27 Aug 23

Indianapolis Federal Criminal Lawyers

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When you are charged with a federal crime in Indianapolis, it is like entering a bizarro world where things no longer seem so rosy in life. Your friends may start to distance themselves from you. And your relationships can become strained. It seems like everyone is eager to kick you when you are down and unwilling to provide help. Your only chance of avoiding some of the serious consequences of a federal crime is hiring experienced trial counsel.

Although the trial is no longer the main event in the U.S. court system because plea-bargaining has taken over, the pre-trial work that your attorney puts into the case is critical to obtaining a lenient plea deal or winning at trial with a strong defense. Our law firm has extensive experience in the following areas of federal criminal law:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Kidnapping
  • Computer crimes
  • Entrapment defenses/stings
  • Safe Neighborhood Act violations
  • RICO/racketeering cases
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Terroristic threats
  • Immigration
  • And many other types of cases …

How We Help Clients Throughout the Federal Criminal Process

Because we have decades of experience studying law, we have a working knowledge of critical cases and rules. This spares us the mistakes of novices and helps us to engineer winning defense strategies. We are thorough and will work with you to develop the off-record evidence. Whether we need to hire private investigators, expert witnesses, or we simply have to sit down to discuss events for perspective, we know what to do at every phase of the case.

Statements to Agents/Police

Sometimes, the Feds work with local law enforcement to build a case. Regardless of how they operate, the Feds are known for using tricks to fabricate evidence. One of these tricks may be speaking to you about something other than a crime and then changing the subject. If they arrest you and think that you’ll lawyer up and remain silent, they may try to find other ways of approaching you. And when they discuss anything with you, they may record it and use it as evidence to help eliminate proving many elements of their case.

For example, if you even admit that you were at a location where a crime occurred, you have given them 90 percent of the case right there. They are trying to lock you into a narrative, so that they can find a way to criminalize whatever you may have done. This is why it is important to always call us when you speak with any official regarding anything. They may plead at your concern that something happened somewhere and may not accuse you of anything until they lock you into a script. They may also arrest you and use coercive techniques such as false promises or threats to compel testimony. In any case, having an attorney from our law firm present and remaining silent is your best defense.

Bail Hearings

You absolutely need a qualified attorney to help you during bail hearings. At a bail hearing, we can work to lower your required bail bond and try to limit any conditions of release. Helping you return to work and your daily routine is the most effective way of fighting a federal case. You do your work and let us do ours. Staying in prison can lead to stabbings, sickness, and intercepted communications that weaken your defense.

Plea Bargaining

In order to effectively leverage a deal, we need to consider the strength of potential defenses and evidence in your favor. If we preserve powerful arguments in your favor before a trial is scheduled, this can pressure the prosecutor to release you with the shortest sentence possible. If the prosecutor wants to play hardball, we have issues preserved for appeals.


We file numerous pre-trial motions to ensure that no unfair evidence practices occur at the trial. The officials will try to fabricate evidence out of thin air when they don’t have a solid case. Hearsay evidence, character assassinations, previous crimes, and even words taken out of context can all be used to inflame a jury when the proof is lacking. Put your trust in our law firm to do everything possible to defend you.