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Bronx Arraignment Lawyers

Understanding the Process of Bronx Arraignments

When you are arraigned for a crime, it means you appear in court and before a judge to be formally charged with a crime. In the United States, every defendant has the right to know what they are charged with and have the opportunity to respond to those charge with a not guilty or guilty plea. This brief introduction lets you know a little about the process of arraignments and what they are used for in the legal system.

Representation During Bronx Arraignment

When you appear before the judge during your arraignment, you do not have to have a lawyer with you but you DO have the right to ask for a court appointed attorney during the arraignment proceeding. No one should face a serious or even minor criminal charge in court without a lawyer by their side.

Why You Need A Lawyer For The Bronx Arraignment

Criminal charges are serious in any state in the union. In New York, they can be especially serious, particularly in drug possession cases. Many defendants will unwittingly and disastrously walk before a judge during their arraignment and plead guilty without even knowing the seriousness of their charges or that a good lawyer could have helped them get a better outcome than just jail time. It is a serious lapse in judgment to plead guilty during an arraignment UNLESS you have talked to an attorney and have decided that it is best to do (such as it is sometimes when you take a good plea bargain, approved by your lawyer).

The Importance of Legal Representation

You’ll notice that the word “lawyer” keeps popping up here. Every defendant needs a lawyer, whether they’re guilty or innocent. If you’re guilty, it’s possible for your lawyer to negotiate with the prosecution and come up with a preferable alternative to prison time. For example, you can agree to probation, community service, or other alternative punishments in exchange for staying out of jail. Almost any defendant would want this option, but many guilty parties don’t know that there’s a lot more to a guilty plea than just “getting it out of the way and accepting the punishment.” Some punishments are preferable to others, and it’s the job of your lawyer to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

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An arraignment is a stressful occasion and it should be. It’s a very serious legal moment and the rest of your life could hinge on what you do during that arraignment. A guilty plea to a felony charge without speaking to a lawyer is a nightmare for many defendants who don’t understand that they might have avoided prison time and a lifelong felony if only they had sought the advice of a lawyer. Don’t make the mistake that so many people make before an arraignment. Make sure that you have a good lawyer on your side when you appear before the judge.

Proceedings and Rights

When you go before the judge, you will be read the charges. Then the judge will explain some of your rights to you, such as the right to a court appointed attorney. If you plead guilty, sentencing can happen right there or sometimes it will be delayed for a time. DON’T DO THIS BEFORE YOU TALK TO A LAWYER! This could be a mistake that impacts the rest of your life in a negative way. Instead make sure that you have an arraignment lawyer by your side before you ever plead guilty or not guilty to a case. Our lawyers are here to help you during your arraignment and beyond.

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