Best Murfreesboro Criminal Lawyers

The Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Finding yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney can be an incredibly stressful and anxious time. You likely have a lot of questions about the legal process, what your options are, and how to get the best legal representation possible. This article will provide an overview of some of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Murfreesboro, Tennessee who have proven track records of successfully representing clients facing criminal charges. When searching for the right criminal lawyer, it’s important to look for attorneys who specialize specifically in criminal defense, as opposed to general practice lawyers. Criminal law is an exceptionally complex and nuanced field that requires specialized knowledge and experience. The lawyers listed below focus solely on criminal defense work and have years of experience representing Murfreesboro clients facing charges like DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and more.

Jack Lowery – Lowery, Lowery & Cherry, PLLC

With over 20 years of criminal defense experience, attorney Jack Lowery is routinely named one of the best criminal lawyers in Murfreesboro and all of Rutherford County. Lowery takes on cases involving both misdemeanors and serious felony charges. He is known for his meticulous trial preparation, skilled negotiation tactics, and relentless pursuit of the most favorable outcome for his clients. Lowery has successfully defended clients against a wide array of charges, including drug possession and trafficking, sex crimes, domestic violence, weapons charges, DUI, and white collar financial crimes. Lowery takes the time to thoroughly investigate the details of each case, identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments, and build a strong defense on the client’s behalf. One of Lowery’s specialties is DUI defense. He has extensive knowledge of Tennessee DUI laws and experience identifying issues with breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests, and other evidence used to prosecute DUI cases. Lowery has successfully defended many clients facing DUI charges and saved them from long license suspensions and other serious penalties.

Rob McKinney – McKinney & Solomon, PLLC

Rob McKinney is a highly respected criminal defense lawyer known for his skilled trial advocacy in even the most complex criminal cases. McKinney has over 25 years of criminal law experience and has tried hundreds of cases in Tennessee courtrooms. McKinney takes an aggressive yet strategic approach in building a defense, thoroughly analyzing the prosecution’s case for any weakness that can be leveraged for his client. He is known for his success defending clients facing serious violent crime charges, including homicide, assault, domestic violence, weapons charges, and sex crimes. One of McKinney’s specialties is defending clients facing federal criminal charges, which can carry severe mandatory minimum sentences. He has successfully represented clients charged with federal crimes such as drug trafficking, financial fraud, and child pornography. McKinney’s deep understanding of federal criminal law and sentencing guidelines has enabled him to negotiate excellent plea deals and avoid harsh mandatory minimum sentences for many clients.

Cynthia Sherwood – Sherwood Legal Services

Attorney Cynthia Sherwood has over 15 years of criminal defense experience with a proven ability to secure not guilty verdicts at trial. Sherwood takes on cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious violent felony charges. She has successfully defended clients facing DUI, drug crimes, theft, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, and more. Sherwood is known for her meticulous trial preparation skills. She thoroughly investigates the details of each case, identifies inconsistencies and flaws in the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses, and locates experts to bolster the defense. Sherwood leaves no stone unturned in building the strongest defense possible. For clients wishing to avoid trial, Sherwood has a great track record of negotiating favorable plea bargains that minimize penalties and avoid jail or prison time. She has strong relationships with prosecutors in Rutherford County which enables her to secure advantageous deals for many clients charged with drug offenses and other common crimes.

David Von Wiegandt – The Law Office of David L. Von Wiegandt

Attorney David Von Wiegandt is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who has tried over 150 criminal cases in Tennessee courtrooms. He represents clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, juvenile crimes, domestic assault, and other violent felonies. One of Von Wiegandt’s strengths is defending complex white collar crime cases, including fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, identity theft, and other financial crimes. He has successfully defended business professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and politicians charged with white collar offenses. Von Wiegandt conducts in-depth investigations into the financial records and forensic evidence to build a strong defense. For clients facing DUI charges, Von Wiegandt routinely identifies issues with the legality of traffic stops, accuracy of breathalyzer tests, and other procedural flaws in how the DUI arrest was conducted. His thorough knowledge of Tennessee DUI law has helped many clients achieve not guilty verdicts or get charges reduced or dismissed.

Darren Drake – Darren Drake Law

Attorney Darren Drake is a zealous advocate for clients facing misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. Drake takes an aggressive yet strategic approach, thoroughly analyzing each aspect of the prosecution’s case for any weakness that can be attacked and leveraged for the defense. Drake routinely handles cases involving charges like DUI, drug possession, assault, theft, weapons offenses, and white collar financial crimes. He has successfully defended many clients facing marijuana possession charges by identifying illegal searches, seizures, and other constitutional rights violations by law enforcement. Drake is also experienced assisting clients with expungement of criminal records. He guides clients through the expungement petition process to clear eligible charges from their record and restore certain rights. Drake has enabled many former clients to move forward with their lives and careers after an arrest.

Joshua T. Crain – Joshua T. Crain, Attorney at Law

Joshua Crain is a respected criminal defense lawyer in Murfreesboro with over 10 years of experience representing clients in Rutherford County courts. Crain takes on cases involving a wide array of misdemeanor and felony charges, including DUI, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, theft, and more. Crain is known for his skilled negotiation abilities and has negotiated favorable pre-trial diversion agreements for many clients facing first-time drug offenses and non-violent felony charges. Diversion agreements allow defendants to avoid a criminal conviction if they comply with a period of probation, community service, rehabilitation programs, and other requirements. For clients facing DUI charges, Crain routinely scrutinizes the legality of traffic stops and accuracy of breathalyzer tests. He has successfully defended many DUI cases by getting key evidence suppressed and charges reduced or dismissed through skillful pre-trial negotiation.

Jennifer L. Fiola – The Law Office of Jennifer L. Fiola

Attorney Jennifer Fiola has over 20 years of criminal law experience with a proven track record of achieving not guilty verdicts for clients at trial. Fiola takes a creative and aggressive approach to building a defense, scouring the evidence to find inconsistencies and flaws. She has successfully defended clients facing serious felony charges including homicide, sexual assault, child abuse, drug trafficking, weapons offenses, and other violent crimes.In addition to trial work, Fiola has also negotiated favorable resolutions through plea bargains and pre-trial diversions for many clients facing charges like DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, and theft. Fiola has strong relationships with local prosecutors and law enforcement officials which enables her to secure advantageous deals that minimize penalties. Her clients appreciate her compassionate yet realistic approach in exploring all options.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it’s critical to have an experienced Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer in your corner fighting for the most favorable outcome possible. When choosing an attorney, consider factors like their level of criminal trial experience, success record with similar charges, negotiation skills, knowledge of local courts and prosecutors, and overall responsiveness and communication style. Narrow down the list to 2-3 top choices, and schedule initial consultations to meet with the attorneys in person. This gives you a chance to share the details of your case, ask questions, and gauge whether you feel comfortable and confident in the lawyer’s abilities. Be sure to understand fee structures, and don’t hesitate to negotiate rates or payment plans. With an experienced criminal defense lawyer guiding you through the complex legal process, you can feel empowered to make the best decisions and achieve the most positive result given the circumstances. The attorneys profiled above are proven advocates with the skills and determination to defend clients facing criminal prosecution in Murfreesboro, TN.