Best Tulsa Criminal Lawyers


Tulsa Criminal Lawyers

If you are arrested in Tulsa, having a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial. The costs of not getting legal counsel can be severe with Oklahoma’s strict laws.

The Tulsa criminal lawyers at firms like Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm have experience defending clients against a wide range of charges – from DUI to violent crimes. They know how to build a strong defense against aggressive prosecution.

Common Crimes in Tulsa

Some charges like DUI, drug offenses, domestic violence, and sex crimes unfortunately occur frequently in Tulsa. An experienced lawyer can walk you through the specific laws and penalties so you understand the seriousness of the allegations.

For example, a first DUI conviction can lead to fines, license suspension, and even jail time. But a lawyer may be able to get evidence suppressed or charges reduced through negotiation. They will also advise you on whether options like drug court or diversion programs could be beneficial in avoiding a conviction.

Protecting Your Rights

From the moment you are accused, the police and prosecution may try to get you to give up your rights. Don’t fall for high-pressure tactics – get advice from a lawyer who knows Oklahoma law first.

An attorney can ensure you don’t make statements against your own interests and that your rights are protected at every stage. This includes helping you avoid unnecessarily long pre-trial detention.

Building Your Defense

Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate the allegations, interview witnesses, and start constructing the best defense. For example, if you are accused of violating a protective order, they will review the order terms and provide context on how charges can be challenged.

From reviewing police reports to negotiating with the prosecution, an experienced criminal lawyer knows how to approach your case strategically. Their end goal is getting charges reduced or dismissed completely.