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Are you worried about being investigated by the CFTC? If you should find yourself in this unenviable position, you will need to speak to an attorney right away. Your best bet is to find a lawyer that can use their skills and experience to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

What is a CFTC Attorney Proffer?

If you find yourself being scrutinized by the government on CFTC related matters, there is one tactic that may just get you out of the hot seat. You could agree to undergo a CFTC attorney proffer session.

An attorney proffer is a situation in which your lawyer sits down with the prosecutor for an initial meeting. During this first sit-down, you will most likely not be present. The point of this meeting is to give the prosecutor, and through them the CFTC, a clear idea of what you have to say as well as what you are like as a person.

What is the Point of a CFTC Attorney Proffer?

What your lawyer ideally wants to do is assure the CFTC that you have had none, or as little a part as possible, in any kind of wrongdoing. They want to convince the prosecutor that you don’t know anything, or very little, and are therefore not worth the time and effort it takes to conduct an entire investigation.

The lawyer that you have selected to represent you will answer questions presented to them by the prosecutor. As noted above, the ultimate goal will be to convince them that you have no info worth sharing or being investigated into.

Are There Any Possible Downsides to a CFTC Attorney Proffer?

There is only one potential downside to agreeing to a CFTC attorney proffer. Ideally, you want to avoid giving any info whatsoever to the government. You certainly don’t want to give any more than is absolutely necessary.

A possible negative effect that could come from a CFTC attorney proffer is that your legal representative could inadvertently give the government info that could cause them to widen the scope of a possible investigation. While this may not involve you per se, it could have repercussions that you will have to deal with.

It will be up to you and your attorney to confer closely on all aspects of the case so that you don’t end up giving up more info than you have to. As long as you make the effort to remain on the same page, the chances of leaking info are relatively slim.

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