Best Riverside Criminal Lawyers


Need a Criminal Lawyer in Riverside?

Getting arrested or charged with a crime in Riverside can be scary. You may be worried about going to jail, paying fines, or having a criminal record. A good criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights and fight the charges against you.

There are many experienced criminal attorneys in the Riverside area who know the local courts and prosecutors. They understand how criminal cases work in Riverside County and can build the strongest defense for your specific charges.

How a Riverside Criminal Lawyer Can Help

An attorney can advise you on the law and strategy in your case. They will investigate the circumstances, interview witnesses, negotiate with the prosecution, and represent you in court. A lawyer’s experience and negotiation skills could lead to charges being reduced or dismissed without a trial.

Specifically, a Riverside criminal lawyer may be able to:

  • Get evidence thrown out or charges dismissed
  • Negotiate a plea deal to reduce penalties
  • Build a strong defense to prove your innocence at trial
  • Advocate for alternative sentencing options like probation

Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer in Riverside

It’s important to choose an attorney who regularly handles criminal cases similar to yours. Look for someone experienced with your type of charges and the Riverside courts.

When researching lawyers, consider:

  • Their experience handling your charges
  • Case results and client reviews
  • Their communication style and responsiveness
  • How well you connect during a consultation

Don’t take chances with your freedom and criminal record. A knowledgeable Riverside criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights at this critical time.


Common Criminal Charges in Riverside

Some of the most common criminal offenses people face in Riverside include:

  • DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI lawyers can challenge chemical test results and other evidence and negotiate with the DA for reduced charges or penalties.
  • Drug crimes – Possession, possession for sale, transportation, cultivation, and trafficking of illegal drugs. A lawyer may be able to get charges dismissed or reduced through plea bargaining.
  • Theft – Petty theft, grand theft, robbery, shoplifting, identity theft. An attorney can argue lack of criminal intent or build a defense against the charges.
  • Domestic violence – Violence against a spouse, cohabitant, or someone you have a child with. A lawyer can advocate for counseling, classes, or other alternatives to jail time.
  • Assault and battery – Threatening or physically harming someone. Self-defense may apply in some situations.

Finding an Affordable Criminal Lawyer

The cost of a criminal defense lawyer can be a major concern. Fees often start at $2,000 – $5,000 for a misdemeanor and $5,000 – $20,000+ for a felony. However, there are options:

  • Ask if payment plans are available to pay legal fees over time.
  • See if you qualify for a public defender or court-appointed lawyer.
  • Look into legal aid organizations like Inland Empire Legal Aid.
  • Find lawyers who offer free consultations to discuss your case.

Don’t let the cost deter you from getting experienced legal help. A Riverside criminal attorney may be able to get charges reduced or dismissed, minimizing the long-term impacts.