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Criminal Actions & the Impact on Professional Licenses

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Criminal Actions & the Impact on Professional Licenses

Sometimes you might not think too much about the criminal actions that you’ve committed or the allegations that have been brought against you. However, those actions can have a significant impact on your professional license. An attorney can put together a defense to use in court that could result in not losing your license or obtaining it if it’s been lost in the past.

An attorney can assist various employees in the medical field, such as nurses, doctors, and dentists. Your attorney can represent you throughout all of the steps of the investigation so that you have the support needed to get through the hearing. An appearance can be made on your behalf in front of a medical professional board. However, it’s often better if you are with your attorney so that you can hear the allegations against you and the details about possible sentences that could occur as a result of any criminal actions that have taken place. Once you have obtained the details pertaining to your criminal actions or the allegations that have been brought forth, then you can begin working to gather information to show that you did not commit those acts. Your attorney can help by offering suggestions about what to include for the case and what should be left out as it could harm your case instead of helping.

While working with your attorney, you’ll be able to approach the case in order to minimize the possible sentence that you receive and possibly keeping your license instead of relinquishing it to the state or a federal agency. An option to consider before any allegations are brought forth would be to secure some type of liability insurance so that you’re not held responsible for your actions or so that you are protected from any issues that arise that involve patients or other medical professionals. Medical professionals can also be protected against employers if they are able to secure liability insurance, giving them an opportunity to retain their license even if there is an issue with the employer and the company.

Sometimes, you might think that you are protected by your employer or that there isn’t a risk in losing your license, especially if you feel that there isn’t any significant proof to show that you have committed the criminal actions in the file against you. In most situations, you are not protected by your employer and will usually need to seek your own representation so that you have a fighting chance of retaining your license. In the event that your employer feels that you are protected, then you need to get the proper documents to show that there is a plan in place in the event that you face criminal action. If your employer feels that you’re protected, then your legal fees would need to be paid along with added support throughout the process of defending your license. Keep in mind that it’s possible to be terminated before actions are filed by the employer, which is when you would need the assistance of an attorney even more.

Criminal Actions & the Impact on Professional Licenses

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