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Boston physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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Boston physicians assistant license defense lawyers

The Division of Professional Licensure is responsible for overseeing all licensing procedures in Massachusetts. Any Boston physician assistant with a medical license is issued their license through the Division’s Board of Registration in Medicine. Both the board and the Division require every licensed professional in Massachusetts to uphold a standard of care that’s pertinent to their line of work, and they expect their physician assistants to work ethically within a higher standard of the law.

A physician’s assistant is in charge of working with a medical team to provide care, answer questions, diagnose patients, and dispense prescriptions for pharmaceuticals designed to ease symptoms and save lives. In doing this, every PA in Boston is required to uphold the medical practice standards set in place throughout the state, and not misuse their professional license for personal gain or to do harm unto any patient.

When someone suspects a physician assistant in Boston of not following the code of ethics, the medical laws PA’s are sworn to uphold, or abiding by the law in place in the United States, they are legally obligated to report their suspicions to the Division and the Board. If the board recognizes a complaint as one that involves law breaking, violating code, or other criminal intent, an investigation is opened to substantiate the claims or dismiss them as untrue.

Anyone can file a complaint against a physician assistant for the following reasons:

1. Sexual Misconduct: If a person suspects a physician assistant is sexually abusing or harassing anyone, it’s against the law.
2. Fraud: A physician assistant in charge of billing could be accused of over-billing patients, adding procedures to insurance claims that weren’t given to a patient to increase the payment the insurance company allows the office, or reporting false billing information. Each one is a federal offense punishable to the full extent of the law.
3. Negligence: A physician assistant is designated by the law to provide the highest standard of care to each patient they see, which means never allowing careless mistakes or personal issues to get in the way of treatment. If this causes a patient to experience further health complications, it’s considered negligence.
4. Unprofessional Conduct: A physician assistant who doesn’t abide by the professional standards and ethics in place is in violation of this code. It might mean a physician assistant refuses care to someone they don’t like, they discriminate against patients, or they extend their care outside their own realm of medical knowledge or expertise.
5. Substance Abuse: Any physician assistant abusing drugs or alcohol is considered a danger to any patient.


It’s impossible to predict the specific penalties a physician assistant is subject to experiencing when an investigate is opened. It depends on the findings, on the laws broken, and whether or not the case is sent to a state or federal judge. Common penalties could fall anywhere in the following categories:

– Fines
– Restitution
– Jail time
– Probation
License suspension
License revocation

Massachusetts law is designed to find the truth and appropriate that. Patients who seek medical care do so with the belief they are in good hands, and finding out a physician assistant is not doing their job correctly is devastating. When an investigation is opened and the Board sends a letter of notification asking the physician assistant to respond to the complaint, it’s best to hire an attorney. A physician assistant license defense attorney is well-versed in cases like this, and they are able to help their clients prove their innocence when it’s time.

Becoming a licensed PA in Boston takes years of schooling, testing, and tens of thousands of dollars, and losing a license is not something anyone wants to experience. This affects a person’s financial future, family future, and their mental and emotional health. Protecting a license under investigation is best done by someone who knows the law, how it works, and what is legally required of the client. All physician assistants under investigation in Boston should contact a license defense attorney before it’s too late. It is often the difference necessary to make a case successful.

Boston physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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