like a tennis match with multiple balls – child custody, property division, alimony, and that can’t-be-ignored one, spousal support. Many folks muddle up spousal support and alimony. Well, they’re the same critter with different labels.

Alimony, a term as old as the hills, ensures the economical spouse in the duo maintains their soon-to-be-ex partner’s lifestyle after their union hits the rocks. Dressed in gender-neutral garb, we call it “spousal support.” Typically, the bigger breadwinner shoulders this responsibility, but how much and for how long the golden goose lays its eggs varies from state to state. It’s up to the judge donning the sheriff’s badge in the wild west of divorce proceedings. Here’s a quick rundown of the major types of spousal support:

Temporary Spousal Support

It’s a regular payment, like paying for a newspaper subscription, made during divorcing turbulent times. It stops when the dust settles.

Spodek’s Insider Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for the divorce papers seal before you stop payments.

Permanent Spousal Support

Misleadingly named, it’s a long-term commitment, not a forever deal. The financially secure spouse helps the other in maintaining their marital lifestyle. A judge can still set the clock ticking on this arrangement.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Designed for the spouse who rolled back their work hours or stopped working entirely, often to nurture munchkins at home. The judge might set a get-back-on-track timeline for the spouse to resume work.

High Net Worth Divorce Cases: The Big Differences

If your account makes Scrooge McDuck’s vault look like a piggy bank, you’re in for more complex and challenging divorce proceedings. A high-value breakup makes a maze out of custody battles and the dividing of the assets.

Finding Hidden Assets

The first hurdle in a high net worth case is identifying the assets and whether they’re marital. Now, sometimes, folks play hide and seek with the assets. Why? Well, they stand to gain big. They might swap asset titles like clothes, wear down a business’s worth, or bid adieu to personal property before the divorce.

But don’t fret, attorneys excel at this game of hide and seek. Subpoenas can be thrown, interrogation requests crafted, all in the name of tracking down those elusive assets. And if you’re caught trying to conceal cash or property, you have a steep hill to climb, my friend.

Child Support

In high-income situations, traditional rules for child support are a no-go. Courts might stand by the standard income percentages for child support. But these deep-pocketed judges also have the authority to steer away from these norms and set an unexpected amount. Point is, the court decides when the child’s needs are well and truly met. While children should benefit from a prosperous parent, a flat percentage of the parent’s income crossing into unreasonable territory isn’t going to fly.

You and your fellow parenting buddy must make strong arguments for an appropriate amount. Crunch the numbers on the children’s expenses with your attorney – special needs, reasonable hobbies, even private school attendance might be justified. The parent’s luxurious lifestyle might also tip the scales in your favor.

Division of Assets and Alimony

Equitable, that’s the keyword in asset division during a divorce. In high-stake cases, alimony might be part of the equation. It could be for someone who needs time to get back into the workforce saddle, has a no-return stamp in hand, or is looking for their golden goose till the papers dry.

Courts need just the right evidence to make sound decisions in a high net worth divorce case. Both sides need to strut their stuff and present the solid evidence. This is like preparing a big Sunday dinner: take time, get methodically involved, and serve an organized case. Can I get you a side of Todd Spodek to assist?

So, you’re getting a divorce and you’re worried about your retirement plans?

Look, divorces can be rough, real rough. It’s not just about splitting the old photo albums, sometimes it’s also about dealing with custody, child support, visitation rights – the whole package. And even when there’s no waterworks from the li’l ones, splitting property and assets like retirement funds or 401(k) plans can be a real head-scratcher. That’s where Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group step in – to smooth things out and give you a helping hand.

“How’s my stuff gonna go when we break up?”

That’s an excellent question. Believe it or not, divorce laws differ state-to-state, so the way things are split varies depending on your hood. A bunch of states follow the equitable distribution model – a fancy term for the judge deciding how to split things up. This doesn’t mean your assets end up being divided 50-50, that’s not typically the case.

There’ll be some states hoarding to community property principles. Here, you and your ex-equal share all assets, property and debts, literally calling it quits!

But, the cherry on top of all this is that every state allows you guys to come up with your own divorce agreement. It takes precedence over everything else. You know what that means? It means if you two can come up with a good ol’ agreement on how to split the gold, including retirement funds, you’re in the clear.

What about my 401(k) and retirement plans?

Couples often sort this out in mediation rather than letting the court decide – and it makes sense, especially when you’ve got retirement funds at stake. You see, splitting a 401(k) or other retirement plan is often costly and who needs more expenses, right?

Look, everyone knows going dutch on retirement funds can be a pain. A better strategy is to negotiate a deal where you offset your retirement funds with other assets. It’s like playing poker – you’re still gunning for the same pot, just playing different cards. Maybe you exchange some stocks or liquidate a bank account – the goal is to keep your retirement savings to yourself.

In the end, divorce is like marriage, it’s all about compromise. And yeah, it requires a whizz to navigate all these tricky waters. You don’t only need a divorce attorney, you need the best. You need Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group. We promise to help you get through this tough time – no matter how complicated it might seem.

*Disclaimer: This advice doesn’t replace a consultation with a professional. Always seek independent legal advice.

Will An Annulment Alter His Parental Rights?

When a couple gets an annulment, it means the marriage is terminated because it was not valid. Couples can petition the court to terminate a marriage this way under several circumstances. Below is an overview of the law in these cases and how it affects parental rights.

Reasons For An Annulment

When one party requests an annulment, there must be a legal reason for the court to consider granting it. The premise behind an annulment is that the marriage was not valid to begin with, so it should be terminated. The court may grant an annulment under the following circumstances:


When one party is already legally married to another person.


If one party was under the age of 18, the marriage may be annulled.


When the people in the marriage are related by blood.


When one person was deceived in some way at the time the marriage occurred.


When the marriage occurred when one person was incapacitated and could not consummate the marriage. An annulment may also be granted if one party lacked the mental capacity t make sound decisions at the time of the marriage.


One party was forced into marriage against their will.

How An Annulment Affects Parental Rights

When an annulment is granted, the court must consider the best interest of the children involved when determining parental rights. If the child has a good relationship with the father, the court may not alter paternal rights. This decision is evaluated on a case by case basis and is made at the discretion of the family court judge.

Giving Up Parental Rights Voluntarily

In some cases, the father may voluntarily give up his parental rights. He may not want to be a part of the child’s life or may feel it is in the child’s best interest if he is not involved in his upbringing. Some courts may order a father who gives up his parental rights to pay a lump sum for child support. This is a one time payment that excuses him from future payments and involvement in the child’s life.

Proving Paternity

When a marriage is annulled and the paternity of the child is in question, a DNA test may be ordered by the court. If the DNA test proves he is the father of the child, he may be granted the right to be involved in the child’s life. However, exceptions are made if the father is not suitable or is a danger to the welfare of the child. It is the job of the family court to always put the needs of the child first, no matter what the situation is between the parents.

There is a time period in which a couple can file for an annulment. In most states, the statute of limitations is based on the reason for the annulment and it may vary from state-to-state. If you are unsure if you are eligible to file for an annulment, contact a family law attorney for advice before filing any paperwork with the county court.

If you are seeking an annulment, you may benefit from speaking with an attorney experienced in family law. During a consultation, an attorney will review the reason for the request and advise you if an annulment is the best course of action. A attorney can also advise you regarding the fathers parental rights. Having an attorney to represent your interests in the dissolution of your marriage can make the legal process easier.

Divorce or Legal Separation Self-Help – Los Angeles Superior Court
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Family Law Facilitator Information – Los Angeles Superior Court
Filing Court Locator – Los Angeles Superior Court
Divorce and Family Law Glossary – Los Angeles Superior Court
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Tools to Help Navigate Divorce: An Overview

By considering these options, you can navigate the divorce process with Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek’s help, minimize costs, and maintain control over the outcome of your divorce. Remember, divorce is emotionally charged, and the decisions you make will impact your life and the lives of your loved ones. With the right tools and the right team on your side, you can move forward with confidence.

Spodek Law Group: Providing Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Divorce Matters

Hear me out, my friend. Navigating your way through a divorce is no stroll in the park – believe me when I say that. Given the emotional turmoil coupled with the stress of legalities, it’s essential to have a skilled and experienced legal powerhouse behind you–Todd Spodek of the Spodek Law Group is exactly that.

Got High Net Worth? We’ve got you covered

Imagine you have a comfortable pile of assets and it’s an all-out brawl to decide who gets what. Well, that’s a common scenario in high net worth divorce cases. Todd and his team are seasoned veterans in handling such complex situations. They can dissect your situation like a skilled surgeon and ensure that your financial interests are protected.

Contested divorce? Don’t sweat it!

Tell me, have you ever hit a wall while dealing with contested divorces? Well, trust me, those can be one messy business – plenty of stress and emotional roller-coasters. Remember, the best antidote to resolve this chaos lies in alternative dispute resolution methods. Todd and his team are adept negotiators and they’ll go to the mat for you.

Lights, Camera, Divorce?

Even for celebrities, divorce is something to keep out of the limelight. Don’t fret! Todd and his team can handle your case with the utmost care and discretion. Think of them as your personal guardian angels who’ll pull all the strings to ensure the details of your divorce remains confidential.

Demystifying LGBT Divorce

In cases of LGBT divorce, you’ll encounter unique legal issues especially when kids are involved. But keep your cool, my friend! The Spodek Law Group, armed with its persistent commitment and progressive attitude, will make sure to fight for your rights and interests.

For heroes in uniform

Military service can put unique spins on divorce proceedings – issues about where to file divorce papers, military benefits distribution etc. But breathe easy! Todd and his team have been dealing with military divorces for more than 50 years. They’re pro’s at finding the best possible resolutions for you.

Uncontested divorce? You might still need a bit of help

Suppose you and your spouse have hammered out the terms of your divorce. That’s an uncontested divorce. A word of advice? You’d still want a seasoned attorney like Todd to review all the paperwork for you. Why, you ask? To make absolutely sure that the agreement is just fair and your rights are safeguarded.

And when it comes to splitting up…

Wouldn’t you want somebody to help you decide which assets you want to keep and which to part with? The Spodek Law Group can guide you through this process by working closely with respected auditors, and financial experts to give a clear-eyed view of your assets.

Alimony Troubles?

As you know, alimony or spousal support after a divorce can be quite a headache. Our mission is simple- to craft an iron-clad argument supporting your stance on spousal support. The team will work around the clock to make sure your financial needs are addressed.

Kids Involved? Fighting for them

When kids are drawn into the whirlpool of divorce, it can become a more intricate ordeal. Remember, their best interests and your rights as parents are non-negotiable. Also, we’ll delve into child custody and thrash out the specifics of visitation rights to make sure that the kids’ needs are met and your custody rights are upheld.

Reach out to Todd Spodek and his dedicated team at Spodek Law Group soon. They make it their mission to ensure the best possible resolution for you and your family.

Going Through a Divorce in California? Consider This

Guess what? The California Family Code § 2300 describes divorce as ‘restoring parties to the state of unmarried persons.’ But here’s the thing – it impacts your rights and duties and can even change your life. Not to mention, it’s often emotionally challenging.

Meeting Crucial Residency Requirements

How about some law 101? To get a divorce in California, a spouse must have been a state resident for six months at least. Plus, they must have resided in the county where the divorce is being filed for about three months. But wait! There are exceptions like nullity proceedings, legal separation, or same-sex marriage!

Waiting it out – the Divorce Period

Wait up here! Did you know a divorce is not finalized in California unless six months have passed since the divorce petition and summons have been served to the non-filing spouse?

No Alibis Required, it’s a No-Fault Divorce

We also call California a ‘no-fault divorce state.’ Simply put, reasons such as infidelity don’t hold water here. Basically, saying ‘irreconcilable differences are causing our breakup’ does the trick. Interesting, right?

Your Divorce, Your Call

During a divorce, you make some serious decisions. Who gets the custody of children, the amount for child support or alimony – all these lie in your hands. And remember, courts can give a judgment regarding property rights and custody too.

Not just the Married- Unmarried Partners, Same-Sex Couples

Did you know? The 2015 US Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges declared it unconstitutional to bar same-sex couples from getting married. And since 2003, California gives couples in registered domestic partnerships the same rights as those married. This includes the right to terminate the partnership.

Rethinking Marriage or Domestic Partnership

To end or alter your rights related to marriage or a domestic partnership, you’ve got three options: annulment, divorce, or legal separation. Although, for certain cases, you can dissolve a marriage through an accelerated, summary procedure.

Rethinking Divorce

Sometimes, divorce might not seem your best option. Then, you can consider annulment or legal separation. While annulment deals with the legality of the marriage, legal separation does not dissolve the marriage completely.

Going through a divorce is never easy, and it’s always a good idea to have a tough legal team on your side. With Attorney Todd Spodek and his team, you’ll definitely be in safe hands. They have the right skills and experience required. So, feel free to contact them and start your journey to a brighter future.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Attorney

Marriage is heralded as the most sacred institutions since the dawn of time and finding the right partner is a topmost priority for many people. The American Psychology Association surmises that while 90% of people marry by the age of fifty, nearly 50% of those marriages don’t last. With such high divorce rates, it is no wonder that divorce attorneys are highly sought after to sort out asset divisions, child custody, spousal support, and such. Here are top seven reasons for enlisting the services of a divorce attorney.

1. Expert Opinion

More often than not, divorce cases are characterized by turmoil, anger outbursts, revenge, and all manner of ills that separating partners haul at each other. In cases where one partner was the breadwinner, they are likely to wield their power and have things go their away during divorce proceedings. This is where a divorce lawyer comes in. A seasoned lawyer brings a wealth of experience to help you navigate the intricacies of divorce and reach the best possible outcome.

Going through a divorce is immensely challenging, and emotions tend to run high. You are likely to be so embroiled in anger and frustration that you want it all to go away. Since word-of-mouth decrees are not legally binding and can be overturned when either partner wishes, it is imperative to have everything done by the book. A divorce attorney will draft the necessary legal paperwork and inspect documents presented by the other side to ensure that all is in order.

3. Child Custody

Dissolving a marriage where children are involved raises the stakes even higher. It is possible that either spouse deems themselves a better fit to raise children and therefore wants full custody. Sometimes, divorcing couples use children to hurt the other especially if infidelity was involved. While harboring such feelings is perfectly understandable, your children may end up emotionally scarred. A divorce attorney will protect your parental rights and help you reach a harmonious custody agreement quickly enough. This will save your children from witnessing animosity between their parents, and everyone can start readjusting to the new normal.

4. Retirement Plans

For couples who have been married for quite some time, it is highly likely that your retirement kitty is the most valuable asset you own aside from your home. Therefore, it is fundamental that you speak to a divorce attorney about this to determine what each spouse is entitled to upon divorce. Splitting your pension and 401(k) accounts requires your lawyer to procure a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) from the court.

5. Easier Settling

Most couples that are ironing out divorce proceedings are not exactly cordial with one another, and things tend to get nasty and dragged out for months or even years. You need a sound liaison between you and your estranged spouse to help you streamline things and wrap up the divorce sooner than later. Important to note that divorce is an expensive affair and any time wasted in disagreements translates to cumulative costs. Hire a divorce attorney to mediate and determine what is fair and speed up the process in divorce court.

6. Reduced Stress

Divorce lawyers have seen the worst case scenarios and are therefore not likely to be fazed by whatever spouses unleash. You, on the other hand, are an emotional wreck and this may hamper your decision-making process. Borrowing from a breadth of knowledge, an attorney will present all the possible outcomes and help you decide on the most optimal solution for you and what’s more, help you avoid costly mistakes.

7. Collaborative Divorce

This refers to a divorce where you enlist a slew of professionals to help you navigate the murky waters of divorce and emerge unscathed. Besides hiring an attorney, people hire therapists, divorce couches, and even PR to guide them through the process. Collaborative divorce is recommended in high profile cases that involve public figures or high net-worth individuals where the division of assets and custody are highly contested.

The eagerness to close the chapter of your divorce is understandable, but it can also launch a tirade of mishaps that may have irrevocable consequences. Hire a divorce attorney to guide you through this process and shield you from legal hurdles that accompany divorce proceedings.

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It was my good fortune to retain Spodek Law Group for representation for my legal needs. From the beginning, communication was prompt and thorough. Todd, Kenneth and Alex were the first people I worked with and they all made me feel comfortable and confident that the team was going to work hard for me. Everything was explained and any concerns...

~A G

5 Stars
After meeting with several law firms, I chose the Spodek Law Group not only for their professionalism and experience, but for the personal attention given to me right from the initial consultation. It is important to recognize how crucial having the right legal team is when faced with potentially life altering events that impact families and the lives of loved...

~George Cherubini

Spodek Law Group

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We Provide Superior Service, Excellent Results, At A Level Superior To Other Criminal Defense Law Firms. Regardless Of Where Your Case Is, Nationwide, We Can Help You.
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