Best Lubbock Criminal Lawyers


Finding the Best Criminal Defense in Lubbock, TX

Getting arrested or charged with a crime in Lubbock can be scary. You need someone on your side who knows the law inside and out. But with so many options, how do you pick the right criminal defense lawyer? This article has got you covered.

What to Look for in a Lubbock Criminal Attorney

There’s a few key things you want to find in your Lubbock criminal lawyer:

  • Experience handling your type of criminal case
  • Good track record getting charges reduced or dismissed
  • Affordable rates and payment plans
  • Responsive – answers your calls and emails fast

You also want someone who listens and who you feel comfortable telling your side of the story. Don’t be afraid to ask questions up front to find the right fit!

Top Criminal Defense Law Firms in Lubbock

Here’s some of the top-rated criminal law firms in Lubbock to consider:

I’d take some time to research reviews and talk to a few to find the best fit. Most offer free consultations to discuss your case.

Common Criminal Charges in Lubbock

Some charges that these lawyers commonly defend include:

  • DWI / drunk driving
  • Drug crimes – possession, distribution, trafficking
  • Theft / larceny / shoplifting
  • Assault / domestic violence

Make sure your lawyer has specific experience with your charges. For example, a DWI specialist if you’re facing a DUI.

Questions to Ask During Your Free Consultation

When you talk to Lubbock criminal defense lawyers, ask:

  • How long have you been practicing criminal law in Lubbock?
  • What’s your track record with cases like mine?
  • What defenses could apply in my case?
  • What are your fees and how can I pay?

Come prepared with details about your arrest or charges too. Being open helps them build the best defense.

The Bottom Line

With the right Lubbock criminal lawyer in your corner, you can feel confident you have an experienced professional fighting for the best possible result in your case. Do your research to pick the right attorney for you. The initial consultation is free, so talk to a few to find the best fit!