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CFTC Investigations Enforcement Actions Lawyers - Federal Lawyers

When you are the target of a federal investigation, the legal consequences can become severe. Whereas one minute you were simply at your job, now you are facing a slew of federal investigators and prosecutors who are threatening you with fines, suspensions or bans, and maybe even time in prison. Naturally, you will be stressed and scared, wondering how to weather this storm. In these situations, it is best to hire CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyers to represent you against the government.

What is the Authority of the CFTC?
Since many people have never heard of the CFTC, which stands for Commodity Future Trading Commission, they have little if any idea how much authority the agency has when its investigators come calling. However, like investigators from the SEC or other similar government agencies, investigators and prosecutors usually have sweeping authority to bring charges and prosecute these cases to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, charges such as those involving insider trading, breach of contract, market manipulation, or other acts of negligence can not only result in criminal charges, but civil actions as well.

Know Your Legal Options
In these situations, it is vital you know and understand all available legal options at your disposal. Since prosecutors will hope to keep you off-balance during this complex process, it will be important to hire legal counsel as soon as possible after charges have been brought against you. In fact, even if you suspect you are under investigation, it may be best to consult with attorneys before the situation escalates. By working with skilled CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyers, you will be able to discuss your case in greater detail, discuss your legal options, and work with your attorney to make the best choice.

Should You Cooperate with the Government?
Depending on the charges you are facing, the evidence against you, and the subsequent legal consequences you may face, it may be to your benefit from a legal standpoint to cooperate with federal investigators and prosecutors. However, this decision should not be made in haste, and should only be done so by first speaking with your CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyer. Should you and your attorney decide to cooperate with the government, several things must be kept in mind. To begin with, you should at no point ever speak to federal prosecutors or investigators unless your attorney is present in the room. If you ignore this advice, you will inevitably put yourself in legal peril by saying something that can and will be used against you. Rather than make a tough situation much worse, always do whatever your attorney tells you, since this will ensure your rights are always protected.

With its increasing authority and aggressive approach to prosecuting these cases, the CFTC is an agency that can turn your life upside down in many ways. Therefore, if you are under investigation or believe you are about to be, schedule an immediate consultation with an experienced CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyer.

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