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Delaware County Immigration Fraud Lawyers

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Immigration can be a wonderful thing. It enables people to move to a new land and find tremendous new opportunities. Those who are thinking about immigration or have already done so must be familiar with the laws that apply in general as well as any laws that may pertain to them personally. Adhering to the laws that govern any form of immigration in the United States is vitally important. Anyone who is planning to become a permanent resident and choose to live in the United States rather than make their home elsewhere should be well aware of the steps they need to take to secure this position. Following the law offers the best possible path to American citizenship. At the same time, it is possible to make mistakes along the way. Anyone who has potentially done so should consult with Delaware County immigration fraud lawyers as soon as possible.

Many Paths

There are many paths to becoming part of the American public. At the same time, some of these paths may present possible grey areas. These plans can cause immigration services to have a closer look at the person’s overall status in their new land. One such path that is open to American citizens and people from abroad is that of marriage. An American citizen can choose to marry anyone they wish. Once married, the person they marry has certain rights. These rights may include the right to move to the United States and take up residency. At the same time, while these are valid marriages, sometimes people may choose to use them fraudulently. An American citizen may agree to marry someone they may not love. Sometimes people do this to help out a friend. They may also agree to marry someone in return for money.

One partner agrees to take a sum of money in return for getting married to someone from abroad who wants American citizenship. In turn, the couple agrees to live together as many and wife for a period of time. After the time frame, such as two years, the two people involved in the marriage get a divorce and agree to part forever. These kinds of marriages are highly frowned on by many American immigration government officials.

Marriage Fraud

Under American laws, the decision to marry in order to grant another person American citizenship is considered an act of fraud. A sham marriage may look like a good idea at first. Some people imagine they won’t be caught and weren’t planning to get married to anyone else any time soon. However, entering into a marriage of this kind can have very severe consequences for all involved. Both parties can be at risk of financial penalties and even the possibility of jail time.

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Authorities at the American immigration agencies charged with determining if a marriage is real have set up very strict standards. A couple may face detailed questioning by officials in order to determine that no marriage fraud has been committed and both parties are free to move about the country.

A Real Life

Under American laws, it is not enough that the couple was married by law in a house of worship by an authentic member of the clergy. The authorities may look for evidence that the relationship is a real one and not merely cooked up by the parties themselves or other people such as relatives to allow a foreign national to circumvent existing American immigration laws. The couple must be able to show that they fully intend to have a life together as a couple when they are living on American soil. This form of possible immigration fraud is considered relatively common across the world. This is why anyone who may be facing any kind of marriage fraud charges needs access to skilled counsel immediately. They can help fight off such charges and avoid potential deportation.