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Accounting Fraud and Corporate Theft Lawyers

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Uncovering Accounting Fraud and Corporate Theft: How Spodek Law Group Can Help


Accounting fraud and corporate theft are two of the most serious issues that companies can face. The consequences of these activities can be devastating to a company’s reputation and financial standing. At Spodek Law Group, we understand the importance of uncovering and remedying these issues quickly and effectively. Our corporate investigations team represents corporations nationwide in revealing and remedying these critical problems.

The World of Accounting Fraud and Corporate Theft

Companies must put their trust in their staff members. Even with best efforts to screen job candidates, trusted workers at every level of the organization can suddenly leave companies with little choice but to take legal action to protect themselves from accounting fraud or corporate theft.

At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys handle accounting fraud cases on behalf of companies across the United States. In numerous cases, it is also critical for preventing the problem from drawing federal enforcement action by agencies such as IRS, DOJ, SEC, DEA FBI DHHS among others who have authority over federal matters that come out of employee misconduct.

Engaging Outside Counsel to Investigate Accounting Fraud

Employees who deal in fraudulent accounting practices usually do so for personal gain; hence repercussions have potential reverberations throughout an organization. We perform independent accounting fraud investigations on behalf of investment firms, financial institutions hedge funds public/private corporations etc., probing into employee conduct at all levels using forensic experts investigators auditors many having held positions as highly-ranked agents with FBI IRS other federal agencies.

Types Of Accounting Fraud Activity

| Overstating or understating debts/expenses |
| Overstating or understating assets/revenue |
|Fraudulent purchase orders/unauthorized payments|
|Fraudulent corporate loans/disbursements |
|Rearranging revenue/expenses between periods |
|Misrepresenting the origin/recipient of funds |
|Falsifying financial statements |
|Tax fraud and tax evasion |
|Money laundering |
|Bribery, bid-rigging, anticompetitive transactions, and other fraudulent financial activities |

Outside Counsel for Investigations to Reveal Corporate Theft

Corporate theft can affect all types of tangible and intangible assets. Activities carried out to misappropriate corporate assets appear to be increasing in sophistication from one year to the next. Corporate theft that targets financial accounts and intellectual property can eliminate millions of dollars in value in a moment.

Because of their sensitive nature, internal investigations targeting corporate theft must be executed with strict confidentiality. At Spodek Law Group, we liaise with our clients’ proprietors board members executives in-house counsel relevant individuals as appropriate to reveal corporate theft schemes.

Types Of Corporate Theft Schemes

Corporate funds embezzlement
Misappropriation/unscrupulous disclosure confidential/proprietary details
Misappropriation copyrights patents trade secrets
Espionage inside corporation
Illegal/unlicensed use corporate trademarks trade dress branding
Stolen software code
Stolen securities cryptocurrency intangible property
Stolen physical property

Accounting Fraud And Corporate Theft Can Trigger Federal Law Enforcement Investigations

In addition to our representation of corporate clients uncovering accounting fraud/corporate theft we are equipped furnish representation federal law enforcement investigations brought on by employees’ dishonest activity including DEA IRS SEC DOJ FBI DHHS Office Inspector General (OIG) investigations targeting Medicare/Medicaid fraud among others.

Why Choose Spodek Law Group?

From our headquarters in Texas, our law firm maintains a national investigations practice representing companies across the United States. Our attorneys have collectively dealt with thousands of investigations/federal law enforcement cases giving us unique insights into interplay between internal investigation/federal law enforcement issues.

We Employ Former Federal Prosecutors and Federal Agents

Our team is composed primarily of former federal prosecutors/federal agents who pack centuries of collective federal investigative experience to work with our clients in accounting fraud/corporate theft investigations. We combine our team’s deep understanding of federal investigative tactics with our in-depth knowledge of the practicalities of the corporate world to perform exhaustive, efficient investigations focused on rounding up information for informed/strategic choices.

We Have High-Stakes Investigations Experience

Our lawyers/former federal agents have dealt with countless investigations where clients had a lot to lose. We are equipped to give actionable advice/take decisive action when/where clients rely on us most treating their company investigations as urgently as they do working hard gathering information needed for immediate following steps helping them protect themselves long-term.

We Have Federal Whistleblower Investigations Experience

In the federal defense realm, much experience is in whistleblower claim litigation. If allegations come after a whistleblower claim was lodged or if it piles another layer onto existing allegations we can employ our experience liaising with overseeing agencies attempting prevention/intervening providing your company defense representation in district court.

We Take A Comprehensive Approach To Uncovering Corporate Fraud

At Spodek Law Group, we take a comprehensive approach uncovering corporate fraud employing trial-tested tactics/strategies working tirelessly bringing matters successful close getting heart issue making certain damage incurred minimal possible assisting seeking coverage under fidelity/employee dishonesty policy protecting business against prosecution civil/criminal charges if outcome matter is a federal inquiry.

Contact Spodek Law Group For Legal Counsel Today

If you require legal counsel involving accounting fraud or corporate theft acting fast cannot be overstated. Our lawyers/investigators/consultants are at your service taking action 24/7 scheduling consultation Attorney Todd Spodek discussing how we can help you protect your business mitigate potential harm caused by accounting fraud/corporate theft.