Best Naperville Criminal Lawyers

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Naperville, IL

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime in Naperville, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference. Criminal charges can carry severe penalties like jail time, fines, probation or loss of certain rights, so you’ll want to find the best legal representation possible. There are many skilled criminal defense attorneys practicing in the Naperville area who are familiar with local courts and prosecutors. When researching lawyers, look for ones with proven track records of getting charges reduced or dismissed for clients. It’s also helpful if they have trial experience, in case negotiating a plea deal isn’t possible. Below are some of the top-rated criminal defense lawyers and law firms in Naperville, IL to consider for your case:

Jonathan Bedi

Jonathan Bedi Law is a criminal defense firm located right in downtown Naperville. Attorney Jonathan Bedi has over 15 years of experience representing clients charged with state and federal crimes. He’s handled over 7,500 cases and has a reputation for aggressively defending clients while providing personalized attention.

Bedi has successfully defended clients against various charges like DUI, drug crimes, sex offenses, domestic violence, weapons violations and more. He’s also no stranger to taking cases to trial when needed. Bedi is a former prosecutor himself, so he understands how both sides build cases

Brandon K. Davis

The Davis Law Group is another excellent criminal defense firm in Naperville, headed by attorney Brandon Davis. Davis is a former public defender who now exclusively represents individuals charged with crimes. He has extensive trial experience and a proven ability to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial.

Davis handles cases ranging from misdemeanors like shoplifting or simple drug possession to serious felonies like aggravated battery and sex crimes. He also represents clients facing federal charges as well as expungements. Davis is known for his aggressive defense strategies and compassion for clients.

David S. Olshansky

David S. Olshansky is a highly experienced Naperville criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing for over 30 years. He’s handled over 1,000 cases ranging from DUI and traffic offenses to serious violent crimes. Olshansky is a former felony prosecutor, which gives him valuable insight into the prosecution’s strategies.

Some of Olshansky’s specialties include defending against drug charges, white collar crimes, sex offenses, domestic violence, and orders of protection. He’s skilled at identifying procedural errors or technicalities that can lead to charges being dismissed. Olshansky also has extensive trial experience for felony cases.

Joseph F. Locallo III

Joseph F. Locallo III operates a criminal defense firm in Naperville focusing exclusively on DUI and traffic cases. As a former prosecutor, Locallo handled thousands of DUI cases so he knows the complex DUI laws inside and out.

Locallo is adept at picking apart the prosecution’s evidence and challenging things like breathalyzer results. He also excels at negotiating with the prosecutor for reduced charges like reckless driving rather than DUI. Locallo treats every client with respect and helps guide them through the legal process.

Frank Andreano

Andreano & Lyons is a firm providing aggressive criminal defense representation in DuPage County for over 20 years. Founding partner Frank Andreano is a seasoned trial lawyer who has won over 50 not guilty verdicts for clients charged with serious crimes.

Andreano specializes in defending against violent crime, sex crime, DUI and juvenile charges. He thoroughly investigates every aspect of the prosecution’s case and isn’t afraid to take cases to trial when warranted.

Andreano also handles record expungements and clemency petitions. His experience and tenacity make him a great choice for complex, high-stakes cases.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When researching criminal defense lawyers in Naperville, there are several key qualities to look for beyond experience and track record:

  • Strong negotiation skills – The ability to negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or sentencing leniency is invaluable. An experienced negotiator can often get charges dropped or reduced without going to trial.
  • Trial experience – While you hope to avoid trial, it’s important your lawyer has courtroom and trial experience in case you do end up there. Strong trial lawyers can mount rigorous defenses.
  • Knowledge of local courts – Understanding the procedures, judges, prosecutors and policies specific to DuPage County courts can help lawyers better navigate the system for clients. Local experience is a plus.
  • Responsiveness – Look for lawyers who are responsive, accessible and make you feel they are personally invested in your case. You want to feel confident they will fight tirelessly on your behalf.
  • Affordable fees – Rates can vary widely, so look for lawyers who offer competitive pricing and flexible payment plans. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost, however.
  • Specialization – Some lawyers specialize in certain types of crimes like DUI or sex offenses. Match your case to a lawyer experienced in that niche.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Lawyer

When meeting with or interviewing potential lawyers, come prepared with questions including:

  • How much experience do you have handling cases similar to mine? How often do they go to trial versus ending in plea deals?
  • Are you available to handle my entire case personally without handing off work to associates?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case based on the evidence you’ve reviewed?
  • What specific defenses could apply in my case? What are some potential strategies you may use?
  • What are the possible penalties I could face if convicted, and how might you work to mitigate those?
  • Will you explore options like getting charges dismissed before trial or negotiating a plea bargain?
  • What are your rates and what costs should I expect to incur? Do you offer payment plans?


Facing criminal charges in Naperville can be daunting, but the right lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system and achieve the best possible outcome. Be sure to thoroughly research lawyers’ qualifications, experience and track record of success. The criminal defense attorneys highlighted above are among the top-rated in Naperville and have proven records of getting favorable results for clients through strong negotiation skills, rigorous defense tactics and an aggressive approach. Meet with a few lawyers before deciding who you feel will be the best fit to represent you. With an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can feel confident your rights are protected each step of the way.