Best New Orleans Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers in New Orleans

New Orleans has a vibrant legal community with many skilled criminal defense attorneys. These lawyers specialize in defending clients facing a wide range of criminal charges in New Orleans and across Louisiana.

Common criminal charges in New Orleans include DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, theft, assault, and public intoxication. The city also sees white collar crimes like fraud or embezzlement. Sex crimes and homicide charges occur as well.

When facing any criminal allegation, it is critical to engage an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. An attorney can advise you on your rights and options and start building the strongest possible defense.

Criminal defense lawyers use various strategies to get charges reduced or dismissed. These include challenging improper police procedures, discrediting witnesses, presenting affirmative defenses, and negotiating plea bargains. If a case goes to trial, they rigorously question the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans, key factors to consider include experience with your type of criminal charge, knowledge of local courts and prosecutors, and a track record of successful case results. It’s also vital to have an attorney you feel comfortable with and can trust.

Working with a skilled criminal lawyer can help you avoid jail time, minimize fines and penalties, and reduce the long-term impact of a conviction. With so much at stake, it’s critical to have strong legal representation.

When researching criminal defense attorneys in New Orleans, there are several highly rated options to consider. According to reviews on Yelp, some of the most recommended criminal lawyers in the city include:

Attorney Hadley – Hadley is praised for being professional, compassionate, and affordable. One client said “He immediately approached my case with the utmost, candor/care and legal expertise, which helped relieve my concerns.”

The Law Office of William P. Gibbens – This firm receives positive reviews for assisting with various criminal charges and traffic violations. One reviewer wrote “Even if it’s not their area, they will still assist you in finding a reputable attorney.”

Mark A. Beebe, Attorney at Law – Beebe has over 25 years of criminal defense experience. A client raved “Hands down the best lawyer in the city. He is professional and courteous and actually truly cares.”

Super Lawyers is another helpful directory for locating top-rated criminal defense lawyers in the New Orleans area. Attorneys are selected based on peer nominations and professional achievements.

Some of the most prominent criminal defense firms in New Orleans include The Bagert Law Firm and The G. Carter Law Firm. These firms have extensive experience defending clients facing charges like drug offenses, theft, violent crimes, and homicide.

When meeting with potential attorneys, it’s important to ask about their specific experience with your type of criminal case. Also discuss legal fees and potential outcomes. An experienced criminal lawyer can advise on the best defense strategies and work to achieve the most favorable result.