Best Columbus Criminal Lawyers

While there are many things you expected to see happen during your lifetime, being arrested was not on your list. However, as you now find yourself being read your rights by police and threatened with prison, you wonder what your future holds in store for you and your family. Despite things looking very bleak, never assume all hope is lost and a conviction is a certainty. Instead, gather your thoughts and immediately contact and hire a criminal lawyer who is well-known for winning the toughest cases.

Keep Things Moving
Once police charge you with a crime and get you into a jail cell, they have no intention of getting you out of there in a hurry. Instead, they figure that the longer you are made to sit in jail, the greater the chance you will cave in to their pressure and possibly give them a confession or other information. Unfortunately, this is exactly what many people do in these situations, and it almost always leads to a guilty verdict in court. If you don’t want to face a similar fate, hire a criminal lawyer who will keep your case moving forward in a quick manner. This will include getting bail set at a reasonable amount so you can be released from jail, filing motions and other paperwork with the court, and meeting with police and prosecutors to get a feel for what they may be thinking and the evidence they allegedly have to use should your case go to trial.

Trusted Advice
More than anything, you want to work with a lawyer who will give you advice you know is sound and can be trusted. If you try to work with an attorney who always leaves you with more questions than answers, you will make key mistakes that will probably land you in prison for many years. Rather than let this happen and see your life and that of your family ruined as well, always hire a criminal lawyer with whom you feel comfortable, explains your situation in terms you can easily understand, and offers you and your family the emotional and moral support that is needed to endure these complex and scary legal ordeals.

Looking Over the Evidence
Once your attorney is hired to handle your case, they will begin looking at the evidence that was used to charge you with your alleged crime. Upon doing so, they may start to find discrepancies involving witness statements, the handling of forensic evidence, and how certain types of evidence were gathered by police. For example, if police are relying on a piece of evidence that was obtained in an illegal search and seizure, your criminal lawyer can file motions with the court to have this evidence tossed out. Otherwise, you could be convicted of a crime based on evidence that never should have been allowed to be used against you in court.

Arriving at a Plea Deal
If you were charged with a felony, you have no doubt been reminded by prosecutors of the severe penalties that accompany a felony conviction, such as a stint in prison and hefty fines that could result in your financial ruin. However, just because you have been charged with a felony initially does not mean that is the crime for which you may ultimately face in court. By having a criminal lawyer representing you who is known for their excellent negotiation skills, they can work with prosecutors to arrive at a plea deal that will satisfy everyone. This will be especially true for you, since going from a felony to a misdemeanor will mean you not only don’t have to go to prison, but also may walk away with a short time on probation or just fines and community service.

No Self-Incrimination
For many defendants in criminal cases, they make the jobs of police and prosecutors far too easy by self-incriminating themselves early on in the process. Whether this means saying more than is required of them upon their arrest to failing to have an attorney with them during questioning, going this route means it is only a matter of time before a prison cell will become your new home. Though you may be scared and not thinking as clearly as you like, always make sure you absolutely understand your Miranda rights and how they can be used to your advantage. From not saying anything that can be used against you in court to never answering questions until you have an attorney present, taking care of the details along the way can be what ultimately allows you to win your case.

Setting an Example
With so much negativity surrounding you following your arrest, it can be very easy for you to become depressed and decide it may be best if you accept whatever deal police and prosecutors may have on the table. However, once you see your criminal lawyer working harder than ever to preserve your constitutional rights, this can give you the courage to continue the fight for however long it takes to clear your name. Along with this, having a lawyer whose determination to win is obvious will also help your family members as they struggle with their thoughts and emotions.

Even if you are guilty of a crime, this does not mean you should spend decades in prison and have yourself and your family face personal and professional ruin later on. By choosing to hire a criminal lawyer who is well-known in your area for winning the toughest of cases, you can be well-prepared for your day in court. Rather than simply let the chips fall where they may, let your criminal lawyer use their skills and knowledge to help you prevail.