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Boston Lawyers for Radiology Providers and IDTFs

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Boston Lawyers for Radiology Providers and IDTFs

Providers of radiology services and independent diagnostic testing facilities may operate like any other enterprise, but they have to abide by certain healthcare rules and standards. Radiology providers have to cater to the needs of numerous patients who come with different medical care needs. The toll of running a business can overshadow compliance measures.

Besides, regulations evolve so often that it can take a while to catch up. Providers have to worry about the provisions in HIPAA, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Medicare, and Medicaid. Non-compliance to these and several other laws can lead to lawsuits. Whether a case is launched against an individual or company, retaining a lawyer offers unique advantages.


One offense that a radiology technician may be investigated for is malpractice. Radiology involves the use of complex machinery and even more complicated analyses. A simple misinterpretation of data can result in a wrong diagnosis. One example of this includes misreading of MRIs, X-rays, or CT scans.

A patient getting treatment for the wrong condition lays the foundation for a malpractice suit. Failing to communicate the outcomes of a test properly can have similar consequences. A radiologist or anyone else working in the lab can mix up patients’ tests, which may also lead to a misdiagnosis. Malpractice suits are some of the scariest with the consequences ranging from revocation of a license to criminal prosecution. A lawyer for radiology providers in Boston can put your legal situation into perspective and help work through it.


Radiology providers use some of the most advanced technologies, so they have to deal with suppliers quite a bit. Chances of violating the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law are very high, especially if a business does not have proper procurement protocols. It is even harder for a new radiology provider that doesn’t have experience in the healthcare sector.

Cases of fraud can manifest in different forms. Billing for services not rendered, paying for unnecessary equipment with Medicare funds, and making referrals to providers with whom you have a relationship are just a few instances that may trigger a fraud investigation.

Whether actions were intentional or not may fail to play a factor at the beginning of the case. As much as the prosecution has to make the case, you need help putting up a defense. A legal professional who has worked with radiology and IDTF providers has a set of skills that would be useful in this instance.

Business Arrangements

Apart from the healthcare bit, providers have to comply with regulation on safety and business arrangements. The machinery used in radiology services require care and adequate maintenance, not only for quality purposes but worker safety as well. Liability issues can be a headache for a radiology department. Providers have to implement state and federal regulation to ensure that workplaces meet the highest standards.

Challenges with corporate medical practices can also result in tedious legal battles. Having a specialized lawyer around does not only help when the situation gets bad but can help prevent future troubles as well. An attorney can guide you in analyzing your business relationships to mitigate risks of breaking the Stark Law. A lawyer can also look at your professional agreements to ensure each one is in compliance with the corresponding laws.


The penalties that radiology and IDTF providers face are varied. Fraud cases can lead to civil fines and loss of business licenses. In a malpractice suit, loss of a practicing license is one of the punishments that a medical practitioner may get. Losing a license is not just your livelihood that goes but your reputation as well. For a case of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, a radiology provider may be excluded from the programs. Cases of overpayments or incorrect billing in Medicaid/Medicare services usually end up with the accused paying back the money if found guilty.

The financial and personal implications of getting involved in any legal situation can devastate your life. The role of an attorney in these situations is to look out for your interests and provide guidance on the best path. Whether it’s a patient’s complaint, worker’s claim, or an audit coming up, having legal representation can help diffuse the situation considerably. Find lawyers for radiology and IDTF providers in Boston and nip that legal complication in the bud.

Boston Lawyers for Radiology Providers and IDTFs

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