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Boston Nurse license defense lawyers

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Boston Nurse license defense lawyers

Hospitals, surgical centers and nursing homes depend on nurses to provide their patients with high quality care during their time of need. Most nurses have a lot of patients and work long hours on very little rest. For this reason, nurses must work hard to maintain the appropriate standard of care set forth by the Board Of Registered Nurses. In some cases, a nurses quality of care is in question and a malpractice investigation is launched. If you are a Boston nurse who is facing a potential revocation of your nursing license, you may benefit from scheduling an appointment with a license defense lawyer.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

To be found guilty of medical malpractice, a nurse must be found negligent when carrying out professional duties. In addition, the patient must have suffered an injury as a result. For this reason, many nurses carry medical malpractice insurance like physicians. This is not a requirement, however and many nurses do not have coverage if a claim is filed against them.

The Most Common Complaints Against Nursing Professionals

While there are many possible scenarios that could result in a nurse facing disciplinary action, the following are the most common complaints against nurses:

  • Failing To Use Equipment Properly

Nurses use many different types of equipment during the course of their shift. Problems can arise if the nurse is not properly trained to use or program this equipment but does anyway at the request of the doctor or nursing supervisors. If the patient is injured because the equipment was not operated properly, the nurse could face charges.

  • Improper Documentation Or Failing To Document

The medical record for each patient must be documented properly during the attending nurses shift and before her shift ends. If this is not done or is incorrect, the nurse may be held liable.

  • Not Following The Nursing Standard Of Care

Nurses must follow the standard of care set forth by nursing supervisors, hospital policy and written procedures. If a nurse fails to maintain the highest level of quality by not following proper procedures, they can be found negligent.

Who Is At Risk?

Healthcare professionals who hold a license are at risk of liability or medical malpractice. Below are the most commonly affected nursing professionals in these cases:

  • Trauma Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Anesthetists
  • Emergency Room Nurses
  • Nurses In Assisted Living Centers
  • Dialysis Nurses

When To Contact A Lawyer

Nothing is worse than opening a letter stating you are the subject of an investigation. After all, your reputation and ability to work are at stake. If you are disciplined, you may have your nursing license suspended or revoked completely. If you receive this type of letter, it is time to contact a lawyer for advice. It is important to do so quickly, as you only have a specific amount of time to respond in writing to the charges. Failing to respond on time could result in an immediate investigation.

Contact a Boston license defense lawyer at once if you are the subject of an investigation. Your lawyer will meet with you to discuss your case. After carefully reviewing the facts surrounding the claim, he will recommend the best way to proceed when responding to the charges. Your lawyer will respond to the charges on your behalf, speak with investigators and attend all hearings throughout your case. Having a competent attorney in your corner will be a great comfort during this difficult and stressful time.

Boston Nurse license defense lawyers

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