Best Charlotte Criminal Lawyers

When you have been arrested and are trying to determine whether or not you should hire a criminal lawyer or instead opt for the free option of a public defender, you may think it won’t matter so long as you have a lawyer on your side. However, if you follow this line of thinking, you are setting yourself up for a long legal nightmare culminating in a criminal conviction. Though there will be various costs associated with hiring an experienced criminal lawyer, the trade-off is having a lawyer in charge of your case who is committed to winning. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping a public defender helps you, opt to hire a criminal lawyer immediately upon being arrested.

Examining Police Conduct
When police took you into custody and brought charges against you, it was likely you assumed they did everything correctly. Yet time after time in such instances, police make mistakes that could lead to having your charges dropped very quickly. For example, if they pulled you over for no valid reason and then arrested you, your criminal lawyer can use this to your advantage. In other situations, police may mishandle evidence from a crime scene, but still try to use it against you in court. Even with state-of-the-art forensic technology, evidence that has not been properly handled prior to being tested should never be used by police to prove their case. By having a lawyer representing you who has dealt with such situations over the years, they can convince the court the case against you is built upon lies and mistakes.

Making the Complex Easy
Since most people who are arrested are not familiar with how the criminal justice system works, everything seems very complex and confusing. Whether it’s trying to arrange for bail to understanding whether they should plead guilty or not guilty, these and other matters can result in decisions that are life-altering. As an example, should you decide to plead guilty or talk to police prior to having an attorney present during questioning, you are creating a scenario where police and prosecutors will be able to use everything you say against you in court. To avoid critical mistakes and position yourself to win in court, always hire a seasoned criminal lawyer soon after being charged with any crime, and never allow yourself to be questioned by police without having your attorney by your side.

Building a Strong Defense
Whether it is examining police reports, tracking down witnesses to conduct interviews, or even bringing in independent scientists and others to test important pieces of evidence, your criminal lawyer can do this and much more for you in an effort to build a strong defense strategy to be used in court. Even though police and prosecutors will have no problem telling you they have a full-proof case against you, take anything they tell you with a grain of salt. Chances are, they are just beginning to build a case against you, and are hoping you will make their task easier by incriminating yourself during an interrogation. Instead of making it easier for a court to convict you of serious charges, work with your lawyer to ensure your defense is as solid as possible.

Felony to Misdemeanor
If you don’t know much about criminal law, you may assume there is little difference between being charged with a felony and being charged with a misdemeanor. However, as any reputable criminal lawyer knows, the difference between these two types of crimes can be significant. If you are charged with a felony, prison time is a real possibility, as are large fines that could lead to financial ruin and bankruptcy for you and your family. However, should your criminal lawyer be able to get your felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor, you can breathe a big sigh of relief, since you may now only be facing a short jail sentence, smaller fines, or perhaps be given a probation term or community service as punishment. Because of the tremendous differences between these two types of crimes, don’t take it for granted and let the chips fall where they may. Instead, put your trust in a criminal lawyer who will fight hard to see your charges reduced.

Discussing Your Options
After you are arrested, police will do all they can to convince you there are few if any options left for you, other than to confess and accept a jail or prison sentence. Fortunately, this is not true. In fact, once you begin discussing your situation in more detail with your criminal lawyer, you will be astonished to learn of the many viable options you have in front of you as your case moves forward. Whether it is letting your lawyer negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, turn to expert witnesses to show the prosecution’s case is built upon one mistake after another, or demonstrate that police used illegal methods while making your arrest, you can suddenly find yourself in a much more advantageous position than you ever imagined.

Keeping Up Your Spirits
While no reputable criminal lawyer will ever guarantee a client they will be exonerated in court, your attorney can do quite a bit to keep your spirits up while you fight to maintain your good name and reputation within the community. Along with helping you, your lawyer can also help your family by giving them moral support and keeping them up-to-date on any changes to your case.

With your future being at stake, this is no time to rely on an attorney you only hope knows how to move your case forward. To gain peace of mind and the best shot at winning, hire a criminal lawyer at once.