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CFTC Investigations Enforcement Actions Lawyers - Federal Lawyers

When you are under criminal investigation, your personal and professional lives are on the line. No matter the charges against you, it is likely you might pay large fines, be banned or suspended from your job, and maybe even serve time in prison. This is especially true of those who are under investigation by the Commodity Future Trading Commission, known as the CFTC. Once investigators and prosecutors target you, it is essential you do everything possible to ensure your rights are protected. Thus, your first step should be to hire an experienced CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyer.

Aggressive Investigations and Prosecutions
As more scrutiny has been placed on the financial dealings of corporations and those involved in commodities and futures, the federal government has gradually made amendments to various laws, especially the Dodd-Frank Act. By doing so, the government now has the authority to examine transactions and dealings involving such things as virtual currencies and precious metals, along with other standard commodities. As a result, investigators now pay even closer attention to various transactions, making it increasingly likely you may find yourself under investigation even if you have done nothing wrong. Due to the aggressiveness of these investigations and prosecutions, it is always best to align yourself with a skilled CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyer to make sure you have a sound legal strategy in place as soon as possible.

How to Know if You are Being Investigated
For many people who are subject to these investigations, the entire process takes them completely by surprise. This is exactly what prosecutors and investigators want, since it will not allow you to gather your thoughts and have legal representation advising you from the start. To know if you are being investigated by the CFTC, be aware of certain situations. For example, should your boss start asking numerous questions about your recent transactions or other tasks, or perhaps request you turn over various documents and records, there is a good chance your company is working with federal investigators. If any of these situations happen, do not simply write it off as coincidence. Instead, contact a CFTC investigations enforcement actions lawyer for a consultation.

What About Cooperating with the Government?
In some situations, it may benefit you to cooperate with government investigators and prosecutors in order to receive a better resolution to the matter. However, if you know you are innocent and there is little evidence against you, it is usually best to maintain a defensive position in these cases. However, whether you are cooperating with investigators or not, it is never smart to sit down with them without the presence of your attorney. If you do, investigators will use every trick and option they have available to coerce a confession out of you, intimidate you, and twist your words against you. Rather than make a mistake of epic proportions, always ensure your attorney is with you during any questioning. By doing so, you will have your legal rights protected from beginning to end.

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