Best Indianapolis Criminal Lawyers

In any type of criminal matter, those who have been charged want the best outcome to their case. Thus, when you have been arrested by police and have prosecutors attempting to intimidate you with threats of spending decades in prison away from your family, you realize the only chance you have to keep your freedom is to hire the services of an established and experienced criminal lawyer. Upon making this smart decision and acting on it, you will start to reap a variety of benefits that increase the chances you defy the odds and come out of this nightmare a winner.

Knowing the Possibilities
Even when you have the very best criminal lawyer on your side, that is not always a guarantee everything will turn out as you hope. Since no lawyer who considers themselves to be ethical and honest will ever guarantee a client of total exoneration, you should always hire a criminal lawyer who is willing to sit down with you and make you aware of the various possibilities as to how your case may play out. For example, while it is quite possible your attorney may be able to work out a plea deal with prosecutors for lesser charges or even getting the charges dropped, it may also be possible circumstances may dictate your case going to trial and being heard by a jury. Regardless of what eventually happens, having a lawyer on your side who will give you honest and objective opinions and tell it like it is will help you through your ordeal.

Police Procedures
Whenever a crime allegedly takes place, police are always eager to pin the blame on someone as fast as they can in order to make an arrest. Unfortunately, this often means targeting people who are either completely innocent or have a very limited role in whatever may have taken place. Should you find yourself being singled out by police and ultimately arrested, expect them to do all they can to see that you are convicted and sent to prison. Rather than let this scenario play out, place your trust in a knowledgeable criminal lawyer who will closely examine police procedures related to your arrest. In many instances, skilled criminal lawyers can discover mistakes made by police during the course of an investigation or arrest, which can often result in charges being reduced or immediately dropped by prosecutors. Common mistakes made by police include failing to inform suspects of their Miranda rights, mishandling evidence, conducting illegal searches and seizures, and many other acts that violate a person’s constitutional rights.

Answering Questions
Once you have been charged with a crime and are officially in police custody, you will start to be bombarded with a barrage of questions from arresting officers, detectives, and prosecutors. As a result, you may feel pressured to provide answers, even if you know you did nothing wrong. Since police are excellent at using threats and intimidation to their advantage in these situations, many people give in to the stress and start providing details or even confessing to crimes they did not even commit. If you do this, expect to find yourself convicted of a crime and sent to prison within a short period of time. To avoid this disaster, contact and hire a criminal lawyer to represent you immediately following your arrest. Once you do, let police know you have hired an attorney and will not answer their questions until your attorney is present in the interrogation room. By making sure your constitutional rights will be protected in these situations, you take the first step toward knowing what to say, when to say it, and when you should instead keep quiet and let your criminal lawyer do the talking.

A Quick Pace to Your Case
While you may think you have a better chance of beating the charges against you if your case drags out for an extended period of time, the fact is this will have the opposite effect of what you desire. If your case is allowed to go on and on indefinitely, this allows police and prosecutors to continue looking for evidence and building a case against you that could lead to a conviction. Instead, you want your case to move through the criminal justice system as fast as possible, which is why you need to retain the services of the most experienced and trusted criminal lawyer you can after being charged with a crime. By doing so, they can immediately consult with you, explain your options, and get to work filing various motions with the court to ensure you are allowed to remain free while your case moves forward. By setting a quick pace, your criminal lawyer will keep prosecutors and police off-balance along the way, giving you and your attorney the upper hand.

Conducting Their Own Investigation
After you have been arrested, don’t make the mistake of taking police at their word regarding their investigation. Since their goal is to see you convicted of the crime for which you have been charged, the police investigation will be skewed in their favor. To make sure all the facts and evidence are closely examined and able to be looked at in an objective manner, your criminal lawyer will conduct their own investigation of the alleged crime. Relying on a team that may include private investigators, forensic scientists, and other experts whose knowledge may be crucial in finding out what really happened, your criminal lawyer can turn the tide in your favor.

Rather than languish inside a jail cell and only hope a public defender or inexperienced attorney brings the truth to light, hire an experienced criminal lawyer today and set the stage for legal success.