Best Spokane Valley Criminal Lawyers

Best Spokane Valley Criminal Defense Lawyers

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of a legal case. For those charged with crimes in Spokane Valley, WA, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side is crucial. This article will highlight some of the top-rated criminal lawyers in the Spokane Valley area who have proven track records of success.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

When researching criminal defense attorneys in Spokane Valley, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

Experience Handling Your Type of Case

Not all lawyers have the same level of experience with certain types of criminal charges. Be sure to find someone who regularly deals with cases similar to yours – whether it’s domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, or others. Attorneys who focus their practice on your specific area of criminal law will be best equipped to build the strongest defense.

Courtroom Experience

It’s important to hire a lawyer who has significant courtroom experience and regularly represents clients in front of judges and juries in Spokane Valley. Their skills in plea bargaining, examining witnesses, and delivering persuasive arguments can make a major difference.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

The ability to consistently reach and communicate with your attorney is key. Look for criminal lawyers who are responsive, keep clients informed, and make themselves available for questions and concerns.

Track Record of Positive Case Results

Of course, you’ll want to examine the lawyer’s overall winning percentage and history of achieving successful case resolutions through dismissals, acquittals, favorable pleas, and more. Experience getting charges reduced or avoided altogether is ideal.

Peer Reviews and Ratings

Client testimonials and peer review ratings, like those on Avvo and Superlawyers, can provide helpful insight into the quality of service and client satisfaction. Higher ratings often indicate lawyers who go above-and-beyond for their clients.

Compatibility and Communication Style

Consider how well you connect with the lawyer and if your personalities and communication styles seem compatible. This can influence how comfortable you feel throughout the legal process.

Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Spokane Valley

With these factors in mind, below are some of the most highly-rated and experienced criminal defense attorneys in the Spokane Valley area:

1. The Law Office of Steve Graham

With over 24 years of criminal defense experience in Eastern Washington, Steve Graham has successfully represented clients in thousands of cases including homicides, sex offenses, drug crimes, and domestic violence. He is known for his meticulous trial preparation, tough negotiation tactics, and compassion for clients. Graham has an Avvo rating of 10/10.

2. Maxey Law Office

Attorney Lane Maxey handles misdemeanor and felony cases with over 20 years of criminal law experience. He has successfully defended clients against charges ranging from DUI to vehicular assault and takes pride in building strong attorney-client relationships. Maxey Law Office maintains a 5-star average rating on Google.

3. Jeffry Finer, P.S.

Finer is a highly-respected criminal defense lawyer with over 35 years of experience representing clients in Spokane-area courts. He has handled over 150 criminal jury trials, frequently obtaining full acquittals or hung juries for clients. Finer is a Super Lawyer honoree and maintains an Avvo rating of 10/10.

4. Richard Fasy Law Firm

With deep roots in Spokane Valley, the Richard Fasy firm provides aggressive criminal defense for clients facing charges from DUI to homicide. Fasy is known for his relentless pursuit of the most favorable outcomes possible and for his compassionate approach. He holds an Avvo rating of 10/10.

5. Schwab Law Firm

Attorney Christopher Schwab has two decades of criminal law experience under his belt. He provides strong legal advocacy for those facing misdemeanor and felony charges. Past clients praise Schwab’s responsiveness and his ability to deliver positive results in difficult cases.

6. The Law Office of Stephanie Cady

A former prosecutor, Stephanie Cady now puts her courtroom skills to use defending clients against a wide range of criminal allegations. She is an experienced trial lawyer who isn’t afraid to take on tough cases and fight for her clients. Cady holds an Avvo rating of 10/10.

Consulting with a Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. The consequences of a conviction can follow you for years to come.

For those charged with crimes in Spokane Valley, connecting with one of these top-rated criminal defense lawyers is strongly advised. An experienced attorney can thoroughly examine the evidence against you, build a strategic defense, and advocate for the best possible outcome in your case.

Many firms offer free case evaluations and consultations to discuss your options. This is an opportunity to ask questions, go over the details of your case, and decide if the lawyer is the right fit for you.

With an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can feel confident knowing your rights are protected each step of the way. Don’t leave the outcome to chance – let a skilled lawyer fight on your behalf. The difference between a positive or negative result often comes down to the quality of representation.