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Best Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

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Best Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

Need help with a car accident?

You’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE! Delancey Street can help. Regardless of whether it was a car accident, motorcycle accident, or some other type of injury caused by a motor vehicle accident, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help you.

Need the Best Los Angeles car accident attorney in Los Angeles?

Delancey Street has done research and found the top car accident attorneys in Los Angeles. Browse the Best Los Angeles car accident lawyers listed on our website, and find some detailed information about them, including their area of law, their office location, hours, and more. We’ve even embedded reviews other clients left about them on other platforms in order to help you.

Why you should hire the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles

Cars are a way of life, especially in LA. Most people drive a car, a bus, a truck, or some other vehicle. Many people forget how dangerous they can be, and how serious even a small car accident is. Car accidents are the cause of one death, every 12 to 15 minutes according to Panish Shea & Boyle.

Accidents can result in serious permanent disabilities like brain damage, paralysis, amputation, and more. In cases where there is a death, the family member of those killed can suffer emotionally, physically, and financially.

How the Best Los Angeles car accident attorney can help

If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a car accident, a Los Angeles car accident attorney can help. The Best Los Angeles car accident lawyer listed here all have experience handling car accident cases, and understand how to handle them from beginning to end.

  • Most Los Angeles car accident lawyers have secured millions for their clients.
  • Virtually all have the skills, experience, and resources, needed to take a case from beginning to end.
  • All have a proven track record of winning cases.
  • All handle cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning there’s no fee unless they win your case.

What to consider before hiring the Best Los Angeles car accident attorney

Choosing a Los Angeles car accident attorney is probably one of the most important decisions you make. Before you choose one, do a thorough investigation on who you’re speaking to and considering hiring.

It’s important to find the Best Los Angeles car accident attorney who knows the law, and how it impacts your case. The right Los Angeles car accident lawyer will understand your medical needs and financial condition, and the impact the accident has had on your personal and work life.

Lookup the attorney on the California statebar: This is a super important step. You should do your research (click here) and see if the Los Angeles car accident lawyer has any disciplinary issues that might speak to the quality of representation you might get. The State Bar of California keeps a record of any ethical issues the attorney has had in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to file a claim in Los Angeles?

In California, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. It can take an attorney months, or years, to investigate and fully litigate your accident if it goes that far. If you wait too long, and avoid getting treatment, it could hinder your chances of getting a fair and reasonable settlement offer.

Who can be held responsible for injuries?

There are multiple parties in an accident, as a result, many parties can be held responsible.

For example, in a car accident, the drivers involved in the accident can be held responsible, your employer, vehicle manufacturers, and many other parties.

What types of damages can victims recover?

Damages for car accident claims fall into 1 of 2 categories: economic damages, and non-economic damages.

Economic damages: These are financial damages that the victim incurred as a result of the accident. This is a quantifiable financial figure which would have been avoided, if it were not for the accident. Typically, economic damages are awarded for things like medical expenses, lost wages, property damage.

How much money can you recover from a car accident?

The amount of damages you can recover depend on a variety of factors, such as: the extent of your injuries, and the circumstances of your accident.

For example, if you were partially at fault for the accident – this could decrease your final settlement/verdict.

What should I do after a car accident?

There’s no cookie cutter response. The best thing you can do is stay at the scene of the accident and call the police. Even if it’s not immediately, visibly, serious, call the police and file a police report. When speaking to the police – stick to the facts, don’t speculate or admit fault. Also, take pictures with your cell phone. Include pictures of your vehicle, and the other vehicle. Make sure you have the other driver’s info, like drivers license information, license plate number, and other insurance information. Most importantly, get medical attention as soon as possible, your future Los Angeles car accident lawyer will need this information.

What Are the Reasons for Recovery From a Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, you may be unsure about your rights concerning your state’s laws. You may be eligible for compensation and not realize it, especially if the accident was the fault of the other driver. In some states, you can receive some compensation even if you are partially responsible for the accident. Below are reasons for recovery from a car accident and what you should do.


Injuries in a car accident can vary from bruising and minor cuts to brain injuries or broken bones. When you are involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be responsible for those injuries. Some injuries can lead to ongoing medical care or psychological care. You may need care for months, years or even a lifetime. The ambulance ride to the hospital can possibly be eligible for compensation, as well. Full medical reports are needed, but you or your Los Angeles car accident attorney can acquire these from the medical facility that treated you.

Lost wages or loss of income

An accident that causes injuries can cause you to endure time off work and lost wages. Even if you don’t sustain injuries, your vehicle may be out of commission for a while. You either will have to take time off work or find another means of temporary transportation. If you have to take a bus or taxi, there are fees for these services. When an accident isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be responsible for these fees, and you shouldn’t lose money from employment.

Sometimes injuries are so severe that you may lose work altogether. You may become permanently disabled and not be able to return to work. If the accident isn’t your fault, you deserve compensation for this devastating blow. Someone should be responsible for the lost income. Not only do you suffer, but your family suffers.

Loss of consortium

Loss of consortium means that you have lost your sexual relationship with your spouse or significant other. You may also lose interaction with family members and friends. If this is due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should receive compensation. Your children may lose time with you due to the accident. Not only do you suffer due to this accident, but your family and friends suffer. Someone should be held responsible.

Responsible parties

In a car accident, someone is liable for injuries and damages to your vehicle. In some cases, the automobile company may be held responsible. There may be something wrong with the other person’s car or yours. In this case, your Los Angeles car accident attorney would investigate the situation and find out if they are, in fact, responsible for the accident.

The other driver may be responsible due to negligence of some sort. They may be engaging in distracted driving such as texting and driving or driving under the influence. Changing a radio station or putting on make-up could cause an accident.

Some states are under comparative negligence, which means you may claim partial compensation even if you are partially liable. You can claim the percentage of compensation for the part of the accident that wasn’t your fault. For example, one driver may be texting while the other is drinking and driving. More than likely, the driver who is drinking will be found more at fault.

How a Los Angeles car accident attorney can help

An experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney is familiar with the laws for your state and knows what law your state falls under for negligence. He understands the statute of limitations and can handle the complexity of proving liability. You may lose a good amount of money by trying to handle the case on your own, so hiring a Los Angeles car accident lawyer may be best.

What should I do if I was in car accident

Being involved in a car accident can leave you scared. The injuries you suffer can be heavy as well. No one ever wants to plan on being in a car accident, but if you are involved in one – here are some best practices and information to know about. 

  1. Don’t leave the scene of the accident. I’m sure the first thing you’ll want to do is leave, and get away from the scene and go home, but you shouldn’t. You need to make sure you get medical attention. IF you were the person whose responsible for the accident, you could be accused of being a hit and run driver. Leaving the scene, especially if someone is killed or injured, means you could face huge criminal charges. If possible, make sure everyone is ok, and doesn’t need medical attention. If a person arrives unconscious, or has neck and back pain, don’t move before qualified EMT’s arrive. 
  2. Call the police. They should arrive ASAP so you can get an official record of the accident. 
  3. Exchange information. You should get all pertinent information about the other drivers, like name, phone, home address, drivers license number, etc. In addition, get contact information from any passengers of the vehicle. Make sure you don’t apologize for anything. This can later be used against you. 
  4. Take pictures of your car, and the other drivers car. If you have pictures of the car before the accident, this can be proof and show a comparison and contrast which shows the extent of the damage.
  5. Speak with witnesses nearby. Document what they claim they saw, and make sure to get their contact information. It’s great if they stay nearby and wait for the police to convey the information.
  6. Contact the insurance company. Call as soon as possible. Let them know you were in an accident, tell them the truth about what happened, and the extent of your injuries and damage. 
  7. Keep detailed information about treatment. If you were injured, make sure to speak to a physician as soon as possible and do regular treatments. If you don’t get treatment, you will not be able to prove liability. 
  8. Consider hiring a Los Angeles Car Accident attorney. If you have injuries after a car accident, it’s important to speak to an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney, someone who is specialized and understands how to maximize the damages you receive.

The best Los Angeles car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis – it means your Los Angeles car accident attorney only gets paid if he, or she, wins your case. 

What Happens If A Doctor Says I’ll Never Fully Recover From My Car Accident? Do I still need a Los Angeles car accident lawyer? 

If a doctor says that you won’t fully recover from a car accident, it could mean that your case is worth more money. This is because you will get a larger award for lost future earnings, and you may need more to pay for medical bills. It may also be possible to earn a financial award to compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as reduced quality of life.

You May Need to Change Your Lifestyle

If you are never able to walk again, this may mean that you can’t take hikes in the woods or walk your dog without modifications. If you suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, you may not be able to sit in a room with the lights on or be able to drive a car because of recurring seizures.

While it may be regrettable that you have to make those changes, you won’t be required to bear the financial burden of doing so. The person who hit you will pay for your wheelchair or equipment needed to care for an animal or a human dependent. He or she will also be required to pay for any medication that you need to control pain or other symptoms related to a head or any other type of injury.

You May Not Work Again

Lost future earnings are calculated by determining how much you could have reasonably expected to make during the rest of your career. In the event that you were expected to recover, you may be entitled to lost wages while you were at home getting better. However, if you can’t go back to work, you will necessarily lose out on the opportunity to make money in the future.

If the injury allows you to return to work in a limited capacity, you are still entitled to be paid any earnings that you still lose out on. For instance, if you have to work a desk job with no hope of being promoted to office manager or higher positions, you will be compensated for being forced to accept a lesser job.

How Does the Injury Impact Your Relationship With a Spouse or Child?

In the event that your injury doesn’t allow you to be intimate with a spouse or maintain a typical romantic relationship, you could be compensated for that. The same is true if your injuries don’t allow you to provide support or guidance for your kids.

For instance, if you can’t teach your child how to throw a baseball or can’t hold a conversation long enough to impart meaningful advice, the person who hit you will pay for that. Your quality of life may also be impacted if you have to live in a group home separated from your family.

Can You Still Use Your House or Car as Currently Built?

Depending on the injury that you sustained, it may not be possible to live in your home or drive your own car. If you need to buy a new house or car, the person who caused the accident will pay for the cost of doing so. He or she may also be asked to pay for any remodeling that needs to be done to your current home to make it easier to live in.

If your doctor tells you that you will never recover from your injuries, it may have an impact on your personal injury case. Ideally, you will have a second opinion just to be sure that there is truly no chance of getting better. Then, it may be a good idea to consult with your Los Angeles car accident attorney as to how it may change the way you choose to go about resolving your case.

Do I Need A Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Many people question the need for a Los Angeles car accident lawyer after a car accident. After all, the insurance companies typically get involved and offer a settlement based upon fault and other factors. The problem is that this is faulty thinking. The insurance company is not looking after your best interests, and there is also pain and suffering to consider, along with time off of work and a myriad of possible other considerations that must be taken into account. This can all become rather overwhelming quite quickly, particularly when you are also trying to focus on your own recovery. In short, you do need a Los Angeles car accident lawyer after a car accident. Let us cover some of the reasons why below.

Dealing With Medical Expenses

No matter how major or minor your car accident might be, you will want to seek out medical attention. If you do have injuries, these bills can mount rather quickly. Add on top of that the expense of driving to and from doctor’s appointments, timed missed from work, and other related expenses and it is easy to see why the negotiation of a proper settlement is so necessary. Rather than trying to navigate these waters on your own, thereby being tempted to accept the first offer of a check that comes your way, it is best to have a lawyer fighting on your side. Lawyers understand the system and they were well versed in protecting the legal rights of victims. You want them on your side.

Insurance Companies Do Not Look Out For Your Best Interests

Another reason you will want a Los Angeles car accident lawyer after a car accident is the insurance company. This is particularly true when talking about the insurance adjuster from the at fault driver. They are out to protect their own bottom line and will work hard to get you to accept a settlement that is far below what you are actually entitled to. In fact, they will do their best to get anything you have said or done during the accident to be used against you as justification for a lower claim and settlement. Because of this, you need a lawyer to deal with them directly. It can be tricky to talk to insurance companies, and you simply do need the hassle anyway. Retaining a Los Angeles car accident lawyer ensure that you do need to talk to them, as you can simply refer all questions to your Los Angeles car accident attorney. This will be much better for you in the long run, and it will give you the freedom to focus more fully on your own recovery.

Your Car

Let us not forget you have a car that was damaged in the accident. This vehicle is your life line. Your family depends on it, and so do you. At the same time, it can be frustrating dealing with insurance companies to get it fix or replaced in a timely manner. This is particularly frustrating when you are in the midst of taking care of your own medical needs as well. While your own insurance company will help you in this regard, it can be difficult to get what you need done in a timely manner. Your Los Angeles car accident lawyer will help facilitate this and ensure that you are adequately compensated. This involves getting a rental car while your own vehicle is our of commission, and working to get your car replaced totally if it was damaged beyond repair.

As you can imagine, there is a great deal that happens in the aftermath of a car accident. It can be a lot to manage on your own, and you simply don’t need to. Contact our office in Los Angeles and speak with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident.

Best Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

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