Best Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

Need a Raleigh Criminal Lawyer? We Got You Covered

Hey there! If you’re looking at this page, chances are you or someone you care about is in some legal trouble in Raleigh, NC. Not fun, I know. But don’t worry – there are a ton of great criminal defense attorneys in the Raleigh area who can help.

Now I ain’t no lawyer myself, so I can’t get too deep into the legal mumbo jumbo here. But I can give you a quick lay of the land and point you towards some of the top rated criminal lawyers in Raleigh to reach out to.

Most Common Criminal Charges in Raleigh

Some of the most common criminal charges folks deal with here in Raleigh include:

  • Drug possession – marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc.
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft/larceny

So if you’re dealing with any of those, don’t panic. The lawyers here have seen it all before and can help build the strongest defense.

Finding the Right Raleigh Criminal Lawyer for You

Now, not all lawyers are created equal. You’ll want to find someone with plenty of experience specifically with the type of criminal charge you’re facing. And someone you feel comfortable with, since you’ll be sharing a lot of personal info.

I’d recommend checking out firms like Rosenwood & Baker and Jaime Perez Law. Both have been practicing criminal law in Raleigh for many years and have great reputations.

Set up consultations with a few different attorneys before deciding. Most offer free case evaluations, and they’ll let you know if they think they can help fight the charges.

The Legal Process in Raleigh

If you do get charged with a crime, here’s a quick look at how the process usually goes:

  1. You get arrested and booked at the Wake County Jail.
  2. In the next 48 hours you’ll go before a judge who decides whether to set bail.
  3. There will be a first appearance within 14-21 days of the arrest.
  4. Your lawyer works to negotiate with the DA and build your defense.
  5. You’ll have additional court dates leading up to the final trial.
  6. Your lawyer presents your defense at trial, or negotiates a plea deal.
  7. The judge decides the final verdict and sentencing if found guilty.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer to guide you through all this is critical. They know how to work the system to try to get charges reduced or dismissed.

The Cost of a Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

I know money is probably tight if you’re dealing with criminal charges. Lawyers’ fees can range quite a bit, but expect to pay at least $2,000 – $5,000+ for representation on a misdemeanor, and $5,000 – $15,000+ for a felony.

But it’s important to remember that a solid lawyer can sometimes get charges dropped or reduced, saving you a ton of money and hassle in fines, probation costs, etc. if found guilty. So it’s worth investing in good representation.

Most lawyers offer payment plans to spread out the costs over time. And some may allow you to put a credit card on file instead of paying a large upfront retainer.

Bottom Line

Being charged with a crime in Raleigh is scary stuff. But with an experienced criminal lawyer in your corner, you’ve got a fighting chance. So reach out to some top rated attorneys for a free consultation and see if they can help with your case.

Wishing you the best of luck! Don’t lose hope.