Best Denver Criminal Lawyers

While you may not have used the services of an attorney very much in your life up until now, that will change once you have been charged with a serious crime. From the moment police read you your rights and place you in their squad car, your world will become nothing short of a whirlwind that may leave you with more questions than answers. Rather than fail to get answers to your questions and make critical mistakes that can put your legal case in peril from the very beginning, keep your wits about you and immediately hire a trusted and experienced criminal lawyer to handle your case.

Questioning by Police
While your criminal lawyer can be beneficial to your case in many ways, they will be especially helpful when you are being questioned by police. Time after time, people who have been arrested allow themselves to be questioned by police without having an attorney present during the process. When this happens, it becomes much easier for police to use intimidation tactics in an effort to gain information. In fact, it is not unusual for police to coerce confessions out of individuals in these situations, even if the person charged with the crime is totally innocent. If you don’t want to create even more problems for yourself following your arrest, never answer police questions until you have hired your criminal lawyer and have them beside you in the interrogation room. By doing so, you can be given the proper advice as to if you should answer various questions, what information you should convey to officers, and ensure your rights afforded you by the U.S. Constitution are always protected.

Reducing or Dropping Charges
Should you be charged with a serious crime, your main goal of course is to walk away with your freedom. However, there may be situations where the evidence against you is clear enough to make it likely a conviction may take place. In these instances, you should work with your criminal lawyer to help them negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor in charge of your case. Since prosecutors often want to get cases wrapped up as fast as possible, it is likely they will be open to negotiating your case. This can be especially important if you have been charged with high-level felonies, since you are definitely staring at prison time if convicted. By having an attorney on your side who is excellent at negotiating plea deals, you may be able to see serious felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. If this occurs, what started out as an almost definite prison sentence may ultimately result in nothing more than a short stint in a local jail or even fines and probation.

Looking at the Evidence
For any criminal conviction to take place, police and prosecutors need to have sufficient evidence that convinces a judge and jury of your guilt. Because of this, police will do all they can to gather as much evidence against you as possible, even if they have to do so in ways that may in fact be illegal. In many cases, people are sent to jail or prison because of evidence that was obtained through an illegal search or was tainted at the alleged crime scene. If you don’t want to see yourself spending years locked in a prison cell due to suspicious tactics used by police, hire a criminal lawyer who will take the time to closely examine not only the evidence against you, but how it was obtained by police. Should your attorney be able to discover certain discrepancies in police reports or be able to prove certain evidence was obtained illegally, your case and conviction could be tossed aside by a court.

Constantly Communicating
Since you will undoubtedly have many questions following your arrest, the last thing you want is to be left bewildered by your lawyer. If you are allowed to simply sit in a jail cell and wonder what will happen next, chances are the results of your case will not be good at all. If you want to be able to make the best decisions each step of the way, always make sure the criminal lawyer you hire is one who will always communicate with you about your case. In doing so, they can keep you informed as to which motions filed with the court have been successful, what prosecutors may be offering in a potential plea deal, and offer you the most likely scenarios as to how your case could play out in court.

Preventing Financial Ruin
Upon being charged with a crime, it may take little time before your financial situation worsens. Between trying to make bail so that you can remain free while your case proceeds to wondering if you will be required to pay huge fines if convicted, hiring a criminal lawyer as fast as possible may help prevent financial ruin for you and your family. If you fail to do so and simply allow things to play out on their own, you may be lucky enough to walk away with your freedom. However, in doing so, you may have left yourself and your family in a very precarious financial situation that could lead to bankruptcy. To ensure you walk away from court with your reputation and finances still in good shape, place your trust in a criminal lawyer who considers your case to be extremely important.

While you may initially think your legal situation will resolve itself on its own, it won’t take long until you realize professional legal representation will be necessary to solve your problem. To get the best results and continue on with your life, hire a knowledgeable criminal lawyer immediately.